Apparently, "Fashion Plants" Are a Thing, and Your Home Needs One

There's no doubt that greenery is having a moment. Earlier this year, Pinterest announced that foliage-dense bouquets and garlands are becoming more popular than traditional blooms, and it seems that every gorgeous interior we scroll past on Instagram has at least one indoor plant.

If your saved feed is rife with Cali-cool living rooms adorned with cactus and Scandinavian bedrooms bursting with succulents, but you're unsure how to find them IRL, Pedestrian has done the hard part for you. It rounded up the coolest plants on Instagram—dubbed "fashion plants"—and IDed them so you can head to your local Home Depot or nursery and know exactly what to ask for. 

Take note: This is what your favorite Instagram plant is actually called. 

Trying to ID a plant? Share the image with us, and we'll find out what it's called.