It's True: These Are 9 of the Best Jobs for Travel Out There

best jobs for travel

It’s hard to sit behind a desk all day when you have serious wanderlust. But what if you had one of the best jobs for travel and could go on getaways on the office’s dime? If you have the right type of job, it’s totally possible. If frequent travel is of importance to you, it may be time to rethink your career path. There are basically two types of roles that are best for travel—one requires regular travel while the other requires you to be positioned somewhere out of state or internationally for short (or long) periods of time. We’ve looked high and low and rounded up nine of the best jobs for travel. Scroll through, and explore your options.

Pilot/Flight Attendant

As we all know, these are challenging jobs that come with challenging hours, but the perk is that you get to fly for free and have layovers at some of the coolest places in the world. Yes, the world. If you don’t mind putting the time in as a pilot or flight attendant, it will be easy to satisfy your longing for travel.

Hospitality Employee

If you want to be in the hospitality business, slowly work your way up at a company that has an international presence. If you prove yourself, the team will be more likely to transfer you when a role opens up or when they open a new location. Make it known to your manager from the beginning that you see yourself living abroad at some point so they keep you in mind for these types of opportunities.


Most big accounting firms give their employees the opportunity to do a “busy season” abroad. Although you may not get your first choice when it comes to where you go, most companies will pay for your international housing (and your housing back home). Plus, there’s certainly something to be said for a few months abroad and a job waiting for you when you get home!

Travel Agent

These jobs are becoming few and far between, but if you can find one, take it. Travel agents are able to take complimentary trips to see new resorts and up-and-coming locations on the regular. After all, how can they really recommend a place if they haven’t been there themselves? If you’re extremely organized and a planner, this might be one of the best jobs for travel for you.


As a consultant, it’s your job to help teach other companies how to effectively run their organizations. Your Monday to Thursday will often be spent in a different city, which means you’ll get to explore tons of new places. It’s the type of exciting job in which you may have to pack your bags and be in Tokyo the next morning. If you can keep up the pace, this could be one of the best jobs for travel.

English Teacher

Guess what? English teachers are needed in many different countries and you don’t have to speak the local language of the country you're living in. Some programs may require that you’re certified, but that should only take you about a month to complete.

Retail Buyer

Retail buyers (especially in the luxury business) work closely with international vendors. Once you have a mid-level role, it’s often necessary for you to travel for market each season. Yout’ll get to jet off to fashion capitals like Paris and Milan to foster relationships with contacts at each brand and see the new collections. Don’t get us wrong, this is hard work, but there will definitely be some down time, and you have the potential to extend your trip. 

Travel Nurse

Travel nurses are often hired to work for around 13 weeks in one location before being given their next assignment. These roles exist because there is such a high demand for nurses and there are often shortages—which is why these roles are needed. As a traveling nurse, you often get some say in where you’re positioned, and your travel costs and living expenses are often included in your wages. This a great way to experience new places, and you’ll have some time to travel recreationally as well.


Whether you’re an admissions recruiter for a university or a job recruiter for a company, this is one of the best jobs for travel. College recruiters are required to travel all over to find the best and brightest students. And if you’re employed by a company to recruit employees, this is a role that transitions nicely if you want to work internationally. You’ll have all of the human resources experience you need to find great talent anywhere—abroad, included.

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