Here's the 2017 Way to Style Rattan


Courtesy of IKEA

Spring is here, bringing with it warmer temperatures, budding flowers, and a whole new to-do list for homeowners and renters alike. Admit it—you can’t think “spring” without “cleaning,” and there’s honestly no better time to work toward those home goals you’ve been mulling over all winter.

Start small by swapping out wool throws for linen ones. Or you could rev up your Fitbit and take a trip to IKEA for some fresh inspiration. While you may know IKEA for its best-selling Poäng armchair or its ubiquitous Hemnes dresser, the retailer has a few charming surprises up its sleeve for spring.

The brand’s new JASSA collection takes an elevated approach to humble rattan, bold patterns, and bright colors. They’ve never looked more inviting—or, might we add, more seasonal. From your windows to your walls, we’ll show you every chic way to use JASSA at home. Shop now; thank us later!

Tell us: Are you ready to rattan-ify your home?