This Is Ina Garten's Most Popular Pasta Recipe on the Food Network

Cooking has not always been my strong suit, but watching countless hours of The Barefoot Contessa has. Now on its 24th season, the Food Network show hosted by New York–based chef Ina Garten is all about gathering friends and family around simple, delicious meals. Though I wouldn't actually attempt to cook any of Ina's recipes until years later, I've always loved her warm, nurturing energy and of course her comforting, mouthwatering cooking.

So when I stumbled upon her recipe catalog on The Food Network's website, I immediately turned to the pasta section and uncovered her most popular recipe to date: linguini with shrimp scampi. With 776 five-star reviews and 44 comments, the recipe is certainly a crowd favorite among Food Network fans. Originally shared on The Barefoot Contessa, the meal takes just 15 minutes to make and calls for just eight ingredients. Find Ina Garten's most popular pasta recipe on the Food Network below.