6 Brand-New IKEA Hacks You Haven't Already Seen on Pinterest

While we're no stranger to using genius hacks to get the best out of our budget furniture and décor, it can be difficult to keep on top of the freshest customisation ideas out there. And though Pinterest is a very good place to look for tried-and-true DIY projects, it does have a downside—it's a safe bet anything you come across has already been attempted by someone you know. This isn't a turn off per se, but we do strive to curate our homes in as individual a manner as possible.

So in celebration of IKEA's newly launched 2018 catalogue, we set ourselves a challenge to comb the internet for hacks so brand-new you haven't seen them yet. Ahead, you'll find a range of how-tos, from a five-minute storage bin upgrade, to a home bar overhaul that'll only require an afternoon to complete. From the minds of a few resourceful bloggers to the brand's very own stylists, the six simple design tweaks that follow are guaranteed to liven up your space this spring.

Keep scrolling for six fresh IKEA hacks you won't want to miss.

Colourful Home Bar

Ikea HAcks DIY Drinks Cabinet

Vintage-inspired drinks trolleys are all the rage, but they're not for everyone. If your liquor collection is extensive, or you just like to house your glassware and bar accessories within reaching distance, you might want to consider an all-in-one cabinet instead. This DIY upgrade from Melodrama takes IKEA's Valje Shelf Unit and, with a few coats of paint, magics it into a talking point. Visit the blog for all the instructions.

Leather-Handled Storage Bins

Ikea Hacks DIY Leather-Handled Storage Bin
Martin Inger for IKEA

This one is so simple you could hardly call it a do-it-yourself "project". By unscrewing the Knodd bin's dinky metal handles and replacing them with chic leather straps, this IKEA stylist has given the storage essential an elevated update. (Bone-hued leather accents also happen to be bang-on trend for spring by the way.)

Metallic Bar Stools

Ikea Hacks DIY Gold-Dipped Stools

Another brilliant (and deceptively simple) furniture makeover from Melodrama. This one involves turning a pair of black Dalfred stools into gold-dipped seats with nothing more than a can of metallic spray paint. A great way to pimp your living space without spending a fortune. Head here to find the how-to.

Stationery Storage Rack

Ikea Hacks DIY Storage Rack Slatted Bed Base
Ich Designer

A 2017 update on a viral utensil rack tutorial, this stationery storage structure is nothing more than two wall hooks and a $30 slatted bed base. Install over your home desk for a clutter-free way to store accessories and notebooks. Plus, it doubles as an interesting wall feature.

Bespoke Planter Stands

Ikea Hacks DIY Indoor Planters
Christina Bull for IKEA

It is possible to find affordable indoor planters, but unless you're willing to spend big bucks (or get crafty), there's not a whole lot out there in the way of choice. This IKEA-approved DIY involves gluing a selection of pots, bowls, and vases together to create a custom plant tower that won't cost a bomb. For best results choose complementary colours and ensure you start with a sizeable base to give your creation stability.

Statement Watercolour Hanging

Ikea Hacks DIY Watercolour Wall Hanging Artwork
Pauls Vera

Large artworks are generally quite costly, regardless of where you buy them. The cash outlay involved in printing and framing on a sizable scale is significant, even without factoring in things like appreciation and exclusivity. If you've got a wall to fill, but want to sidestep the price tag, take a peek at this hanging canvas tutorial from Pauls Vera. All you'll need is a metre length of fabric (like this watercolour Nattglim design from IKEA), two wooden panels, and a leather strap. 

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