The Best Sources and Decorating Ideas for Stylish Kids D

_promo My clients often come to me asking for ideas and sources for stylish kid-space décor. It's easier to find your personal aesthetic as an adult and decorate your space accordingly, but how do you translate that to your kid's space, and where do you look for ideas and furnishings? There are a multitude of sites online that provide excellent inspiration, give great tips for styling your child's spaces, and have affordable and chic products available in just about any style imaginable.
The Detail is in the Decals: Peel and stick wall decals have opened up a whole new world when it comes to design for your children's bedroom or playroom. They come in almost every color and shape you can dream of, in every letter of the alphabet, and are an instant way to personalize your child's space. Add their name above their bed, their favorite flowers next to their desk, or create a pattern or print of their very own to make a bold statement. Favorite Sources: One of my favorite online stores is Land of Nod. They have just about everything it requires to dress up your children's nursery, playroom, or bedroom. Another great furniture and accessories site I often pull from is Restoration Hardware Baby and Child. They have amazing pieces that are affordable and remain consistent with the adult site, which will help keep your entire home cohesive. Further Reading: If you're seeking inspiration overall, whether it's for kids' interior design or wardrobe style, check out the kid's lifestyle site Red Tricycle. They have great before-and-after galleries and tips and tricks to making your child's life as stylish as possible. Do you have a design or styling question for Estee? Tweet us at @DomaineHome using #AskEstee. estee-signature-layout Photograph: Justin Coit