Step Aside, Coffee—These Juicers Will Refresh Your Morning Routine

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It's no secret that coffee is the reigning champion of morning routines, but sometimes you may just want to switch it up. If that's you, consider juicing. With the ability to add vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals to your day in a really delicious way, juicing has been a consistent cornerstone of a healthy diet and the perfect way to kickstart your day.

While fresh juice is always a refreshing treat—and a simple way to make use of produce that's going bad—sometimes sticking with the routine can be tough. To help, we've scouted the best designs out there, from easy-to-clean devices to spill-free spouts, that'll make you look forward to the whole process—and even make your own recipes to sip on.

Here, the best juicers.

Best Overall

Kuvings B6000W Whole Slow Juicer

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer, B6000 Series


One of the biggest gripes with masticating juicers is that you have to cut all your produce into tiny pieces to fit it into the chute. But Kuvings solved that problem with their Whole Slow Juicer, one of the first—if not, the first—masticating juicer with a wide mouth chute.

The feeding tube is 3 inches wide, so it can handle most fruits and vegetables in their whole form. Want to juice apples? They fit right in. And since there’s no need for extra cutting and prep, you’re done up to 40% faster than with other juicers. The juicer also comes with a specialized screen that you can use to make fresh sorbet out of frozen fruit.

Best Budget

NutriBullet Juicer

NutriBullet 800W Juicer

Courtesy of Nutribullet

NutriBullet rose to fame with their single or dual-serve blenders, but they’re keeping their hot streak going with their wide-chute juicer. This juicer is a centrifugal juicer and with its 800-watt motor, it’s one of the most powerful on this list. That means there’s less waiting time and your juice is in your hand considerably faster.

While most juicers just have an on/off switch, this one has two speeds—low and high—that are designed to expertly handle different types of produce. If you’re someone who likes to juice a wide variety of different fruits and vegetables, the NutriBullet Juicer is a good fit for you.

Best Splurge

PURE Juicer Hydraulic Cold Press Juicer

PURE Juicer Hydraulic Cold Press

The Pure Hydraulic Cold Press Juicer is kind of a bonus pick because it’s considerably larger—and considerably more expensive—than all of the other options on this list. But if you’re really serious about juicing and budget isn’t a major deciding factor for you, then this is like the Rolls Royce of juicers.

This juicer uses a specialized process, called trituration, to extract the most juice possible while simultaneously crushing pulp to an almost non-existent size. The end result is a truly cold-pressed juice that’s delicious, smooth, loaded with nutrients, and totally worth the squeeze.

Best for Whole Foods

Breville The Big Squeeze Juicer

Breville Big Squeeze

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

The Big Squeeze Juicer by Breville is another wide-mouth masticating juicer that allows you to juice whole fruits and veggies at once. It also has separate juicing compartments—one for soft, large fruits and another for smaller, harder veggies, so you don’t have to figure out what goes where and when on your own.

The Big Squeeze shines the brightest when it comes to things like wheatgrass, berries, and tomatoes—things that are typically harder to get a good juice yield from with other juicers. If you like juicing wheatgrass or microgreens, the Big Juicer Juicer has you covered.

Best Features

Omega Nutrition Center Juicer

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center masticating Dual-stage Juicer Juice Extractor
Courtesy of

Omega is another big name in the juicing world and they continue to up the ante with their Ultimate Juicer and Nutrition System. It’s a masticating juicer, but unlike the Kuvings, it has a horizontal design so it does take up a little more space on your countertop.

The trade-off is worth it though, since the Omega has a powerful dual-stage slow-speed motor that’s designed to optimize juice extraction and give you a really good yield. While many masticating juicers can also be used to make nut milk, a cool thing that makes the Omega Ultimate Juicer and Nutrition System stand apart is that you can use it to make fresh pasta too.

Best Design

Smeg Citrus Juicer

 Smeg CJF01BLUS Citrus Juicer, One Size, Black

Smeg's retro designs are always crowd-pleasers and their juicer is no exception. Designed in a bullet-like shape, the aluminum juicer features a motor-powered and drip-free spout so it's easy and mess-free to use. All you have to do is grab your favorite fruits and veggies, press them against the top of the juicer, and voila —you'll have a refreshing beverage in no time.

Best Filter

Hurom H101 Slow Juicer

Hurom H101 Slow Juicer


If you’ve ever had to pull celery strands out of a clogged juicing filter, you know that when it comes to juicing, there’s nothing sweeter than the words “easy clean.” While there’s always going to be some degree of effort required to properly clean a juicer after you use it, it feels like the folks at Hurom listened to every cleaning complaint from their customers and used them to create the Easy Clean Slow Juicer.

Hurom not only replaced hole strainers with elongated groove strainers, but they also completely changed the juicing mechanism to make it more functional and easier to clean, with way less scrubbing. They also added a tilted juice chamber that allows you to catch more juice with less waste and spillage.

Best Nutrition Extraction

Nama Vitality 5800 Cold Press Juicer

Vitality 5800 | J1 Cold Press Juicer


With its vertical design and smaller food chute, the Nama Vitality 5800 Cold Press Juicer is similar to the Hurom with some noticeable differences. When designing this juicer, Nama prioritized nutrition extraction, using a slower motor that turns the auger less than with other models. This ensures there’s no heat generated and that the nutrients aren’t exposed to too much air, which helps keep vitamins and minerals intact. It also has a more advanced filter—there are 6,612 micro-perforations in total.

While you have to wait longer for your juice, the end result is perfectly extracted, nutrient-dense, and extremely smooth.

Best for Pros

Tribest Greenstar Elite Twin Gear Masticating Juicer

Tribest Greenstar Elite Twin Gear Masticating Juicer


The Tribest Greenstar Elite isn’t your average kitchen juicer. While it’s designed for home use, this juicer is powerful enough to rival any commercial juicer out there. It has twin gears that work together to mimic the true mastication of human teeth—something that ensures that you get as much juice, and as much nutrition, as possible. 

The gears were also expertly designed to handle stringy vegetables, like celery, without clogging or tangling. In other words, if you’re on that celery juice kick, the Tribest Greenstar Elite is for you.

Best for Beginners

Breville Juice Fountain Compact

Breville Juice Fountain Compact


Breville is quite possibly the most well-known name in the juicing game, so it may not be surprising to see that it made the best juicers list twice. The Juice Fountain Compact is the smaller version of the Juice Fountain Plus, one of Breville’s most popular juices.

Although it takes up considerably less counter space than other juicers on this list, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality or performance. The Juice Fountain Compact has a 3-inch wide chute and powerful motor that can easily handle whole fruits and vegetables. And one of the best parts? The pulp container is within the juicing mechanism, so you don’t have to set up—and keep track of—two separate pitchers.

Best Compact

Cuisinart Compact Juice Extractor

Cuisinart Compact Juice Extractor

The Cuisinart Compact Juice Extractor is another more countertop-friendly option with a considerably smaller footprint. Even though the body is smaller, the Cuisinart has a large wide-mouth feed tube, a 40-ounce removable pulp container, and a 16-ounce juice pitcher that allow you to juice plenty of fruits and vegetables in one go, with minimal preparation.

It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to put back together—all of the things that make a juicer great.

Final Verdict

For a high-performing juicer that can handle whole and chopped fruits alike, look no further than the Kuvings B6000W Whole Slow Juicer (view at Wayfair). Its wide-mouthed chute has all your juicing needs covered, and it can even make a smooth sorbet. If you're juicing on a budget, the NutriBullet Juicer (view at Kohl's) comes at a fair price and features two speed settings.