22 Products That Made Our Editors' Lives Easier Last Month

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Whether you're looking for the latest in cookware or trying to furnish your entire home, there are a lot of home brands to turn to. Thankfully, we're here to share our favorite finds directly with you.

Each month, MyDomaine editors are bringing you the latest and greatest in home décor. As April was, again, a month filled with challenges and uncertainty, we, along with our friends at The Spruce, are sharing with you the things that brought us some comfort at home last month. Keep scrolling to see which home goods eased our minds a bit in April.

Jot Ultra Coffee

jot ultra coffee bottle

Jot Ultra Coffee

"I'm an absolute iced coffee fiend—think: the kind of person you see on the street in the dead of winter clutching a giant icy cup of caffeine goodness. But getting my fix has been a little tougher now that I'm not leaving my apartment every morning and walking past 3-5 coffee shops. For the first few weeks of social distancing I was brewing a pot of drip coffee and then transferring that to the fridge to cool, and it was... aggressively fine. But I missed the smooth taste of real iced coffee. Enter Jot Ultra Coffee, a highly concentrated coffee that makes creating the perfect cup a breeze, and my newest obsession. Simply mix one tablespoon of Jot with 8 ounces of water for traditional coffee or milk for a latte. Both are equally delicious, but I've been going the jot + water + ice route, and I may never go back to coffee shop iced coffee again." — Bridget Mallon, associate editorial director

Brooklinen Magic Hour Candle

magic hour candle


"Am I the only one burning candles pretty much nonstop during this stay at home period? The flickering light and scent not only relax me, but they feel like a little treat and make the day feel special. I've burned through a handful of candles so far, but this beauty from Brooklinen has been my absolute favorite. It features a soft rose-tinged scent that makes me feel like I'm wandering through a beautiful garden, not cooped up in my Queens apartment, and the lovely pink wax makes for a sweet finishing touch." — Bridget Mallon, associate editorial director

Burrow Index Wall Shelf

white wall shelf


"A few weeks into working from home I got overwhelmingly bored with how my bedroom was laid out, so I singlehandedly moved around every piece of furniture. The instant refresh was a welcome distraction, and I've fallen in love with the new set up. Save for one strip of wall that felt way too empty. The space is small, so I knew I didn't want to lose any floorspace, but this wall shelf from Burrow was exactly what I was looking for. It's sturdy, visually interesting, and is the perfect spot to show off my collection of crystals, candles, and other tchotchkes. Even better, these shelves are customizable just like all Burrow furniture. You can mount multiple units together, building out either vertically or horizontally to create the shelving unit of your dreams." — Bridget Mallon, associate editorial director

Melissa Wood Health Subscription

Melissa Wood Health subscription

Melissa Wood Health

"I'm going to say this plainly: I don't really like to exercise, mostly because I've been doing it wrong my whole life. But, I have also come to the conclusion that loving myself means taking care of my body and my mental health. Time during this quarantine seems endless, so I've started working out more often and I'm so happy to have found Melissa Wood's fitness program. She combines yoga and low-impact movement (music to my ears), creating a workout routine that is both relaxing, but also still completely effective. Don't be fooled - you'll still be sore after!" — Kim Carvalho, associate social media editor

Siblings Candle in Scent No. 1

Sibling candle scent no 1


"There's nothing quite like a fresh smelling home. I am a big diffuser gal, but I do like to indulge in a candle from time to time to add that coziness to my home. Siblings really interested me because it's essentially a make your own candle with very detailed instructions, that also puts an importance in sustainability. And of course, it smells beautiful." — Kim Carvalho, associate social media editor

Silk + Sonder Monthly Wellness Journal Subscription

SILK + SONDER monthly wellness journal subscription


"Self care is more important than ever these days, so I've been drawn toward products that will help me stay calm and organized. This wellness journal from SILK + SONDER has been a godsend for helping me stay focused on everything that's important from work projects to my personal health. Each planner has a different theme (like Choice or Admiration) and comes complete with a mood tracker, habit tracker, and plenty of thought starters to process your emotions, something we could all use right now. Plus they offer a monthly or annual subscription service with a new themed journal arriving to your door every month." — Caroline Utz, associate editor

Swedish Dishcloths, Set of 3

DII Swedish Dishcloths

DII Swedish Dishcloths

"Since we're dealing with a bit of a paper products shortage at the moment, I've become a new convert to the Swedish dishcloth movement. These dishcloths are super absorbent, but more importantly, totally reusable. Just throw them in the dishwasher after you use them, and they're good as new. Plus each dishcloth is the equivalent of 17 paper towel rolls—can't get much more environmentally friendly than that." — Caroline Utz, associate editor

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Round Wood and Wire Tray

round wood and wire tray hearth and hand by magnolia


"My WFH setup has been steadily expanding as quarantine drags on, and my workstation is now threatening to overtake my entire dining room table. I ordered this Hearth & Hand with Magnolia tray as an attempt to corral my necessities (pen, notebook, blue-light blocking glasses) in one place, but it's so pretty, I've moved it to a more prime spot on my coffee table to house my favorite candle and coasters." — Karli Bendlin, email editor 

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops

Drunk Elephant

"Thanks to all the additional time inside, my already pale complexion has become particularly translucent-looking. I tried this Drunk Elephant serum (described as "sunshine in a bottle") in an effort to bring some life back to my skin, and was instantly impressed. It gives my skin a healthy, bronzy glow that I'd normally only see after a few hours in the sun. I like to mix a little with my moisturizer in the morning to give my skin a boost before a long day of Zoom calls." — Karli Bendlin, email editor

Uniqlo Women's Sweatpants

UNIQLO women's sweatpants


"I am not generally a sweatpants person, so I searched far and wide for the right pair. These were the winner (in navy blue, of course!). They're exactly what I need them to be right now." — Mélanie Berliet, general manager

Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle

Birkenstock Big Buckle Sandal


"Our floors are concrete, so I like to wear a sandal with some cushioning around the house. For the longest time I was wearing these awful athletic slides that were gifted to me, but I switched them out for Birkenstocks shortly after realizing that time at home was fast becoming a relatively permanent state of being. My feet deserve the upgrade, I figure." — Mélanie Berliet, general manager

The Sill Monthly Subscription Service

the sill monthly subscription

The Sill

"If you talk to me for more than ten minutes, it's highly likely that I'll mention either my plants or my dog. And during these strange times, I've found it incredibly helpful to have something to take care of (other than myself). While I wouldn't recommend running out to adopt a dog (it's a huge commitment!), having a houseplant or succulent to tend to gives you something to focus on, and watching them grow is incredibly rewarding. Plant care is almost meditative; I find watering, pruning, or cleaning my plants to be a soothing, mind-clearing activity. For new plant parents, I recommend checking out The Sill's selection, as they make it easy to find a plant that best fits your skill level or lifestyle, all pre-potted in chic, earthenware planters. For those ready to commit to an indoor-jungle, they even offer a monthly subscription service where you receive a new plant each month." — Allison Bean, editorial director

Kim+Ono Azumi Kimono Wrap Robe



"There's nothing better than stumbling upon a product on Instagram that exceeds expectations! I saw this gorgeous green robe from Kim+Ono and decided to buy it. It's floor-length and silky, and the material is heaven. I've easily worn it in the sun on 65-degree days and inside on a chilly night—it is the literal definition of "easy, breezy." Also, it is now one of the most elegant things I own. I'm on my 40th day of not wearing jeans, but this robe makes me feel like a queen." — Sami Allen, lifestyle editor, The Spruce

Olive and June Polish in ECC

Olive and June Polish in ECC

Olive and June

"I love this brand of nail polish, everything from the design of the brush to the formula. This 7-free polish is my go to when I want my hands to look and feel polished (no pun intended). The best part? No chipping! A true professional looking manicure at home during these times." — Jamie Abarca, editorial projects coordinator

Normal People by Sally Rooney

Normal People by Sally Rooney

Sally Rooney

"I highly recommend you read (or reread) the book FIRST which is what I did when I heard BBC had a series based on this best selling book. It's now available on Hulu, if you're looking for your next series binge. It's raw and will make you emotionally distraught. Feel free to email me if you're not okay afterwards. (The soundtrack is pretty good too!)" — Jamie Abarca, editorial projects coordinator

Firmoo Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses


"I bought these while still working in the office to help with eye strain because I get migraines. Whether they actually work or are just a placebo, I don't know. I just know they make me feel better. Since working from home, these have a new second use. It's been feeling really silly to put on makeup for Zoom meetings, so I just put these on instead." — Margot Cavin, photo producer, The Spruce

The Seaweed Uplift Energizing Body Cream

Uplift Energizing Body Cream

The Seaweed Bath Co. 

"Since I'm washing my hands excessively right now, my hands are very dry. I recently discovered this lotion and love it. It's thick, but not greasy and smells great. I've used the rosemary and mint scent as well and love that one equally. I know it's a body cream, but I'm almost exclusively using it on my hands." — Margot Cavin, photo producer, The Spruce

Short Sleeved Collared Jumpsuit

Abercrombie short sleeved collared jumpsuit


"While planning a FaceTime birthday celebration for one of my close friends this month, we all decided that we were going to actually get dressed for the event—not really a high bar for birthday parties in the past, but it felt like wearing black tie in the age of social distancing. To honor the occasion, I pulled out my new army green jumpsuit from Abercrombie. It's still comfortable enough to wear while video chatting my friends from my couch, but it looks stylish and made me feel truly dressed up for the first time in weeks." — Kate Geraghty, commerce editor

Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream

Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream


"Full disclosure: I only got this cream because Olay's regular Regenerist Cream was out of stock, and I was desperate for a moisturizer. But now that I've tried the night cream, I'm not going back. This cream has a satisfying texture that's almost velvety on my skin, similar to a makeup primer, and it absorbs quickly. While I've only been using it for a few weeks, my skin really does feel more moisturized and calmer than ever before." — Kate Geraghty, commerce editor

Everlane Denim Chore Jacket

Everlane Women's Denim Chore Jacket


"One of the things I look forward to most each spring is breaking out my denim jacket. I love to layer, so naturally, I have a closet full of light coats and I usually pick up a new one right before warmer weather hits. This month, I decided to try out Everlane’s new Denim Chore Jacket and boy, it doesn’t disappoint. It’s a great mid-weight option that’s easy to style with everything from a graphic tee and black denim to a simple cami and silk midi skirt." — Chelsea Stuart, senior commerce editor

Highline Wellness Energy and Clarity CBD Gummies

Highline wellness cbd gummies

Highline Wellness

"I’m usually not easily swayed by Instagram influencers, but when I saw someone touting Highline Wellness’s Energy and Clarity CBD Gummies, I instantly bought them up. First, I had just run out of my regular B12 vitamins and second, I have anxiety, so the combination of energy-boosting B12 and calming CBD seemed to be a win-win. I’m only a week into taking them, so I’m still learning what the best dose is for me, but I can say they’re pretty tasty!" — Chelsea Stuart, senior commerce editor

Brooklyn Candle Studio Fern & Moss Travel Candle

Brooklyn Candle Company fern + moss travel candle

Brooklyn Candle Company

"Living with a boy in quarantine, I find myself lighting candles more and more. I love Brooklyn Candle Company's scents because they are light and less "perfume"-y than other brands. Plus, it's a great way to support a local business." — Candace Madonna, visual editor, The Spruce

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