16 of the Best Home Products from May 2022

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Whether you're looking for the latest in cookware or trying to furnish your entire home, there are a lot of home brands to turn to. Thankfully, we're here to share our favorite finds directly with you.

Each month, MyDomaine editors are bringing you the latest and greatest in home décor. As May was a month filled with hope on the horizon, we, along with our friends at The Spruceare sharing the things that brought us joy and comfort at home. Keep scrolling to see which products we loved the most.

The Citizenry Stonewashed Linen Duvet Cover

Stonewashed Linen Duvet Cover

The Citizenry

"I'm a sucker for linen bedding, and I decided it was time for an upgrade now that summer is approaching. The Citizenry's linen sheets are some of my very favorites, so I took the plunge and got the duvet cover in the Sand Stripe color. It's super soft, lightweight, and breathable—AKA, perfect for summer." —Nicole Lund, commerce editor

Our Place

Our Place Always Pan Zest

Our Place 

"I have a collection of pots and pans, but none of them compare to the Always Pan. In addition to its true nonstick capabilities and useful attachments, the Spice color is a lovely addition to my stove between uses." —Jamie Weissman, associate commerce editor


PUDDA Basket


"I purchased a bunch of these felt baskets to store my daughter's toys and they didn't disappoint! The softness of the felt makes them flexible, so they can hold a variety of toys, which means mama can toss things in at random without overthinking it and the playroom will look neat and tidy. The brass buttons are also a nice detail." Mélanie Berliet, general manager

PetPals Handmade Paper Rope Round Bed

PetPals Hand Made Paper Rope Round Bed


"I know this is technically a pet bed, but actually, the bedding pops right out and you're left with a very sturdy basket. These are great for storage—particularly under the bed since they're not very tall. I keep extra folded sweatshirts in mine, but they're also the perfect size for books, magazines, movies, tech gadgets, or really anything small you need to hideaway. I bought two of these and one did go, in fact, right to my cat." —Emily Manchester, editorial and strategy director

Great Jones Little Sheet

Little Sheet in Broccoli

Great Jones

"These mini-sheet pans have been so perfect for my one-person meals and small oven! They hold up great and I love the colors. I have the broccoli one and I get excited to have that pop of color while I'm cooking!" —KC Cibran, associate social media editor

Escape Coffee Table Book

Escape book.


"Nothing makes me feel like more of an adult than a lovely stack of coffee table books in my living room. This one by photographer Gray Malin is one of my favorites, especially as we're getting close to summer. The book is filled with his famous ocean and beach photographs, and it feels like you're taking a vacation every time you turn the page." —Caroline Utz, editor

Scuddles Garden Tools Set

Scuddles Garden Tools Set


"This was the sweetest Christmas gift from my boyfriend last year, and back then, I couldn't imagine the weather warming up and finally enjoying the gardening season. Well, the time came, and I rediscovered this gift in my garage. It's honestly great—my gardening tools used to be strewn around my garage, and now, they all have a cute little home in this tote." —Mia Ingui, associate editor

Brookstone THERMO-STAT™ Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow

THERMO-STAT™ Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow

Bed Bath & Beyond

"Recently, I stopped sleeping on my stomach and started sleeping on my side—though I can't really figure out why, what I did know is I needed a new pillow to avoid my newfound neck pain. I picked up this one and have loved sleeping on it. It's not too firm and not too soft, and it turned out to be a great pick to support my neck at night." —Mia Ingui, associate editor

Target Melamine and Bamboo Dinner Bowl

Melamine and Bamboo Dinner Bowl


"It's BBQ season, and I'm not a big fan of disposable plates. These plates are environmentally friendly and look as good as stoneware. I love this muted azure color, and in person, they're even more spectacular. It's great to know I don't have to worry if my toddler accidentally drops these when helping to clear the table. They're also dishwasher safe, which is a huge plus in our home." —Jamie Abarca, editorial project coordinator


TÄRNABY table lamp.


"As a typical trip to IKEA goes, we went in to buy a desk and came out with a table lamp (and several other odds and ends). It's the cutest little table lamp, though. It's not going to light an entire room, but it does give off some serious ambiance." —Margot Cavin, photo producer, The Spruce

Hans & Alice Full Length Floor Mirror

Hans & Alice Full Length Floor Mirror


"If you're looking to upgrade from a behind-the-mirror to a floor mirror without spending a fortune, this pick punches above its weight. Not only is it pretty flattering when you need an outfit check, but it also makes whichever room you have it in look bigger and brighter thanks to its size. I have the matte black frame, but it comes in a variety of colors, including a border or LED lights." —Kate Geraghty, editorial director, commerce

RenderGoods Colorblock Dish Towel Trio

Colorblock Dish Towel Trio


"In an effort to gradually replace everything I own with better quality items, I decided it was time to ditch the cheap tea towels I've had for as long as I can remember and treat myself to some pretty yet functional dish towels. I bought a bunch of these beautiful midcentury modern-inspired dish towels, which have a really nice texture that actually absorbs moisture, making them perfect for drying dishes. They also blend perfectly with the rest of my décor and look super cute hanging on the front of my oven." —Kate McKenna, editor, The Spruce

Minna Goods Stripe Placemat Apricot

Stripe Placemat in Apricot


"I was looking for some placemats to brighten up my summer table, and these were perfect. I mixed and matched the apricot and dandelion colors for some added variety. I also love that Minna collaborates with artisans throughout Central and South America." —Candace Madonna, visual editor, The Spruce

Paper Collective Fried Egg by Henrik Bülow

Fried Egg

Paper Collective

"I wanted something to hang on my kitchen wall, and when I found this print by Danish photographer Henrik Bülow, I knew it was the one. It adds the perfect pop of color to my otherwise all-white kitchen. I love buying prints from Paper Collective because they are sustainably printed, and every purchase supports a charitable cause." —Emma Glubiak, social media editor, The Spruce

IKEA ÄPPLARÖ Reclining Chair

ÄPPLARÖ Reclining Chair


"I couldn't decide if I wanted to buy chairs and a table or two reclining chairs for my balcony, and the Äpparö Reclining Chair solved the problem. There are five different positions for how much you want the seatback to recline, and the chair folds up completely for easy storage. Pro tip: get two of the Äpparö stools, which work perfectly as matching side tables or footstools for while you're laying back." —Jenny Hughes, editor, The Spruce

Infinite Objects Video Print

Infinite Objects Video Print

Infinite Objects

"This moving picture frame is a constant eye-catcher, and I love shifting it around my apartment (or my desk, when I worked at one daily) to enjoy the short video inside it at different angles. It's colorful and dynamic, and I'm already looking for a great, high-visibility spot to keep it come summer." —Lauren Phillips, lifestyle editor, The Spruce