This Is the Best Job in America Right Now

Over the past three years, demand for one job in America has skyrocketed—by more than 300%, to be exact.

AOL Jobs is reporting on a recent Glassdoor study that says being a physician’s assistant is the best job in the United States right now. A physician’s assistant is just what it sounds like: a person who is qualified to carry out routine clinical procedures under the supervision of a physician. There are over 45,000 physician’s assistant job openings on Glassdoor, a career-search website.

“Thanks to the growing need for healthcare services, combined with a shortage of physicians, P.A.s are in high demand right now,” writes Rachel Gillett. What also makes this position appealing is its attractive salary. The average annual income of a physician’s assistant is more than $97,000 per year. If you’re thinking about getting into the healthcare industry, you might consider becoming a P.A.

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Do you know anyone who is a physician’s assistant?

Opening photo: Career Girl Daily