23 Products Our Editors Couldn't Live Without in January

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Whether you're looking for the latest in cookware or trying to furnish your entire home, there are a lot of home brands to turn to. Thankfully, we're here to share our favorite finds directly with you.

Each month, MyDomaine editors are bringing you the latest and greatest in home décor. As January was a month filled with challenges and uncertainty, we, along with our friends at The Spruce, are sharing the things that brought us some comfort at home. Keep scrolling to see which products we loved the most.

ElemenOPillows on Etsy Farmhouse Throw Pillow Covers

Farmhouse Pillow Covers

"One day a few weeks back, I looked over at my throw pillows and decided that they all had to go. I am not prone to impromptu home décor decisions, so I think we can all blame the hours I've been spending at home staring at my pillows for my sudden purchase. In any case, after perusing some big-box retailers' sites, I decided to instead patronize an Etsy shop. I knew these farmhouse styles were right for me immediately, and the reviews were really strong. I went with a fun mix of patterns and I'm so happy with the products I received." Mélanie Berliet, general manager

Poly&Bark Weave Chair in Black

Poly & Bark Weave Chair

"I've had my eye on these Wishbone-style chairs for, oh, three years now? And I couldn't be happier that I finally took the plunge and brought a pair of these curved beauties home. They're just as stylish as I expected, and the quality is so impressive. The chairs are perfectly sturdy, and the seats themselves are so comfortable I could sit in one all day. My little dining nook has never looked better." —Bridget Mallon, associate editorial director

H&M Home Ceramic Vase

ceramic vase with face

"I've been on a major vase kick lately, and this ceramic vase from H&M Home is my new favorite. I love the long skinny shape, and understated face detail. It's cool enough to catch your eye, but not so flashy that it distracts from the rest of my décor. What more could you want?" —Bridget Mallon, associate editorial director

Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Tea Kettle

Hamilton Beach 1.7 L Glass Electric Kettle

"I've never been a big tea or coffee person, but I've recently gotten into the habit of drinking hot water with lemon every morning. It's such a soothing drink to start my day with, clutching a warm mug as I work on the crossword in our local newspaper. This electric kettle from Hamilton Beach couldn't be any easier to use. You simply fill with water, flip the switch, and watch as it illuminates and the water begins to bubble before flipping it off. To clean thoroughly, add a little vinegar and turn on until it boils (this trick works wonders for removing sediment) before washing with soap and water." —Emily Manchester, editorial and strategy director

West Elm Mid-Century Upholstered Dining Chair

Mid-Century Upholstered Dining Chair

"Since we're now in month 10(?!) of working from home, my at-home office space—AKA, the desk in my tiny studio apartment—has finally come together. I've been using this dining chair as my office chair, and I still love it after all this time. It's super soft and comfy, and when I added a lumbar pillow to the back for a little extra support, it's pretty much perfect."—Caroline Utz, editor

The Sill Silver Satin

Silver Satin

"I've always loved to garden, and so I'm taking my love for plants indoors to get me through the winter months. I recently purchased this adorable trailing vine on The Sill and just love the life it brings to my office space. Plus, it thrives despite low light conditions and isn't high-maintenance—perfect for any new plant parent." —Mia Ingui, editorial assistant

Whole Housewares Clear Glass Apothecary Jars

Clear Glass Apothecary Jars

"In an effort to bring some order to my bathroom, I purchased these glass apothecary jars off of Amazon on a whim. They look so clean and chic on my counter, and I love that I finally have a place to put my Q-tips and cotton rounds so I can throw out the bulky packaging." —Karli Bendlin, email editor

Grove Co. Sanctuary Soy Candle with Lavender, Blue Sage and Clove

Sanctuary Candle

"I have always been a lover of candles and fire—Aries gal over here—and this one has really impressed me. I've been lighting it in our bedroom a bit before I head in there to wind down, and it truly infuses big spa energy into the space. The fragrance is among the strongest I've found in a candle—I even get whiffs of the heavenly scent throughout the day when the candle isn't even lit." —Amy Cooper, photo editor

Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain Cold Centrifugal Juicer, Silver

 Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain Cold Centrifugal Juicer, Silver

"I've had two previous juicers, and this one takes the cake. The extractor works very well—you're left with dry pulp, which is exactly what you want from a juicer. The clean up is fairly quick and there's no splatter. I use it at least 4 times a week to get our veggies in first thing in the morning. Tip: use a produce bag to catch the pulp in the container and clean up is way faster." —Jamie Abarca, editorial project manager

JONATHAN Y Modernist Globe Vanity Light

Modernist Globe 34 in. 4-Light Brass Gold/Black

"We recently renovated our primary bathroom, and after so many searches for the perfect vanity light, I stumbled on this modern fixture from Home Depot. What a find! The black and brass pulls modern, but feels art deco with the globe lights. It makes a statement in our new oasis." —Jamie Abarca, editorial project manager

Dexas MudBuster Portable Blue Dog Paw Cleaner, Medium

 Dexas MudBuster Portable Blue Dog Paw Cleaner, Medium

"We were going through way too many dog cleaning wipes every day after getting back from the dog park and a friend recommended this to clean our dogs paws. You just fill it with warm water and dip your pup's paws in and dry with a towel. Way less waste!" —Margot Cavin, photo producer, The Spruce

Rescued Wine Champagne Candle

Champagne Candle

"When I go to visit my parents, I stock up on these candles from a small women-owned business in my hometown. They are all soy wax, so they burn clean. They have unique booze-themed scents that everyone can agree on, and right now, I'm looking forward to spring, so I'm burning the Fresh Grass scent." —Margot Cavin, photo producer, The Spruce

Brooklyn Candle Montana Forest Minimalist Candle

Montana Forest Minimalist Candle

"I hadn't burned a scented candle in over five years until I came across this brand at a local shop. The blue spruce and pine scent initially drew me in, but I was sold by the fact that they are vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and petroleum-free. The Montana Forest was the first scent I bought, and then I just purchased the Catskills one, which I am equally loving. They give my home a warm and cozy vibe, and I am considering them to be my new signature home scent." —Dwyer Frame, VP, commerce

Areaware Optic Table Tile Coasters (Set of 12)

Optic Table Tile Coasters (Set of 12)

"As the type of person who likes to have multiple beverages going at once, I need a lot of coasters in my home. This set of 12 from Food52 means I don't have to go searching for a free coaster when I'm setting down to watch TV with a glass of water and a cup of tea. They also fit together perfectly to form a kind of trivet for larger items, like a pan of nachos fresh out of the oven, because why get another dish dirty by plating them?" —Kate Geraghty, editorial director, commerce

Allmodern Lenora Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

Lenora Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

"A month ago, I took over my dining table to start this gradient puzzle, and with no end in sight to my puzzling, I've been extremely grateful for my lift-top coffee table. In addition to easily transforming into the new dinner table when it's time to eat, it also serves as a hiding place to video game controllers, batteries, and other things that I want to be out of sight, but easily accessed." —Kate Geraghty, editorial director, commerce

Crate & Barrel Paris Desk

Paris Desk

"Like many people, I’ve been working from home for the past 11 months or so. I live in a 2- bedroom apartment with a small living room, so I was either hunched over the coffee table or working in bed. Luckily, my parents surprised me with this gorgeous white desk for Christmas, and I was finally able to set up a makeshift office. It has a small profile so it doesn’t take up much space, and the top flips up to reveal hidden storage. The matching chair is also super comfortable." —Katherine Louie, commerce editor, The Spruce

Clove & Creek Hawkins Bone Mug

Hawkins Bone Mug

"My husband and I have spent a lot of time lately in the Catskills, and he surprised me with this mug from one of our favorite shops in Kingston for my birthday. It has such a gorgeous shape and color—equally rustic and modern—holds the perfect amount of coffee, and makes me feel like I'm in a chic cabin in the woods." —Kate McKenna, email editor, The Spruce

Crate and Barrel Wood and Marble Coasters

Wood and Marble Coasters

"I've had the same set of wood coasters in my living room for years, and with constant use, the wear and tear was beginning to show. I love these wood and marble coasters, and the brass inlays give them an even more elevated yet modern look. They're just one of those things that make the everyday feel just a little bit more special." —Kate McKenna, email editor, The Spruce

Harlem Candle Company Vintage Night Club Map Candle

Vintage Night Club Map Candle

"Harlem Candle Co. has long been one of my favorite destinations for candles, but their Night Club Map Candle really solidified them as the best of the best. The scent is subtle, yet is easily fills my entire apartment. It also changes slightly as you burn it, which makes for a lovely experience." —Emma Glubiak, social media editor, The Spruce

Calphalon SharpIN 12-Pc. Classic Self-Sharpening Cutlery Set

SharpIN 12-Pc. Classic Self-Sharpening Cutlery Set

"I've had the same $20 knife set since college, and it was a real pain to use. Not to mention using those cheap, dull knives was definitely dangerous. I decided that I'd enter 2021 with a new set of knives and I haven't looked back. These stay super sharp thanks to the sharpening feature in the block itself, and chopping is a dream." —Emma Glubiak, social media editor, The Spruce

iHome® Ultra Slim 10W Qi Wireless Charging Pad

iHome® Ultra Slim 10W Qi Wireless Charging Pad in Black

"I've definitely broken some phone chargers over time, so having one that doesn't plug into my phone is a game-changer. I love how easy it is to use, and the design is pretty sleek so it fits perfectly in my WFH setup, too. " —Jamie Weissman, associate commerce editor

OXO Adjustable Temperature Pour-Over Kettle

OXO Pour-Over Kettle

"I'm a big tea drinker who's tested a few different kettles over the years, and this OXO electric kettle is my very favorite. First of all, it's way faster than any other kettle I've used before, which to me is the most important feature. It also has precise temperature control and includes a helpful guide on what temperatures are best for specific teas—who knew 206 degrees is best for black teas? I love how cute and compact it is, and the gooseneck spout is a nice touch. Really, if this kettle doesn't convince you to ditch your stovetop kettle for good, I'm not sure what will." —Nicole Lund, commerce editor

Made In Stainless Clad Saucier

Stainless Clad Saucier

"Cooking is a favorite pastime of mine, and as I've gotten more settled in New York I've been slowly building up a collection of pans that I know will last. This saucepan from MadeIn is the latest addition to my kitchen, and has proven to be quite versatile over the past few weeks. It's easy to clean, heats evenly, and is the perfect size for making everything from soups and sauces to the ever-reliable stir fry." —Lily Sperry, commerce editor, The Spruce

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