Every Accessory You Need to Make (and Drink) Your Iced Coffee in Style

Updated 09/23/16
Paul Wagtouicz for TimeOut New York

’Tis the season … for iced coffee, that is. In the midst of a muggy 90-degree day, it’s almost impossible to think of, let alone enjoy, a warm beverage, and luckily you can accomplish the same caffeine fix from a refreshing cold brew. Since we fancy ourselves experts when it comes to iced coffee and all the gadgets that come with it, we’ve done a bit of research to share all the best accessories—from an indulgently oversized ice tray for long-lasting coffee cubes to a sophisticated drip cold-brew system—and are letting you in on the secrets to help you enjoy nothing but the best iced coffee.

Below, find all of the essentials necessary to make and enjoy the perfect cold brew.

Filtron Cold-Brewer $50

Filtron provides you with all the simple accessories you need to make the perfect batch of cold brew at home. We’re especially fond of the glass carafe for storage in the fridge.

Jack's Stir Brew Mason Jar $20

Leave flimsy (and toxic) plastic cups behind for this nifty glass mason jar with a spill-saving lid. The rubber sleeve will help you grip your cold brew without freezing your hand.

Lekue Ice Cube Tray $30

Why dilute your cold brew with watered-down ice cubes when you can make coffee cubes with this ideally shaped tray? It provides perfect squares that, due to their size, last much longer than standard cubes.

Toddy Cold Brew Pour-Over Coffee System $35

This handy cold-brewer produces a robust result as the brewing method removes acidity and undesirable oils from the coffee for a fresh, smooth taste.

Zoku Iced Coffee Maker $30

The stainless steel machine yields simple yet delicious iced brew that is even tastier when sipped from the accompanying mug, which is equipped with a special insulating sleeve to keep your coffee ice cold.

Coolgear BRU Delux Tumbler and Brewer $40

Don’t let any coffee go to waste. Instantly brew a single cup of iced goodness with the compact filter that fits right on top of the insulated tumbler.

Stumptown 64 oz Cold Brew Glass Growler $36

If you like to sleep in, leaving no time to make coffee, invest in Stumptown’s cold-brew growler, which will supply you with fresh iced coffee at the ready throughout the week.

Nispira Luxury Ice Cold Brew Dripper Coffee Maker in Stainless Steel $100

This brewer looks as good as the iced coffee it makes, and the flavor from the drip method is second to none.

Are you a cold-brew drinker? Which coffee brand or maker is your favorite?

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