22 Products We Obsessed Over the Most in June

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Whether you're looking for the latest in cookware or trying to furnish your entire home, there are a lot of home brands to turn to. Thankfully, we're here to share our favorite finds directly with you.

Each month, MyDomaine editors are bringing you the latest and greatest in home décor. As June was, again, a month filled with challenges and uncertainty, we, along with our friends at The Spruce, are sharing the things that brought us some comfort at home last month. Keep scrolling to see which products we loved the most last month.

Kinfield Golden Hour Bug Repellent

kinfield golden hour

"I spend most nights—and parts of the work day, to be honest—sitting out on my balcony to get some fresh air and a change of scenery. There's just one issue now that mosquito season is here: I'm extra allergic to mosquito bites. Instead of a small itchy bump, anytime I get a bite it swells up to the size of a baseball before eventually bruising. And wow, the itch is real when the bite is bigger than normal. Luckily I found this essential oil-based repellant last summer and it was such a game changer I immediately bought three bottles. It actually keeps the bugs away, smells divine, and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin." — Bridget Mallon, associate editorial director

Blueland Dish Soap Starter Kit

Blueland Dish Soap Starter Kit

"When I first heard Blueland was launching a powdered dish soap, I was intrigued, yes, but also skeptical. I've used Blueland's other eco-friendly cleaning products for over a year now (I love that you buy the bottle once and then just refill it instead of creating bottles and bottles of plastic waste throughout the year). But washing my dishes with powder? That just seemed odd—so obviously I had to try it. And after a month of powdery dish washing, I'm officially a convert. Just shake a little powder onto a sponge or straight onto your dirty dishes, add water, and voila, you've got a sudsy wash that cuts right through grease, dirt, and grime. I actually find it cleans better than liquid dish soap, especially when you pour the powder straight on a stubborn area and let it sit. I don't think I'll ever go back." — Bridget Mallon, associate editorial director

United Sodas of America Toasted Coconut 12-Pack

toasted coconut soda

"As soon as the weather warms up, my love for sparkling, cold beverages intensifies. I recently tried United Sodas, and I'm obsessed. These aren't your average sodas—the flavors are extremely unique and unlike anything I've had before. Toasted Coconut is my favorite!" — Kim Carvalho, associate social media editor

Wild One Collar Walk Kit

The Collar Walk Kit from Wild One

"Getting my puppy, Flynn, during quarantine was the best decision my husband and I could've made. It's been super fun buying him new toys and doggie supplies, and our collar walk kit from Wild One has been my favorite of all. Pet products aren't always the cutest, but this leash and collar kit are sleek and modern." — Kim Carvalho, associate social media editor

Floyd The Coffee Table

Floyd Furniture coffee table

"Did anyone else crave a home refresh a few months into quarantine? I wanted to change things up a bit at home, so I decided to get a new coffee table and I'm so glad I did. Not only is the minimal design perfect for my simple, all-white apartment, but it was also the easiest piece of furniture to build." — Kim Carvalho, associate social media editor

Estelle Colored Stemless Wine Glass

Estelle Colored Glass - rose stemless wine glasses

"I've been on the hunt for new wine glasses—as I'm now doing most of my wine intake at home—and I don't think it gets any better than these stemless glasses from Estelle Colored Glass. They come in 12 different shades (I'm partial to the rose) and would go perfectly on any bar cart, plus they're much more interesting to look at than your standard clear glass." — Caroline Utz, associate editor

ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40

ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 Foundation

"When I do decide to put on makeup these days, I always reach for this Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint. It's SPF 40, filled with good-for-you ingredients like plant-based squalane, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid, and gives me the perfect amount of dewy coverage. Though it's perfect for summer, I think I'll be wearing this year-round." — Caroline Utz, associate editor

Soukie Moroccan Towel

Soukie Moroccan Towel

"Once summer kicks into high gear, I'm always looking for a versatile towel that I can use for picnics in the park, days at the beach, or just as a cute piece of décor in my apartment. I think I found the one in this Moroccan towel from Soukie Modern. The colors are bright, fun, and perfect for the season, plus it's totally machine-washable." — Caroline Utz, associate editor

L'Occitane Cleansing and Softening Shower Oil

"I am not brave enough for at-home wax kits during this pandemic— so shaving it is! This is a staple for shaving your legs. It softens the hair and doesn't clog up your razor! If the price tag scares you, there's a Trader Joe's dupe that just came out last year. It's not as luxurious but it's very similar and you can get it on your next TJ's grocery trip. Both give you silky legs and close shaves." — Jamie Abarca, editorial projects coordinator

McBride Sisters Collection 2016 Central Coast California Red Blend

McBride Sisters Collection 2016 Central Coast California Red Blend

"Long WFH weeks call for winding down weekend nights with a glass of red wine. (It's a must when you have an almost 3 year old!) This red blend is my favorite and always sells out on their site—so you know it's going to be good. (Don't worry, they restock!) It's a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Best of all, you'll be supporting a female-owned Black business." — Jamie Abarca, editorial projects coordinator

Dash & Albert Tattersall Indigo Woven Cotton Rug

Tattersall Indigo Indoor/Outdoor Rug

"The rug in my daughter's room really needed to be replaced after two years, and I found this one after a lot of online browsing. I adore it because the navy coloring means that it will age well without showing too much dirt. And if it does get a bit drab after a year or so you can actually flip it over. Plus, it looks and feels high-end. I keep pausing in front of my daughter's door to enjoy how her new rug looks whenever I pass by." — Mélanie Berliet, general manager

Coucke French Cotton Jacquard Towel French Collection

Coucke French Cotton Jacquard Towel

"I love adding French touches to my space because I have French parents and doing so reminds me, ever so gently, of my ancestry. These traditional French towels are just one way that I choose to add a bit of France to my kitchen. I always buy them in pairs and keep them handy for dish drying and to use as impromptu oven mitts. They're quite classy looking and also very practical." — Mélanie Berliet, general manager

Umbra Woodrow Storage Stool

Umbra Woodrow Storage Stool

"I came across this storage stool when prop shopping, and I'm obsessed with it. I don't think I'd categorize it as a stool, but rather a side table. Personally I think it's great to store extra throw blankets, but it seems so versatile." — Margot Cavin, photo producer, The Spruce

County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee Maker

County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee Maker

"I've stepped my cold brew game up now that I am home more. This Mason jar makes it easy to brew overnight. Just fill up the mesh cylinder with coarse ground beans and let sit with fresh water overnight on your countertop. I've even brewed some fresh iced tea in here with mint. It has been a fun experiment in playing with different beans and brew times to find the perfect mix for my household." — Dwyer Frame, senior editorial director, commerce

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 40

"Applying sunblock every two hours can really mess with my midday makeup look. To help combat a greasy sunblock face I just purchased this "clear" sunblock that can be applied anywhere without fear of not rubbing it all in. I've been using it at the beach as well, and my skin has stayed free from a burn (and a slicked face)." — Dwyer Frame, senior editorial director, commerce

Versed Wash It Out Gel Cleanser

Wash It Out Gel Cleanser

"The combination of hot, humid weather and mask wearing has wreaked a little bit of havoc on my skin. Luckily, this cleanser does a great job of both washing the day away and leaving my skin feeling nourished—aka, not entirely stripped of moisture. I like that the formula is not super foamy and that the scent is light and quickly dissipates." — Kate Geraghty, commerce editor

ZealSound Wireless Charging Pad

ZealSound Wireless Charging Station

"There's a constant battle in my apartment for place to charge our phones, and since my boyfriend and I need different chargers, it can quickly become a tangle of wires. We both have phones with wireless charging abilities, so we decided to pick up a wireless charging pad to set on one of our side tables. Now, we can both charge our phones at the same time—and when it's not in use, the faux-leather of this charger means it isn't an eyesore in our living room." — Kate Geraghty, commerce editor

Chef'n FreshForce Citrus Juicer

Chef'n ® FreshForce Citrus Juicer

"It’s officially margarita season! Now that it’s warmer out, I’ve been indulging in plenty of homemade margaritas on the weekend. The recipe that I use calls for several ounces of fresh lemon juice and lime juice, so this citrus juicer has been a lifesaver. It has a nice weight to it, and the squeezing mechanism is quite powerful. It gets every last drop from the fruit and strains the seeds out, too. It’s dishwasher safe, but I’ve found that it’s quick to clean by hand." — Kat Louie, commerce editor

Galison 500-Piece Artichoke Puzzle

artichoke 30 piece puzzle

"I’ve never been much of a puzzle person, but when quarantine started and they were all anyone could think (or post) about, I wanted to get in on the fun. What followed was a lengthy search for an artsy puzzle that didn’t include wildlife, the solar system, or a woodsy New England scene—apparently a big ask. Finally, after a few months of everything being sold out, I found this artichoke puzzle—which is as challenging as it is aesthetically pleasing—on Etsy." — Chelsea Stuart, senior commerce editor

Megababe Happy Pits Underarm Mask

Megababe happy pits underarm mask

"I’ve been thinking about making the switch to natural deodorant for a while now, but after talking to friends and reading a copious amount of online reviews, I knew it’d be a sweaty, stinky, weeks-long process that wasn’t exactly work friendly. Now that we’re all stuck at home—and in the AC—I figured it’d finally be the perfect time to try. In an attempt to speed up the detox period, I picked up Megababe’s Happy Pits Underarm Mask. The no-mess formula uses charcoal, clay, glycolic acid, and vitamin C to draw out toxins and exfoliate and clarify your pits. After using the mask a few times a week and pairing it with Megababe’s Rosy Pits, I’m almost home free!" — Chelsea Stuart, senior commerce editor

Fab Habitat Miramar Outdoor Rug

Fab Habitat Miramar Outdoor Rug in Gray

"Being at home a lot, my latest project has been turning my outdoor space into my personal oasis. I wanted a stylish outdoor rug with a tribal vibe that didn't break the bank, and wasn't over-the-top when it came to color." — Candace Madonna, visual editor, The Spruce

Grady's Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Bag

Grady's Cold Brew Concentrate

"I've been subscribing to Grady's cold brew concentrate, which has free delivery in NYC. It's New Orleans style and the chicory flavor really takes it up a notch." — Candace Madonna, visual editor, The Spruce

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