Thank Us Later: These Are the Best Hot Chips in Sydney

Updated 06/23/17
Half Baked Harvest

The crunch, the hot fluffy-white potato steaming on your teeth, and the nostalgic taste of deep-fried spuds doused in vinegar and salt—eating hot chips is always an amazing experience. Not that we ever need an excuse to indulge in our favourite pastime snack, the way chips are served up these days is something else. Usually reserved for a Sunday hangover, or purchased from the corner shop after Saturday sport days, hot chips have been given an elevated makeover, and are now considered a necessity on any cool restaurant's menu. From sizzled in duck fat to Mexican-style (topped with agave syrup!), these fries are not like the ones from our childhood days when the extent of fancy garnishes were plain gravy and chicken salt. Indulging is key to maintaining a healthy balanced diet (right?), so what better way to stay balanced than to give your tastebuds an out-of-this-world surprise and give in to these ultimate treats.

Keep scrolling to discover our favourite mouth-watering options in Sydney.

Chica Bonita

Carne Fries—Topped with steak, cheese, guacamole, and salsa, these fries are a the second-most important reason people visit Manly. Chica Bonita is known for its traditional Mexican flare with a modern twist, so prepare to demolish this feast in a hurry. 


Hand-Cut "Angel" Chips—Topped with truffle and parmesan, the chips at Manta are not to be overlooked. Plus, they make the perfect accompaniment to almost everything else on the menu.


Polenta Chips with Gorgonzola Sauce—For the cheese cultists, Bloodwood offers a delectable dipping sauce to dunk these crispy strips of polenta heaven into.

The Stuffed Beaver

Chilli Fries—Chunky fries covered in cheese sauce and smothered with chili con carne—The Stuffed Beaver in had us at "smothered". Expect an American diner experience in the heart of Bondi.

The Morrison

Duck Fat Chips—You will find these decadent hot chips as an accompaniment to your burger of choice at The Morrison. Basically, your Sunday cheat day is sorted.

Le Montreal Shack

Poutine—While technically not in Sydney, no hot chip list is complete without this classic French-Canadian combo of fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Le Montreal Shack's food truck has been known to make the trip up from Wollongong, but an authentic poutine topped with maple pork is worth the drive anyway.

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