15 Jewelry Boxes That Will Keep Your Favorite Gems Organized

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If you’re of the belief that no outfit is complete without your trademark ring, favorite necklace, or just the right pair of earrings, you’re best off protecting those must-have accessories from harm’s (and tarnish’s) way. A jewelry box can go a long way in keeping your collection organized and in tip-top shape—and the options are just as vast as there are styles of gems and jewels.

From vintage-inspired to wholly modern, you can score a jewelry box that matches your home decor or personal style. (You’ll probably be proudly displaying it on top of your dresser or nightstand, after all.) 

But aesthetics aren’t the only thing you should be looking for in a jewelry box. To properly house your bauble collection, be sure to consider elements like the size of the jewelry box or organizer (in relation to how expansive your jewelry collection is), if it's lined, and how many compartments it boasts. As Lauralyn Renn, Founder of Renn New York Jewelry, explains, “Polished jewelry can scratch, so make use of separate compartments. And delicate chains can easily tangle together so look for something with hooks that will hold them in place.” 

Want to give your gems the home those beauties deserve? See our favorite jewelry boxes and organizers below, in a variety of styles.

Best Overall: West Elm Modern Lacquer Jewelry Box

West Elm Modern Lacquer Jewelry Box

Size: 10 x 10 inches | Number of Compartments: 6 | Number of Hooks: 10 | Box Material: Engineered wood, lacquered finish | Lining Material: Velvet

It’s hard to beat a classic! Courtesy of West Elm, this jewelry box is timeless with a white lacquer finish and double doors—but it also totes everything you need to store a modern jewelry collection. There are plenty of compartments with space to hang necklaces, velvet-lined drawers to stow away odds and ends, cushioned ring slots, plus a mirrored lid. We also love the gleaming asymmetrical metal accents for another lovely touch of modernity. Consider it home sweet home to all your pretty pieces.

Best Budget: Umbra Mini Stowit Jewelry Box

Umbra Mini Stowit Jewelry Box

Size: 6.1 x 4.45 x 6.75 inches | Number of Compartments: 3 | Number of Hooks: None | Box Material: Wood | Lining Material: Linen

You don’t need to spend as much on a jewelry box as you did on the accessories inside. Take for instance this cool container: It boasts a price tag of under $30, but several funky features we just love. The first being its clean, minimalist design. Then, there are the separate compartments, set in a modern, staggered arrangement, that will help keep your jewelry collection well organized. And finally, there’s the fabric lining and cushioned ring storage that’ll protect your polished pieces from scratches and damage.

Best Wood: Anthropologie Inez Jewelry Holder

Anthropologie Inez Jewelry Holder

Size: 10.25 x 6 x 2.5 inches | Number of Compartments: 4 | Number of Hooks: None | Box Material: Wood, engineered hardwood, metal | Lining Material: Velvet

Does your home’s aesthetic or personal style lean more boho? A jewelry box with a more naturalistic vibe would suit all the worldly jewels and one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces it’s sure to hold. This wooden jewelry box, courtesy of Anthropologie, looks like it was picked up in a faraway market with its pretty, carved design and gorgeous grain detailing. It boasts four compartments to hold your jewelry, with one stretching larger making it suitable for longer necklaces. It does, however, lack a lining to protect fragile pieces, although your boho seashell earrings and bangles will fare nicely.

Best Leather: Pottery Barn Quinn Medium Leather Jewelry Box

Quinn Medium Leather Jewelry Box

Size: 10 x 8.75 x 4.75 inches | Number of Compartments: 6 | Number of Hooks: None | Box Material: MDF, embossed leather | Lining Material: Polyester suede

Simple yet stunning, this medium-sized jewelry box is crafted in a soft pebbled leather that offers subtle elegance. It comes available in four neutral hues, so you can choose the one that best suits your decor, and each is finished with brass-plated hardware. Inside you’ll find a suede-like lining to cushion your jewelry and prevent tarnishing, multiple compartments with hidden storage (a removable tray lifts up to reveal space to store larger items), and even a mirror.

Best Velvet: WOLF Zoe Medium Jewelry Box

WOLF Zoe Medium Jewelry Box

Size: 10.75 x 8.75 x 6.25 inches | Number of Compartments: 3 | Number of Hooks: None | Box Material: Multi-density fiberboard, cardboard, glass, mink velvet | Lining Material: LusterLoc

This beautiful box will give your baubles inside a run for their money! Covered in a lush, velvety emerald hue, this WOLF jewelry box features gorgeous floral embroidery. But it’s not just good looks that it has going for it: Thanks to its substantial size, it also offers plenty of space to store your jewelry with plenty of compartments, including interior drawers and cushioned ring slots. It’s also lined with a special material designed to absorb harmful gasses to prevent tarnishing. It even comes with a matching jewelry box in a round, smaller size that’s perfect for travel.

Best Mirrored: Anthropologie Idris Jewelry Organizer

Anthropologie Idris Jewelry Organizer

Size: 11 x 20.5 inches | Number of Compartments: None | Number of Hooks: 13 | Box Material: Iron, mirrored glass | Lining Material: N/A

A two-for-one? Don’t mind if we do! This jewelry organizer offers a place to hold your baubles and then a mirror for you to put them on, too. (No more running back and forth from your dresser to the bathroom to accessorize!) The modern, brass-finish piece can be mounted on a wall and features hooks that are perfect for hanging necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. You can even hang headbands or tie scarves from the metal bars. (Those with more delicate pieces however, may want to choose a piece with internal, lined compartments, however.)

Best Modern: Jonathan Adler Le Wink Lacquer Jewelry Box

Jonathan Adler Le Wink Lacquer Jewelry Box

Size: 11.25 x 7.25 inches | Number of Compartments: 11 | Number of Hooks: None | Box Material: Wood, lacquer finish, brass | Lining Material: Velvet

This jewelry box has us all wide-eyed—and in the best possible way! With a high-gloss sheen, this modern lacquered box features a pair of long-lashed peepers emblazoned on the blue-hued lid. In addition to the fresh, unique design, you’ll find lavender-velvet-lined chambers inside to hold all your gems and stunning stones. There are even a row of hooks on the lid for hanging necklaces and chains. And all your jewelry can be safely locked away with the included key.

Best Organizer: Septemberlove215 Jewelry Organizer

Septemberlove215 Jewelry Organizer

Size: 4.5 x 2.56 x 9.25 inches | Number of Compartments: 3 | Number of Hooks: 30 + | Box Material: Wood, mirrored glass, plastic | Lining Material: N/A

If your top dresser drawer is filled with tangled necklaces and mismatched earrings or you’re always running late because you just can’t locate your favorite ring, it’s time to get that collection organized. We love this pretty piece that boasts plenty of space to get your accessories in order. With hooks for hanging and holes to stow away earrings, the entire organizer can fold up for a slim profile that can fit anywhere. The gorgeous emerald color is just the icing on the cake!

Best Large: Pottery Barn Extra Large Ultimate Wooden Jewelry Box

Pottery Barn Extra Large Ultimate Wooden Jewelry Box

Size: 18 x 8 x 9.5 inches | Number of Compartments: 30 + | Number of Hooks: None | Box Material: MDF, iron | Lining Material: Linen

Does your ring dish runneth over? Those with a sprawling stock of stunning gems should consider an extra-large jewelry box, like this spacious pick from Pottery Barn. It offers up a whopping 12 compartments in its top section alone. Meanwhile, an additional 18 compartments are hidden within its top drawer and three lay inside its second. And because that wasn’t enough, there’s one last unsectioned drawer for odds and ends. Completing the piece is a mirrored lid (the top of which you can monogram, by the way!) and linen lining.

Best Small: Mejuri Small Jewelry Box

Mejuri Small Jewelry Box

Size: 4.25 x 4.25 x 2.75 inches | Number of Compartments: 2 | Number of Hooks: None | Box Material: Grain leather | Lining Material: Microsuede

If you’re choosy with your jewels, all you need is a petite box to house your most beloved pieces. For this category, we love this unfussy (though, dare we say, fabulous?) little jewelry box from Mejuri. Handcrafted in gorgeous grain leather, the snap closure opens to reveal two stacked and sectioned trays, both of which are lined with anti-tarnish-treated microsuede to keep your baubles extra safe. Available in both a moody black and neutral beige, this small jewelry box can be monogrammed, too, for a personal touch.

Best Standing: Gracie Oaks Magreb Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Gracie Oaks Magreb Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Size: 15 x 15 x 63.5 inches | Number of Compartments: 11 | Number of Hooks: 24 | Box Material: MDF, mirrored glass | Lining Material: Not listed

How cool is this? It’s a standing jewelry armoire and full-length mirror, all in one! The armoire itself can swivel 360-degrees, and the full-length mirror’s lock-and-key closure opens to reveal a cabinet you can fully dedicate to jewelry storage: In all, there’s 120 earring slots, 54 earring holes, 78 ring slots, 24 necklace hooks, one bracelet bar, plus some miscellaneous storage racks, pockets, and boxes. Phew! A trio of shelves at the back of the mirror provide even more space.

Best Vintage-Inspired: CB2 Buchannon Clear Jewelry Holder

CB2 Buchannon Clear Jewelry Holder

Size: 5.5 x 3.25 x3.5 inches | Number of Compartments: 1 | Number of Hooks: None | Box Material: Glass, iron | Lining Material: None

If your jewelry collection features pieces you’ve scored at thrift shops, cameo pendants, luxe lockets, and dainty pearls, we suggest a vintage-inspired jewelry box to match your throwback style. See, the Buchannon Clear Jewelry Holder from CB2. Crafted in clear textured glass with brass accents, this embossed jewelry holder is pretty and petite, measuring in at 5.5” wide and 3.5 inches tall. So while it may not be ideal for holding all of your jewels, it’s great for earrings and other tiny treasures. Plus, we love its vintage, glamour vibes.

Best with Lock: WOLF Palermo Medium Jewelry Box

WOLF Palermo Medium Jewelry Box

Size: 12 x 8.5 x 3 inches | Number of Compartments: 7 | Number of Hooks: None | Box Material: MDF, leather | Lining Material: LusterLoc fabric

Looking for an extra bit of security for your jewels? Score a jewelry box that comes complete with a lock-and-key closure. (It’ll keep your roommate who never asks to borrow your jewelry from dipping into your stash!) We love this timeless pebbled leather trinket box from WOLF. In addition to its included lock and key, it also totes anti-tarnish fabric along its interior to protect jewelry from wear-and-tear and sections that include a cushioned area for rings. Available in classic black as well as a bold red hue, it’ll make for a welcome addition to your dresser or nightstand.

Best Personalized: Mark & Graham Dresser Top Jewelry Box

Mark & Graham Dresser Top Jewelry Box

Size: 15 x 2 x 7.75 inches | Number of Compartments: 6 | Number of Hooks: None | Box Material: Polyurethane, glass | Lining Material: Microsuede

Want to make your jewelry box as unique as the pieces inside? Choose an organizer that you can emblazon with your monogram or name and truly make it your own. Our personalized pick? This terrific trinket box from Mark & Graham. Available in both blush and stone shades, the glass lid can be customized with your monogram in an array of fonts. Lift it up and you’ll find a series of large and smaller sections and an area for rings, all lined with anti-tarnish suede to keep your gems gleaming.

Best for Travel: Mark & Graham Dual Travel Organizer

Mark & Graham Dual Travel Organizer

Size: 9.5 x 2.25 x 6 inches | Number of Compartments: 4 | Number of Hooks: None | Box Material: Vegan leather (polyurethane) | Lining Material: Nylon, linen

“For the jewelry lover who wants to travel with a variety of pieces, a small travel case is essential to keeping jewelry safe, secure, and damage free,” says Renn. Maximizing space in your suitcase is also key, making this dual travel organizer from Mark & Graham the ultimate solution. The innovative design allows you to stash away toiletries and cosmetics in the top zippered compartment, while the bottom section can be dedicated to your jewelry with a cushioned section for rings and two partitions for various baubles. Another tip from Renn? “I recommend keeping your travel case with you in your carry on—not in checked luggage.” Noted!

Final Verdict

Among our favorite jewelry boxes, West Elm’s Modern Lacquer Jewelry Box Cube (view at West Elm) scores our top spot for its spacious compartments that offer enough room for even more extensive collections. It’s also lined to protect your baubles and will look lovely sitting on your dresser. If you’re looking to save some money  (all the more to spend on jewels!), we recommend the Umbra Mini Stowit Jewelry Box (view at Amazon) for its modern design and similarly protective compartments.

What to Look for in a Jewelry Box


Consider how many jewelry pieces you have to store when shopping for a jewelry box. A larger wardrobe of baubles obviously needs a larger home to live in with plenty of space and compartments (more on those later!). However, you should also think about the purpose of your jewelry box or case. Are you using it to store your accessories while on vacay? Purchase a petite case that can be stashed within your suitcase. Looking to have your jewelry box pull double duty as a piece of decor on your dresser? Be sure to take that surface area into account.


A larger jewelry collection or one with plenty of delicate necklaces or dainty chains can benefit from a jewelry box with several separate compartments and/or hanging hooks. They’ll keep your pieces from becoming tangled and help you easily find whatever it is you’re looking for.


If your collection contains more precious pieces, look for a jewelry box with a soft lining or generous cushioning to perfect your baubles from scratches. If you have mainly costume jewelry, you don’t have to worry as much about the lining due to the hardier nature of your accessories.

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