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24 Best Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

Neutral living room with large white sectional and brown pillows.

True Home

Instagram is home to many things: the latest in fashion trends, scrumptious food photography, and breaking news sent straight to your fingertips. Though it can be easy to lose track of time and dive into an endless Instagram scroll, we have just the solution for you: stunning interior design accounts that will have you stopping in your tracks, swooning, and saving design inspo straight to your bookmarks.

We have the privilege of viewing gorgeous spaces all day here at MyDomaine, and that continues on our Instagram feeds. Our editors are sharing their favorite, innovative interior designers that you should begin following immediately. We send our sincerest apologies if you're called to makeover your entire space afterward.

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Dee Campling

"I love how Dee incorporates greenery and lighting into spaces. Her style seems so elevated but without being at all pretentious. Dee excels at crafting environments you can actually imagine living in." Mélanie Berliet, general manager

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Imperfect Interiors Design

"I love the idea of an 'imperfect interior,' because homes shouldn't be perfect. They should look and feel welcoming and comfortable. This account is an ode to ensuring that every space maintains a sense of individuality and character." Mélanie Berliet, general manager

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Bria Nicole Art

"Bria is one of my favorite artists on Instagram and she creates stunning work and instant 'joy-scrolling.' If you're always searching for new artwork for your home, check out her prints and how others style them in their own homes, which she often features on her feed." —Emily Manchester, editorial and strategy director

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Blushing Bungalow

"I have always been a sucker for millennial pink, even before millennial pink was a thing. Blushing Bungalow's account delivers on the color palette of my dreams. Think bright, airy, plants, and lots of textures. These are the interiors that will fill your feed when you follow her." —Emily Manchester, editorial and strategy director

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Justina Blakeney

"Every time I need a little inspiration for my own home—or even just a quick smile—I head straight to Justina Blakeney's feed. She's the founder of the Jungalow blog and brand and has a deeply defined sense of style. Everything she shares is aesthetic eye candy, and I just can't get enough of her personal take on Boho style." —Bridget Mallon, associate editorial director

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Candice Luter

"Candice Luter not only designs beautiful spaces, she designs beautiful art as well. Her wall hangings have been at the top of my wish list for months, so visiting her Instagram is the next best thing until I make one of her masterpieces my own." —Bridget Mallon, associate editorial director

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Candace Mary Interiors

"Candace Griffin's portfolio is a design dream come true. Her spaces are inviting and timeless, but they always have an edge that keeps them interesting. I still think about that gorgeous home office makeover she did featuring a custom-made raw edge desk—total WFH goals." —Caroline Utz, senior editor

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Journey and Jacobs

"This design duo from my favorite city (shoutout, Louisville!) is such a fun follow. They mix vintage and classic pieces with modern features to create spaces that feel unique, fun, and timeless. And their accent chair choices are always inspiring." —Caroline Utz, senior editor

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Amber Interiors

"Amber Lewis is an absolute design delight. Her style just speaks to me, and I feel so at home, comforted, and inspired when I gaze away at her Instagram. There, she posts all kinds of idyllic projects she has completed, from lakehouses filled with natural light and wooden furniture to soothing living rooms with plush textiles and warm color schemes. She also boasts her own home décor shop, Shoppe Amber Interiors, so you can get your hands on some of her most popular pieces." —Mia Ingui, associate editor

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Ajai Guyot

"Ajai Guyot (@truehome_) is a designer that can turn any space into a neutral, beautiful, and cozy dream. She spreads the message that interior design and curating comfortable homes play a big role in mental and emotional health, and I love that she works to bring people closer to their spaces." —Mia Ingui, associate editor

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Alyssa Kapito

"I could get lost in the dreamy, light-filled spaces featured on Alyssa Kapito's account for hours. Scrolling through her feed reminds me that less really is more when it comes to home design." —Karli Bendlin, email editor

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Eva Kaiser

"I love that Eva Kaiser has found a way to really incorporate color into a minimalism and Scandinavian design." —Margot Cavin, photo producer, The Spruce

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"I have so many posts saved in my inspiration folder from @thehavenly. If you click their link in their profile, you can see where everything in the image is found with prices and links to buy. So helpful...and dangerous for my wallet." —Margot Cavin, photo producer, The Spruce

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Accidentally Wes Anderson

"Any fan of Wes Anderson movies will feel both nostalgic and happy when looking at these reader-submitted photos from across the world. The muted pastel palettes, architecture, and fun plays with texture and accessories always inspire me to be more creative at home." —Dwyer Frame, VP, commerce

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"I love a good door, and this account has no shortage of architecture and color inspiration." —Dwyer Frame, VP, commerce

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Brit Dot Design

"Desert deco vibes always steal my heart, but Brit does this style in such a way that's truly captivating. I always love seeing what shapes and silhouettes she pairs together in her designs, as well as how she gives her décor pieces new life by moving them around and using them in different ways throughout her house. Every post is just so inspiring and gives me all the feels!" —Amy Cooper, photo editor

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Martha Mulholland

"If you follow Jacey Duprie (the editor of Damsel in Dior) on Instagram, you’re probably familiar with Martha Mulholland’s work. Duprie’s L.A. home was designed by Mulholland, and it’s a fantastic example of the designer's blended aesthetic and keen eye for detail. I love how she effortlessly mixes different styles and eras while still making everything feel fresh and modern. Whenever I need design inspiration, a quick scroll through Mulholland’s Instagram feed is all I need." —Katherine Louie, senior commerce editor

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Maison Trouvaille

"For a gorgeous feed that’s filled with modern, polished, and architectural design inspiration, I recommend Erick Garcia’s Instagram. The designer, who named his design firm Maison Trouvaille, has worked with everyone from celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin to Desi Perkins and Marianna Hewitt. The luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms he designs will make you want to plan a renovation ASAP." —Katherine Louie, senior commerce editor

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New Darlings

"Christina and Robert are an adorable Phoenix-based pair who share glimpses of their dreamy boho abode and family life in Arizona. I can't get enough of their feed!" —Candace Madonna, visual editor, The Spruce

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Colette Shelton

"Colette Shelton (@cococozy) is an L.A.-based designer with an impeccably curated feed. She posts a lovely mix of her own gorgeous designs and inspiration shots from other designers. She always manages to post spaces just before they go viral, which makes her a must-follow." —Emma Glubiak, senior social media editor

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Shavonda Gardner

"Shavonda's account is the best mix of design inspiration and personal glimpses into her life as she renovates her own home. I especially love following along in her stories as she includes her audience in some of her design decisions and often does fun Q&A's." —Emma Glubiak, senior social media editor

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My Nordic Room

"I love timeless and simple interior design—and this account delivers just that. Their style seems like one I could actually recreate in my own space and I'm always saving posts for future inspiration." —Jamie Weissman, associate commerce editor

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This House 5000

"I love how Elena Lohse combines a neutral color palette with interesting textures and quirky décor (think squiggly lamps and mismatched dining chairs). Her feed is always soothing, and I appreciate that her style actually feels attainable." —Nicole Lund, commerce editor

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Beata Heuman

"My dream home is one that is designed by Beata Heuman. Her interiors are full of color and sophistication, yet still have that cozy lived-in vibe that I associate with British homes. Her posts always make me stop scrolling and frequently result in audibly sighs." —Nicole Lund, commerce editor