10 Jewelry Boxes as Fabulous as Your Gems

jb1 You can see clearly why this is the perfect place for your jewels to rest, as the linen lining creates a neutral backdrop for displaying your bounty. Glass Shadow Box, From $39, West Elm
jb2 Open this modern treasure chest to discover a mirrored lid, which will show you the fairest of them all every time. Selma Jewelry Box, $149, Crate & Barrel
jb3 There is nothing like receiving something sparkly in a Tiffany-blue box, so why not make it part of your everyday routine? Tiffany Blue Jewelry Box, $1570. Tiffany & Co.
jb4 The tumbling block pattern on this Ercolano box will put any thief into a trance, while your jewels rest safely inside on the velvet lining. Ercolano Jewelry Box, $1095, Barneys New York
jb5 If your gems are as retro and glamorous as Elizabeth Taylor's, this oil drop lacquer finish box is the appropriate place to keep them. Toulouse Jewelry Box, $295, Jonathan Adler
jb6 You can disguise handfuls of diamonds inside this leaf-carved resin box and no one will be the wiser! Leaves Box, $60, Zara Home.
jb7 The natural look to this horn box may lead you to believe it was once buried treasure, but this box is actually an amazing modern day find. Natural Horn Box, From $78, Serena & Lily
jb8 An acrylic jewelry box is a great way to organize and display your jewels, for nothing dampers their sparkle. Acrylic Case, $26, Muji
jb9 There is no more glamorous way for you (or your jewels) to travel than with Louis by your side. Monte Carlo Box, $1130, Louis Vuitton
jb10 Earrings, and bracelets, and rings, oh my! This jewelry box has a place for everything. Classic Stackers Storage, $90, Container Store