How to Turn Your Home Into a Greenhouse


J. Merrell via JJ Locations 

Even if you don't consider yourself to have much of a green thumb (or maybe it's totally nonexistent), introducing some greenery into your space is beneficial for your health and the air quality of your home while also lending a colorful and refreshing décor element to any room. Not only can certain indoor plants help filter out air toxins and produce fresh oxygen, but many only require minimal care and, in some cases, are able to survive in less than ideal lighting conditions—meaning you won't kill your investment overnight. Since we're huge advocates of the advantages house plants bring to your space both design- and well-being–wise, we've selected a few air-purifying, indoor-growing greens that will turn your home into a stylish sanctuary. Shop our favorite (easy-to-care-for) plants below.

Which plant will you be adding to your indoor space?