14 Space-Saving Bookcases You Won't Believe Are From IKEA

IKEA Bookcase

Courtesy of IKEA 

It's no secret that IKEA frequently catches our attention with its minimalist Scandinavian designs and highly functional pieces. The brand has long been a destination for affordable furniture and décor finds, often visited by those looking to affordably and efficiently furnish a first apartment or dorm room.

However, it's also often sought out by interior designers looking for a deal, DIY-enthusiasts ready for a new project, and even home editors with a penchant for hidden gems.

Among the many items waiting to be discovered at IKEA, are a treasure trove of space-saving bookcases. From tall, skinny pieces fit for awkward corners and tight hallways to larger glass options perfect for displaying decorative pieces, the Scandinavian retail giant has it all. In fact, its bookcases have developed quite the reputation for being extremely popular and versatile.

Take the "Billy" bookcase, for example. According to IKEA's website, it's estimated that one Billy Bookcase is sold somewhere in the world every five seconds (just let that sink in for a minute). For a piece of furniture first launched back in 1979, that's a wildly impressive statistic. It's also why we've taken the liberty of assembling a list of 14 IKEA bookcases sure to add style and function to your home for years to come.

Keep scrolling to shop some of the brand's best bookcases. There's something for every space and style.

IKEA Bekant Shelf Unit
IKEA Bekant Shelf Unit $299

For a chic, industrial look, consider this black, metal shelf unit. The metal material allows the bookcase to hold magnets for notes, while the adjustable shelves make the piece completely customizable.

IKEA Billy/Morliden Bookcase
IKEA Billy/Morliden Bookcase $189

This version of the iconic Billy Bookcase features a natural wood veneer frame and tempered glass doors to keep your belongings safe and neatly organized. It's a modern twist on the classic design.

IKEA Klimpen Table Leg with Storage
IKEA Klimpen Table Leg with Storage $69

This versatile bookcase can fulfill multiple purposes depending on your needs. With a finished back, the piece can be placed anywhere in your space and the shelf is adjustable to fit whatever items you need to store. It could work as stand-alone shelving or as a table leg in a home office.

IKEA Billy Bookcase
IKEA Billy Bookcase $284

Get the most out of any available vertical wall space you have with this tall bookcase that comes with a height extension unit. There are also glass doors to keep objects like glassware safe and clean and the deep shade of natural wood veneer looks timeless.

IKEA Billy/Morliden Bookcase
IKEA Billy/Morliden Bookcase $247 $217

An innovative horizontal bookcase, this shelving unit maximizes wall space by offering two compartments behind glass doors as well as an additional vertical shelving unit. You can even customize the piece by placing fabric or photos in between the glass and panel of the doors.

IKEA Stuva/Fritids Bookcase
IKEA Stuva/Fritids Bookcase $135

Ideal for a kid's bedroom, this white bookcase features two shelves and three drawers for ultimate organization. Plus, its short height makes everything the bookcase holds within reach of a child.

IKEA Brusali Bookcase
IKEA Brusali Bookcase $95

This classic bookcase could work in just about any space, from the bedroom to the living room. The shelves are adjustable to fit your needs and the style is timeless.

IKEA Billy/Oxberg Bookcase
IKEA Billy/Oxberg Bookcase $99 $89

A narrow bookcase like this is perfect for a snug dining room or kitchen. Use it to store dishes and glassware in a minimalist fashion. You can also pair it with a Billy height extension unit or corner hardware to create a larger bookcase that expertly fits your space.

IKEA Laiva Bookcase
IKEA Laiva Bookcase $20

This IKEA bookcase could be yours for just $20. It's a simple piece featuring five shelves and an open style. Use it to hold books, picture frames, and other decorative objects.

IKEA Billy Bookcase
IKEA Billy Bookcase $69

This birch veneer Billy bookcase is about as simple and streamlined as it gets. The narrow design was made for tight quarters and four of the shelves are adjustable to accommodate your storage needs.

IKEA Bill Bookcase with Glass Doors
IKEA Bill Bookcase with Glass Doors $179

No one would guess that this chic gray/metallic bookcase with glass doors was sourced from IKEA. The large unit would look stylish in the living or dining room and is just the thing to hold a variety of books, knick-knacks, art, and objects. If your ceilings are tall enough you can even use the top surface to display a potted plant or a leaning framed print.

IKEA Billy Morliden Bookcase with Glass Doors
IKEA Billy Morliden Bookcase with Glass Doors $149

Give any room in your home a modern storage upgrade with this brown and white bookcase. A few open shelves allow you to display visually appealing objects out in the open, while glass doors offer more discrete storage space.

IKEA Brimnes Bookcase
IKEA Brimnes Bookcase $125 $99

This tall black bookcase looks sleek and sophisticated despite its affordable price tag. Place it in a home office, bedroom, or living room to hold all of your spare belongings.

IKEA Billy Bookcase
IKEA Billy Bookcase $59 $49

The classic Billy bookcase does not disappoint, even forty years after it was first designed. It boasts a simple look that will never stop being highly functional and minimalist (with a low price to boot).

Next up: 14 narrow bookcases that will give life to your most awkward nooks.

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