We're Obsessed With the IKEA Section on Amazon—Shop Our Favorites Under $100

Best IKEA—IKEA on Amazon
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Even if you're not one for gambling, you'd probably feel confident making the bet that most people have either shopped at Amazon, IKEA, or both for home goods sometime in the recent past. Thanks to the ease of Amazon and the budget-friendliness of IKEA, these two stores are common stops to buy anything you'd need for every room in your home. And that's why you can assume that the majority of addresses, other than yours, are stocked with items from each place—whether that's furniture, lighting, accessories, and all types of random knick-knacks.

So here's a combination that feels as good as a jackpot: The IKEA section on Amazon. Instead of committing to the maze of this Swedish box store whenever you need a few essentials, you can select them with the speed of a Prime purchase. Fun, right? We collected the 12 best items to grab from this collaboration, from kitchenware and gardening tools to space-saving shelving and furniture. And all it takes to get them home is a few easy clicks.

Go ahead and forget about weighing two sides of a wager. Either way, this level of convenience will make you feel like you just won big.

IKEA Fornuft 20-Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set
IKEA Fornuft 20-Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set $20

The easiest way to add polish to your tablescape is to ensure that you have matching flatware. Thankfully, this uniform stainless steel set will have you covered for a party of four—and will look just as good during a casual night in, too. 

IKEA Wine Glass, Set of 6
IKEA Wine Glass, Set of 6 $15

Complete your flatware set with this collection of simple wine glasses, which are technically for red wines but can work for any bottle (it won't matter after a long day, anyway).

IKEA Galvanized Steel Flower Plant Pot, Set of 6
IKEA Galvanized Steel Flower Plant Pot, Set of 6 $20

Seeing as these timeless plant pots come in a set of six, consider them as the future home of an herb garden for your kitchen. 

IKEA Vattenkrasse Watering Can
IKEA Vattenkrasse Watering Can $20

And while you're at it, pick up this minimalist watering can to tend to those herbs. It looks so good, you won't mind keeping it out on display. 

IKEA Bamboo Plant Stand
IKEA Bamboo Plant Stand $60

Add color, height, and texture to an otherwise forgotten corner with this plant stand, which can work with almost any color palette. 

IKEA TV Stand, White
IKEA TV Stand, White $50

Even though Ikea labels this item as a TV stand, you're not limited to using it only for that purpose. You can also store this shelf in your closet to organize shoes and other items, too. 

IKEA Micke Desk, White
IKEA Micke Desk, White $180

If you need a small desk for a tight corner, then this one will do the trick. It has a cable outlet in the back to hide cords, and its legs can be mounted on either the right or left sides, depending on preference. 

IKEA Wall Shelf Unit
IKEA Wall Shelf Unit $105

Mount this wall unit vertically to shelve plants and other keepsakes, or install it horizontally to keep books in place. Either way, it'll bring much-needed storage to a small area. This one is slightly over $100 but it's worth the extra $5.

IKEA Nordmarke USB Charger, White
IKEA Nordmarke USB Charger, White $35

Nothing's worse than not having enough outlets to simultaneously charge a phone and keep a light on, so this item can come to the rescue—for three phones. Keep one in a living room or bedroom for everyday use, and to make a visitor feel at home, have another in a guest room. It also looks impossibly chic when not in use too.

IKEA Trensum Free Standing Mirror
IKEA Trensum Free Standing Mirror $40

Complete your vanity with this classic item, which looks just as good on a dresser as it does on a bathroom countertop. 

IKEA Bekvam Wooden Utility Step
IKEA Bekvam Wooden Utility Step $35

Keep this classic wooden stool in a kitchen or next to a bookcase to make items easy to reach. And you can paint it any color you like if the raw timber doesn't suit your space.

IKEA Skubb Box, Set of 6
IKEA Skubb Box, Set of 6 $20

Clothes will stay organized inside your drawers when you use these handy compartments, which can be arranged according to your tastes. 

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