27 Surprisingly Stylish Products We Had No Idea Were at IKEA

What comes to mind when you think about IKEA furniture? Maybe it's the classic Malm dressers and ubiquitous white wall units, or perhaps it's the 1972 Poang chair. While there are iconic pieces we've noticed in lots of homes, IKEA has been quietly growing its product offerings beyond flat-pack staples.

After a closer look, we discovered a ton of stylish and unexpected items we had no idea were sold at IKEA. You mightn't think of shopping there for travel products, but the brand sells genius packing cubes and inexpensive luggage. There are also sports items (the jet-black basketball hoop is a standout), bike accessories, pet beds, and more. If you only go to IKEA for inexpensive furniture, you're probably missing out. Here are some of the lesser-known décor steals, home accessories, and miscellaneous wares we recently discovered.