New York Is Calling: The Best Hotels in Manhattan, Period

New York is a layered city to visit. The first time you arrive in Manhattan, it's a blur of neon lights and deafening sirens, the second or third time, it's a chance to look beyond tourist attractions, and beyond that, it's about exploring—there's a never-ending list of boutiques, speakeasies, and restaurants to discover. Whether you're visiting New York City for the first time or 50th time, finding a hotel that will act as your home base is crucial. It should be centrally located (but not next to a crowded landmark), carefully designed (but still comfortable), and have a killer view of the city (because you're in Manhattan!). To cut your search time in half, we tapped our team of New York editors to share the hotels they recommend to friends and family, as well as anonymous reviews from people who have recently stayed at each spot.

We're calling it: These are the best hotels in Manhattan, period.