13 of the Best Home Products from March 2022

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Whether you're looking for the latest in cookware or trying to furnish your entire home, there are a lot of home brands to turn to. Thankfully, we're here to share our favorite finds directly with you.

Each month, MyDomaine editors are bringing you the latest and greatest in home décor. As March was a month filled with uncertainty, we, along with our friends at The Spruce, are sharing the things that brought us some comfort at home. Keep scrolling to see which products we loved the most.

BesLowe Set of 2 Industrial Touch Control Table Lamps

Set of 2 Industrial Touch Control Table Lamps


"These lamps are such a handsome addition to your bedside table or office situation. They're incredibly functional, as they're dimmable and include USB ports. I love the glass shades and the fact that they actually come with a set of LED bulbs—why don't all lamps come with bulbs?" Mélanie Berliet, general manager

Shark Wandvac System Ultra-Light Stick Vacuum

Shark Ultra-Light Stick Vacuum


"I've spent the past ten years or so cleaning my floors with a vacuum that struggled to pick up even the tiniest crumb. I recently upgraded to this sleek, metallic stick vac and I couldn't be happier. It's a powerhouse when it comes to cleaning, goes from carpet to hardwood with ease, and matches my décor, to boot." —Bridget Mallon, associate editorial director

Fun Express Store Galvanized Oval Bucket Container

"My nail polish collection, normally displayed on shelving, has gotten a little unruly lately, and I needed a container to keep the growing number of bottles at bay. This adorable galvanized bucket was the perfect solution and fits in with my other basket storage perfectly, adding a bit more rustic appeal. These buckets really do make the perfect storage solution for a number of items, like toiletries in the bathroom, snacks in the kitchen—I put hot cocoa packets and tea bags in one—or belts and scrunchies in the closet. I love a cute container that's versatile enough to work in any room." —Emily Manchester, editorial and strategy director

H&M Mirror With Rattan Frame

Mirror with rattan frame.


"My room at home leans a bit boho, so I wanted more pieces to tie the look together. That way, it looks less a childhood bedroom and more like a calming retreat. I love this rattan mirror I recently picked up from H&M that is a timeless nod to boho style. It gives my wall so much more visual interest than it had before—and it was super affordable, too." —Mia Ingui, editorial assistant

Sunlitec Solar String Lights

"These adorable solar-powered string lights are perfect for any deck, porch, or balcony. The small solar panel charges during the day, and will illuminate your lights at night. Because they don't use electricity, you don't have to fuss with finding an outlet or attaching extension cords. You can truly just set them and forget them—until every evening when you see them light up your space giving off the most relaxing ambiance." —Amy Cooper, visual editor

Food52 Five Two Over-the-Sink Dish Drying Rack

Food52 Five Two Over-the-Sink Dish Drying Rack


"This has been a lifesaver for our kitchen since we have such limited counter space. You can roll it up on the side when you're not using it, or roll it over the sink when you need to dry things. And you can clean it in the dishwasher." —KC Cibran, associate social media editor

MinkaAire Simple 3 Blade Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan

"We're in the middle of a renovation in our home with VERY high ceilings. To keep all the warm air from rising we decided to have a ceiling fan installed. I had no idea how hard it was to pick out a ceiling fan! Most fans on the market have a light, which we did not want. We needed it certain size for the space and to hang low enough and not bang into the vaulted ceiling. I initially found a fan somewhere else but there are certain things you need to buy for installation and it was unclear what those things were. We ended buying one from build.com because they tell you what you need to buy along with fixture. We ended up getting a very simple white fan that we didn't feel would stand out too much, we had it installed last week and I think it looks great!" —Margot Cavin, photo producer, The Spruce

Fishers Finery Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Fishers Finery Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


"If you haven't considered switching to silk pillowcases, let me make a quick pitch: silk is softer, smoother, and less absorbent than cotton, so silk pillowcases are supposed to reduce hair frizz and pillow lines and also help your skin and hair retain more moisture overnight. But the real reason I'm obsessed with my new pillowcases? They just feel better against your skin, especially if you're a side and front sleeper.'" —Kate Geraghty, editorial director, commerce

World Market Natural Rattan Open Weave Waverly Basket

"I've been obsessed with the rattan trend for a while now, but I've also been trying to budget a little better recently—so that means no big-ticket upgrades to my furniture or decor. But what I love about rattan is that there are so many applications for it throughout your home, and upgrading my blanket basket (as well as getting a small decorative tray for my bedroom) was the perfect way to embrace this trend in a small way that still makes my living room feel fresh." —Kate McKenna, email editor, The Spruce

Edloe Finch Nora Dining Chair Set

Edloe Finch Nora Dining Chair, Blue (Set of 2)

Edloe Finch

"I just moved into a new apartment and I finally have room for a dining area. I've had these Edloe Finch chairs saved for as long as I can remember, so I was so excited to finally have a reason to purchase them. They arrived super quickly and they look so good in my little dining nook. I apologize to my Instagram followers—you're going to be seeing a lot of these chairs on my account." —Emma Glubiak, social media editor, The Spruce

"My bedroom has pretty much zero outlets, so for the past two years I've lived without a bedside lamp. That all changed when I discovered this cute USB-powered lamp from HAY, which is not only cordless but also dimmable and easily portable. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's completely changed my bedroom setup, and I heartily recommend it to anyone who needs a cordless lighting solution." —Nicole Lund, commerce editor

Floyd The Bed Frame

Floyd The Bed Frame


"Ever since I first found out about the Floyd bed, I wanted it—but it definitely took some time to rationalize the investment. I finally bit the bullet this March, and couldn’t be happier. It has a casual yet impactful look that’s the perfect addition to my room, and I feel at ease knowing that it won’t be a pain to move." —Lily Sperry, commerce editor, The Spruce

Umbra Cubiko Entryway Organizer

"Without the space for an entryway table in my apartment, the things I needed to keep by the door were getting stashed on the kitchen counter. I got tired of sacrificing counter space and got this entryway organizer from Umbra. It has hooks for hanging my keys, masks, and the dog's leash, a shelf at the back for my wallet and the dog treats, and a mirror to make sure I look okay before I head out." —Jenny Hughes, editor, The Spruce