The 5 Most Adult-Friendly Kid Movies of All Time

Updated 09/28/17
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I'll admit it: I'm really excited to see Finding Dory. While I'd normally spend a Friday grabbing happy hour drinks after work or catching up with friends over a late dinner, I have no shame in admitting that tomorrow night, I'll be staking out seats at the local theater well before showtime. I may be ousting mere children in my hunt for the perfect, mid-theater seat, but I'm that confident that the Finding Nemo sequel will deliver on its promise of pure entertainment and subtle adult humor.

In honor of Dory, P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, and kid movies that are secretively made for adults, we're rounding up the most adult-friendly animated "kid" movies of the last decade. Cue the nostalgia.  

This Pixar classic never ceases to surprise me; the 1995 flick is packed with borderline inappropriate jokes written specifically to the adults in the audience. While a wholesome children's movie through-and-through, director John Lasseter knows how to make a kid-appropriate film that packs a hilariously mature punch.

With its irreverent wit, subtle one-liners, and all-star line up of comedic legends, Dreamworks Animation's Shrek almost crosses the line into the "adult" category. Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, and Cameron Diaz certainly bring their A-game to this family-friendly classic.

While the hilarity of the shark support group and the gang of stoner surfer turtles is all but lost on children, many of Finding Nemo's well-written scenes and characters are created specifically with adults in mind. The Finding Dory predecessor has set the bar high in terms of creating a film enjoyed by adults and children alike.

This instant Disney classic deviates from the typical princess-meets-prince storyline in a refreshingly progressive way. While parents can easily get behind this movie in terms of lessons learned, it also has an undeniably catchy soundtrack—I know every word to "Let it Go" without even wanting to.

I cried while watching the Lion King in theaters at the age of five, and I cried again while watching the Lion King on Broadway at the age of 25. Arguably the best Disney movie ever created, The Lion King manages to impart lessons so universally human, they transcend all divisions relating to age, space, and time. It's worth a watch both as a child and an adult. 

What adult-friendly kid movie would you add to this list? Comment with your pick below, and purchase your Finding Dory tickets here.

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