25 Products Our Editors Adored the Most in September

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Black and Blooms

Whether you're looking for the latest in cookware or trying to furnish your entire home, there are a lot of home brands to turn to. Thankfully, we're here to share our favorite finds directly with you.

Each month, MyDomaine editors are bringing you the latest and greatest in home décor. As September was, again, a month filled with challenges and uncertainty, we, along with our friends at The Spruce, are sharing the things that brought us some comfort at home. Keep scrolling to see which products we loved the most.

TQD High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets

TQD High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets


"Even though I've lived in New York for the past seven years, I've retained a few key midwestern traits. I say 'ope' approximately 98 times a day, and I absolutely love a good deal (and telling people about said deal). Take these yoga pants I recently bought on Amazon. At first, the price seemed too good to be true, but once they arrived I knew I found a real gem. The fabric is thick—aka it passed the squat test—and so soft, the high waisted silhouette feels secure and flattering but not at all suffocating, and the pockets on each thigh are the perfect place to stow my phone. I already purchased a second pair." — Bridget Mallon, associate editorial director

Truff Hot Sauce Trio

Truff Hot Sauce Trio


"I am an absolute hot sauce fiend, and never have fewer than seven in my kitchen at any given time. I recently tried out this trio of truffle-infused sauces (bringing my total hot sauce count up to 10!) and am so happy I did. They're not like any sauce I've ever tried thanks to the truffle notes but the heat is still there in spades, and how beautiful is that packaging? I've gladly added all three to my regular hot sauce rotation, but the red "hotter sauce" is my personal favorite." — Bridget Mallon, associate editorial director

Studio McGee x Target Springville Caned Door TV Stand

Studio McGee x Target Springville Caned Door TV Stand


"I've used the same IKEA bookshelf as a living room TV stand for the past six years. It's travelled with me from apartment to apartment to apartment, and did its job quite well. But as I've spent more time at home this year it felt like it was time to transition to something a little more stylish and "adult." I'm a total sucker for rattan and cane furniture, so I fell in love immediately when I saw this console from the new Studio McGee line at Target. It was surprisingly easy to build and I absolutely love how it looks in my living room. Plus the shelves are a great place to store extra throws, books, and other clutter." — Bridget Mallon, associate editorial director

Bolt Hoodie by Aviator Nation

Bolt Hoodie

Courtesy of Bloomingdales

"I am not a person who owned a lot of loungewear when the pandemic first hit, so I've been searching for the exact right hoodie ever since. When I discovered Aviator Nation, I was so excited to find a brand that makes awesomely retro stuff that is also incredibly soft and comfortable. The gold metallic lightning bolt on the back is exactly the right touch on this otherwise basic charcoal hoodie." — Mélanie Berliet, general manager

Primally Pure Blue Tansy Body Oil

Primally Pure Blue Tansy Body Oil

Primally Pure

"I suffer from dry skin during the colder months, and although September was still technically summer, my skin definitely started lacking the moisture I'm used to in the warmer months. This oil smells heavenly, glides on the skin so smoothly, and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and hydrated all day long." — Kim Carvalho, associate social media editor

Knours One Perfect Youth Cream

Knours One Perfect Youth Cream

"And as if having dry skin on my body wasn't already a bummer, my face has also been lacking in moisture as the weather chills. I swapped my light summer moisturizer for something a bit more rich—the Knours One Perfect Youth Cream. This has been the perfect product for the seasonal changes, and the gorgeous packaging is definitely a plus." — Kim Carvalho, associate social media editor

Vejo Blender + Collagen Glow Pod

Vejo Starter Kit - Collagen Glow Special

"I usually start my mornings with some kind of collagen drink. If I can be honest, collagen doesn't always taste great and I've been looking for a product that gives me the benefits I love while also tasting good. I came across Vejo in September and was instantly intrigued. Vejo is a pod-based portable blender that blends collagen-filled pods into water and creates this fruity, delicious drink in seconds. I've been specifically loving the Collagen Glow in Watermelon Fresca, it tastes like a tropical vacation to me!" — Kim Carvalho, associate social media editor

Prince 1999 Logo Hoodie

1999 Logo Hoodie


"Anyone who knows me knows I'm a diehard Prince fan. So naturally I purchased this cozy hoodie. I love the subtle design on front and the stunning embroidery work on back. It's not heavy, so I can layer it with a long-sleeve t-shirt when it's cooler. I feel it runs a little big, so you might consider sizing down if you want a more fitted look." — Ginger Cowles, senior editor, The Spruce

Rare Beauty Lip Souffle Matte Cream Lipstick in Brave

Selena Gomez Rare Beauty Lip Souffle Matte Cream Lipstick in Brave

Rare Beauty

"One of my favorite ways to relax is to grab my laptop and watch makeup YouTube videos—preferably, but not always, while enjoying a glass of wine. It's so satisfying to see the transformation and the artistry. I could never!

A lot of beauty influencers have been covering Selena Gomez's new makeup line, Rare Beauty. And video after video had the same message: This wasn't a celebrity cash grab. No, this line was thoughtful, and the products are, in a word, gorgeous. I ended up purchasing several items, but my favorites have to be the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in Love and the Lip Souffle Matte Cream Lipstick in Brave, both a soft and pretty terra cotta shade, perfect for fall. I usually go for a pink/mauve shade, but these colors are surprisingly fresh and lovely." — Ginger Cowles, senior editor, The Spruce

Keychron K2 Wireless Keyboard

Keychron K2 Wireless Keyboard


"After struggling with a keyboard that wasn't compatible with my MacBook Air—I need those Command + Option functions!—I remembered I had received this keyboard as a gift from my brother-in-law a few months ago but never opened it. I wish I had, because it's a game changer. It's compatible with both Macs and PCs so I don't have to reach up to my laptop for certain commands, it can be wired or connect via Bluetooth, and the best part is the adorable backlighting that makes writing emails a little more enjoyable." — Ginger Cowles, senior editor, The Spruce

Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer

Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer


"On days when I haven't gotten enough sleep and have one too many Zoom meetings, I reach for this concealer. It's lightweight and so pigmented; you don't need a lot of product. The true test is not transferring onto my mask!" — Jamie Abarca, editorial projects coordinator

Fresh Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Toner

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner


"I added this toner to my routine in the beginning of August and I'm so glad I've stuck with it. I use this the same way you would use an essence. I don't use a cotton pad, just my palms, and my skin feels supple and hydrated." — Jamie Abarca, editorial projects coordinator

AuKing Mini Projector

Auking Mini Projector


"We're a big movie household, so we bought this mini projector (and a screen that rolls up) and took it camping with us last weekend. We watched The Goonies while sitting around a campfire making s'mores. It was delightful!" — Margot Cavin, photo producer, The Spruce

Comma Faux Fur and Sherpa Throw

Comma Faux Fur and Sherpa Throw


"My cold weather bedding update is complete with this dual-sided blanket which has a sherpa and a faux-fur side. I fold this on the end of my bed for a big visual impact. This has a nice weight to it, so it is very comfortable and helps me stay asleep all night." — Dwyer Frame, senior editorial director, commerce

Coyuchi Morelia Organic Duvet Cover

Coyuchi Morelia Organic Duvet Cover


"Fall is the time for a new duvet cover and this African Ikat-inspired organic number from Coyuchi is on point. The Harvest colorway is muted enough that it can work in my more floral and tropical vibe room, but the patterns make it a bit more sophisticated. Paired with my linen sheets, this duvet makes my bed a nice escape after a long day." — Dwyer Frame, senior editorial director, commerce

Classic Vacay Strawberry Crocs

Women's Vacay Classic Crocs with Strawberries


"As a first-time Crocs owner, I finally understand the hype. Wearing these is like walking on strawberry-printed clouds, and whenever I look down at them I get an instant boost of happiness. Wearing them as my indoor shoes has helped me feel 'dressed' and super cute while working from home. They've been regularly selling out and then getting re-stocked, so keep an eye out for your size!" — Amy Cooper, photo editor

Summer Fridays Overtime Mask

Summer Fridays Overtime Mask

Summer Fridays

"I don't count down the days until PSL season all summer long (I'm more of an apple cider gal, personally), but I am fangirling over this face mask, which features pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin seed extract as ingredients. It gently exfoliates my skin without irritating it, and when I wash it off, my skin feels soft and smooth. And while I'll be using this pick year-round, it's hard not to love the pumpkin pie-like scent this mask gives off, thanks to the clove, nutmeg, and ginger oils." — Kate Geraghty, commerce editor

Kitsch Towel Pillowcover

Kitsch Cleanse Ritual Towel Pillow Cover


"Walking in the NYC late September heat—even just to the grocery store—combined with a germy pandemic means I'm almost always going to shower before I get into bed. This, of course, leaves my wet hair to frizz up into strange positions while I sleep. This pillowcover is genius, because it's made of the same microfiber material as quick-dry hair wraps, plus it has a waterproof lining to protect my pillow.' — Caroline Mullen, editor, The Spruce

SMEG Espresso Machine

Smeg Espresso Machine in Black


"I think I've officially made it. I said the same thing when I got a bar cart, and again when I switched my sheets to linen for the summer... but seriously, an espresso machine means I've really made it. #Adulting. Not only does it serve up a creamy, full-bodied shot of espresso, it looks stunning out on my countertop as well. I'm very proud." — Caroline Mullen, editor, The Spruce

Brooklinen Down Alternative Comforter

Brooklinen Down Alternative Comforter


"Unfortunately, I discovered a few years back that I'm allergic to down feathers (think: a month's worth of undiagnosed morning sneezes). Fortunately, though, I discovered the closest possible down alternative option in terms of weight and fluffiness. Brooklinen recently re-launched their line of comforters, and the all-season version is the perfect comforter for someone who sleeps hot but cranks the AC up to 10 (me)." — Caroline Mullen, editor, The Spruce

Room Essentials Jersey Weighted Throw Blanket

50" x 70" Jersey Weighted Throw Blanket with Removable Cover - Room Essentials


"I've always been a pretty good sleeper until pretty recently. With everything going on in the world, my nighttime anxiety has really ramped up, and I've found it nearly impossible to get a good night's sleep. This weighted blanket has done wonders for my sleep, and every time I use it I hardly wake up in the night." — Kate McKenna, email editor, The Spruce

Kyrgies Wool Slippers

Kyrgies All Natural Molded Sole - Low Back - Gray Mens



"It's been the coolest September I've experienced in my five years in NYC, and I'm discovering that my new apartment stays pretty cold throughout the day. Lucky for me, I love cooler temperatures and staying cozy. I bought these slippers for my husband for our anniversary this year, and confession: I've been stealing them whenever I get the chance. They keep my feet so warm and I love the way they look." — Kate McKenna, email editor, The Spruce

Boulangerie Jar Candle in Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon

Boulangerie Jar Candle in Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon


"This is the ultimate fall candle. Anthropologie sells them seasonally, so they are only available for a few months each year. As soon as I saw they were back I added not one, not two, but three to my cart. The subtle yet comforting scent is just that good!" — Emma Glubiak, social media editor, The Spruce

Surcie Floral Blossom Custom Stationery in Chartreuse

Floral Blossom Stationery in Chartreuse


"I've been writing more letters to friends and family since the pandemic started. It's been a nice way to keep in touch, and it's a known fact that everyone loves getting mail (that's not a bill anyway). This bespoke custom stationery from Surcie, a Raleigh-based brand founded by two sisters, is the perfect excuse to send a little note to a loved one. And how cute are those envelopes?!" — Caroline Utz, associate editor

First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser

First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser

First Aid Beauty

"I have super sensitive skin so rotating in new products is always risky business. Last month, I decided to give First Aid Beauty’s Face Cleanser a go and I’m so happy I did. The fragrance-free formula leaves my face feeling hydrated, smooth, and squeaky clean." — Chelsea Stuart, senior commerce editor

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