The Stars Have Spoken: If You Only Take One Vacation, This Should Be It

What if there was a trip-of-a-lifetime experience waiting for you this year—one that spoke to all your quirky personality traits, preferences, and interests? What if there was one destination to cater to all your heart's desires—from your love for exquisite culinary experiences to your cravings for thrill and adventure or your penchant for quiet enclaves? In the world of luxury travel, one size does not fit all, and finding the right experience might be akin to searching for a needle in a haystack.

Case in point: When Travel + Leisure released its list of the World's Best New Hotels for 2018, we were overwhelmed by the 75 (seemingly idyllic) choices of picture-perfect properties scattered across the globe. How is it possible to pick just one? To make the decisions a little easier, we turned to the stars for answers—and found the perfect hotel to match each of the wildly different personalities of the zodiac. Should you escape on a wild safari in Tanzania, explore vibrant Barcelona, or touch down in a sporting resort in Nicaragua? Discover the best hotels by zodiac sign.


Courtesy of The Ned

Who: Taurus are a career-driven bunch who love luxury. They know the value of finer things in life, from food to art, and their ideal vacation needs to meet their high standards.

Where: Check in at The Ned in London, Soho House's newest hotel venture. With eight restaurants under one roof and the highest–thread count sheets, there's no better place to rest your head while exploring all that the British capital has to offer.

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Courtesy of Soho House Barcelona

Who: Geminis are social butterflies who crave excitement and social gatherings. They thrive in big-city environments where they can explore and socialize to their heart's desire.

Where: Grab a lounge chair by the rooftop pool at the new Soho House, Barcelona. The members-only approach to travel is great for mingling with like-minded people while exploring the bustling Spanish metropolis.

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Courtesy of Killiehuntly Farmhouse

Who: Cancers are homebodies by nature, but when they travel, they love intimate get-togethers with family and friends in quiet and cozy environments.

Where: Treat your nearest and dearest to an escape at the Killiehuntly Farmhouse & Cottage in Scotland, a peaceful retreat with landscapes of breathtaking beauty and meticulously crafted Danish style interiors that embrace the hygge philosophy. This is coziness at its best.

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Courtesy of Le Roch

Who: Leos are notorious for their dramatic flair and showy personalities. An indulgent séjour in a five-star European destination is ideal to match their big personality. Stay tuned: Their Insta feeds will undoubtedly feature the drool-worthiest updates.

Where: Touch down at the newly opened Le Roch Hotel & Spa in Paris's 1st arrondissement—a hop and skip away from Les Tuileries, the Palais Royal, and a slew of Michelin-starred restaurants.

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Courtesy of Amanemu

Who: Virgos are highly organized individuals with a penchant for craftsmanship, design, and cleanliness. Get ready: They'll need to plan every minute of the itinerary in advance.

What: Embrace the Japanese way of life at the Amanemu Resort in Ise-Shima, Japan, where minimal design meets ancient tradition and restorative wellness treatments.

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Courtesy of Brentwood Hotel

Who: Libras have a penchant for the finer things while also being interested in all things art and culture. They appreciate quiet settings and beautiful natural landscapes.

Where: Settle down at the quaint boutique Brentwood Hotel in Saratoga Springs and explore the best of upstate New York. Start your day with exceptional coffee from Maquina Roasters, and finish off by the fire at night with a drink in hand.

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Courtesy of Asilia

Who: Scorpios are fiery individuals who like to go off the beaten path. They don't mind roughing it a little in the name of adventure but still love coming home to comfortable accommodations.

What: The ideal escape for these intense individuals: an African safari at the Asilia's latest property in the Highlands of Tanzania. Set on the edge of a volcano crater, these luxe glamping accommodations have nothing basic about them.

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Courtesy of Katamama

Who: Sagittarius are naturally inquisitive creatures with a penchant for adventure. Not the type to fear long-haul flights, the zodiac's traveler loves landing in far-flung places.

What: Touch down at the brand-new Katamama in Bali. The hotel was entirely crafted by local artisans, giving it its unique, understated flair. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful and authentic launchpad for your Balinese adventures.

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Courtesy of Timber Cove

Who: Capricorns are family-oriented and disciplined individuals. As an earth sign, they appreciate wild nature landscapes and relaxing escapes.

Where: Get the family together at the Timber Cove Resort on California's breathtaking Sonoma County coast. From golfing to surfing, hiking, and wine tasting, you'll never be short on activities for the whole family.

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Courtesy of The Other Side

Who: Aquarians are independent free spirits. They're not afraid to go on a vacation by themselves, but they're also creatures of habit who love to find a beloved spot off the beaten path and return to it again and again.

Where: The Other Side, on the rugged island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, is a sun-powered enclave that embraces the nomadic lifestyle. Communal tents for eating, drinking, and playing speaks to the social nature of Aquarians.

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Courtesy of Chablé

Who: Pisces are solitary creatures who crave cultural enrichment and far-flung natural destinations. Born daydreamers, Pisces will enjoy restorative resorts that leave plenty of time for their artistic pursuits.

Where: Check in at the Chablé resort in the authentic Maya town of Chocholà in Mexico's Yucatan. A cultural hub filled with art galleries and restaurants, the town is also rich with Mayan ruins. At the tranquil resort, a diverse spa and activities menu redefines wellness.

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Courtesy of Nekupe

Who: Aries are an energetic bunch who crave adventure and experiences. They thrive in physical outdoor activities and are not known to lay by the pool all day.

Where: The Nekupe Sporting Resort in Nicaragua speaks to Aries's restless personality. Choose from a diverse menu of ATV rides, horseback riding, mountain biking, shooting, tennis, and hiking while indulging in the resort's five-star accommodations.

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