The Best Materials for Your Kitchen Countertops

With the seemingly endless material and finish options, selecting a countertop for your kitchen can quickly become overwhelming. To help you navigate the daunting field, we asked Mick de Giulio of Chicago-based de Giulio Kitchen Design to weigh in. Heralded as a kitchen and bath design leader by Interior Design magazine, the designer, who created House Beautiful's 2012 Kitchen of the Year, knows what it takes to create a beautiful and highly functioning space. Read on for his top material picks for all your countertop needs. _1

The Short of It: A classification of stone similar to a marble but heartier, most often available in white or gray tones. Perfect For: Anyone, anywhere. Perk: Won't show stains or marks. Draw Back: Patinas over time. Maintenance Level: Low Investment: High Expert Take: "It's a gorgeous material that looks like an onyx and is a great substitute for more high-maintenance natural stones."


Material: Stainless Steel The Short of It: Available in a variety of finishes providing multiple different looks, this professional material will look best with a lightly brushed finish, giving it a less industrial look. Perfect For: The prep areas of germaphobes. Perk: Practical for a kitchen, anti-bacterial, heat resistant, and easy to clean. Draw Back: Scratches and marks easily. Maintenance Level: Low Investment: Moderate Expert Take: "While it does scratch, these imperfections develop into a beautiful patina over time. It looks best two to three years after installation."


The Short of It: A warm, neutral material which, when treated properly, adds a beautiful texture to a space. Perfect For: Butler's pantries, bars, or eating surfaces for families. Perk: Won't dull or damage knives; provides a classic and timeless look. Draw Back: Requires regular sealing and proper finishing to stop absorption. Maintenance Level: High Investment: Moderate to high Expert Take: "I love using this with a hand-scraped finish on eating surfaces, like the end of an island. The warmth it provides is perfect for resting arms."


The Short of It: A man-made material with the look and feel of natural stone, available in a variety of colors and finishes. Perfect For: High-use areas. Perk: Heat, stain, and scratch resistant. Draw Back: Though it comes close, it won't ever perfectly mimic the look of natural stone. Maintenance Level: Low Investment: Moderate to high Expert Take: "I'm typically not one to use fake finishes, but with the look and feel of natural stone, the popularity of quartz makes it the fastest-growing countertop option."

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