We Found the 5 Best Hot Springs in California, So Leave the Beach Behind

California has long been known for its beaches, and their appeal has always been clear. The warm sand, crashing waves, and blue ocean all seem to beckon with the state's famed golden shimmer, sometimes crowding the coast with the brighter hues of towels and umbrellas. It's classic but, dare we say it, predictable. One of the best things about this place is its varied geography, and tucked within its landscape is something that far fewer beachgoers ever enjoy: hot springs.

As a foil to some of California's most famous beaches, equally picturesque hot springs show off another side of the state's natural beauty. We uncovered five of the best hot springs from Big Sur to Los Angeles, and they're all a bit of an adventure (in fact, a few make swimsuits optional). So go ahead and leave the beach behind for a dip that's more on the wild side.