The Top 10 Careers to Pursue in the United States This Year

January is a month of opportunity. Swirling resolutions, new goals, and the sparkling appeal of clean slates thanks to a shiny new year make this month one of the best for thinking strategically and making changes. If your career path needs some rejiggering, or you're simply considering an about-face, you're in luck. Glassdoor has released its latest report ranking the 25 best jobs in the country.

The occupations were ranked according to overall Glassdoor Job Score. To create the ranking, three categories are weighed equally: career opportunities, number of job openings, and earning potential (median annual base salary). Whether you're in the market for a new job or not, it's an illuminating list highlighting the areas of growth and opportunity. (Spoiler: It involves tech, tech, and more tech. Also, a fancy and abstract-sounding job called a Solutions Architect.) Read on for the top 10.

  1. Data scientist: number of job openings: 1736; median base salary: $116,840
  2. Tax manager: number of job openings: 1574; median base salary: $108,000
  3. Solutions architect: number of job openings: 2906; median base salary: $119,500
  4. Engagement manager: number of job openings: 1356; median base salary: $125,000
  5. Mobile developer: number of job openings: 2251; median base salary: $90,000
  6. HR manager: number of job openings: 3468; median base salary: $85,000
  7. Physician's assistant: number of job openings: 3364; median base salary: $97,000
  8. Product manager: number of job openings: 6607; median base salary: $106,680
  9. Software engineer: number of job openings: 49,270; median base salary: $95,000
  10. Audit manager: number of job openings: 1001; median base salary $95,000


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Is your career on the list? Head to Glassdoor for the complete list of top 25 careers.

What do you think of Glassdoor's ranking of top careers? Would you consider changing jobs?