The Best Hot Chocolate Recipes to Sip On All Season Long

What do you love most about winter? Personally, we think it's hard to beat those cozy moments with nothing to do but sip on a warm, comforting cup of hot cocoa. Whether it's adding a dash of chocolate to our morning espresso, a creative take on the classic recipe for dessert, or even a simple, store-bought hot chocolate to enjoy on the go, we can't get enough of this childhood favorite. In fact, you can bet that we're enjoying some right now, and there's no doubt that we're trying to savor each sip.

And since "the more the merrier" has never been truer, we rounded up the best hot chocolate recipes we could find. We included only the best of the best, from decadent foodie favorites to healthy renditions, and we even included one that's spiked with tequila, so you can expect to find at least one hot cocoa recipe to devour. Now get ready to scroll through and drink up the best hot chocolate you've ever had.

mug of hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows
Playful Cooking

What cup of hot chocolate is complete without a toasted marshmallow on top? Complete with vanilla sugar, this recipe from Playful Cooking is super easy to make but tastes and looks like one of the gourmet greats.

superfood hot chocolate
Half Baked Harvest

When you're feeling under the weather but your cold isn't going to get in the way of your hot cocoa cravings, look no further than this superfood hot chocolate recipe from Half Baked Harvest. Calling for maca and cacao powder instead of cocoa powder plus some beets, this recipe was created to promote balanced moods and hormones while increasing energy and immunity. Oh, and don't even get us started on that caramelized brioche topping.

creamy hot chocolate touch of cinnamon
Spoon Fork Bacon

Super rich, thick, and creamy, you may even want to eat this hot cocoa with a spoon instead of drinking it. This recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon calls for a touch of cinnamon for the perfect holiday spice, too.

Mexican hot chocolate and spiked with tequila
Salt and Wind

This may be the best hot chocolate recipe on our list, thanks to a secret ingredient: tequila. When mulled wine or a hot toddy aren't going to cut it, try this cocktail recipe from Salt and Wind inspired by the spiciness of Mexican hot chocolate and spiked with tequila. 

earl grey chocolate shake
The First Mess

For anyone who likes their hot cocoa cold and creative, you'll be excited to try this earl grey chocolate shake from The First Mess. It also happens to be vegan-friendly and highly photogenic, so get your Instagram feed ready.

almond and vanilla hot chocolate
Half Baked Harvest

Just in time for Christmas, this hot chocolate recipe from Half Baked Harvest is an instant classic. It tastes just like the kind you had a kid only there are subtle additions of almond and vanilla extract to make it taste like a combination of hot chocolate and sugar cookies. Talk about a dream team.

Salt and Wind

This layered mocha recipe from Salt and Wind is the perfect balance of sweet and bitter flavors, and it only takes about five minutes to make. If you're already fixing yourself an espresso in the morning, what's stopping you from adding a little chocolate to the mix?

personal-size pot de crèmes
How Sweet Eats

Brought to us by How Sweet Eats, these personal-size pot de crèmes are a game-changer. This recipe is the perfect thing to whip up when you're craving a decadent, souffle-like dessert inspired by hot chocolate. And as we previously mentioned, we can never turn down a toasted marshmallow.

vegan hot chocolate
Hello Glow

This delicious vegan hot chocolate from Hello Glow is a great morning or afternoon beverage to sip on when you need a comforting pick-me-up. With hormone- and mood-balancing ingredients like lucuma powder, maca powder, chia seeds, and dates, you can now officially enjoy your childhood favorite treat without feeling like you're indulging in something overly decadent.

Charbonnel et Walker Original Drinking Chocolate
Charbonnel et Walker Original Drinking Chocolate $23 $18

And when you're simply too busy for something homemade, just add milk to this store-bought version from England's oldest and finest chocolatiers.

And now, stock up on the yummiest chocolate bars ever made.

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