The Rooms That Blew Up on Instagram in 2017—and How to Shop Them

We'd be lying if we said we didn't all want to make our homes a little more Instagrammable. After all, we spend hours a day scrolling through our feeds, quietly sharpening our home décor tastes and skills, so it's only natural we'd want to showcase them. But what really makes a room Instagrammable? Is it the pup causally nestled in the corner of the frame or the sheepskin rug effortlessly thrown over the back of a chair? Is it the statement art that captivates everyone that scrolls past?

To shed light on what makes a space go viral on Instagram, we turned to our own feed and analyzed all the home décor posts to find the eight most popular ones. To our surprise, there was a very clear common thread: Kitchens. More specifically, kitchens that had a very similar set of characteristics. Think these viral trends can add to the value of your home? Learn how to get the look of our most popular Instagram posts from 2017.