The Only Kitchen Essentials Worth Buying, According To Top Chefs

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Have you ever wanted to create the ultimate kitchen that could rival that of a top chef? It would be filled with all the best kitchen essentials you could ever need to cook all of the food you could ever want. According to the market research firm NPD, there is a rise of millennials choosing to cook at home instead of dining out—we can only imagine that a lot of you are reading this and nodding your heads in agreement. For us, cooking has become akin to meditation.

Cooking is a truly enjoyable pastime that relieves us from our screens—which now takes up half of our waking hours according to a CooperVision, OnePoll survey. We increasingly seek the past time out to create delicious food that allows us to connect with others at a dinner table.

Now is a perfect time to reorganize your kitchen and set it up for cooking success. If you aren't sure what to invest in, then don't stress. We've got you covered. We asked several of our favorite top chefs to share the best kitchen essentials that are worth your money and why. Read on to find out what you should buy now, so your next dinner party is a total dream run.

Chef Masaharu Morimoto's Kitchen Essential

Miyabi Red Morimoto Edition 9.5" Slicing Knife
Miyabi Red Morimoto Edition 9.5" Slicing Knife $120
" Sharp knives are by far one of the most important tools in a chef’s collection. They are the heart of the kitchen. For Japanese cuisine, the length of time a chef holds and works with a knife is relatively longer than for other cuisines. That makes the balance and feel even more important. Also, knives are traditionally considered sacred in Japanese culture. Japanese chefs believe our soul goes into our knives once we start using them."

Chef Robert Irvine's Kitchen Essential

Chroma Robert Irvine Three Piece Knife Set With Pouch
Chroma Robert Irvine RI-123 3-Piece Knife Set with Pouch $191
"Every kitchen should have three kinds of knives: a chef's knife for chopping and slicing, a smaller all-purpose knife for vegetables, and a paring knife for holding food with one hand and cutting with the other. A good rule of thumb is to pair the size of the knife with the size of the task. Need to cut up an entire chicken or large melon? You’ll need a long chef’s knife that can reach through the entire diameter of whatever you are trying to cut in one slice,”

Chef Irvine also said if you are trying to dice an onion or slice a squash, a smaller/shorter blade, like a santoku, is perfect for the job. 

Chef Scott Conant's Kitchen Essential

Waring Big Stik Hand Blender
Waring Big Stik Variable-Speed Immersion Blender $395
"One of the things about cooking at home that's frustrating compared to cooking in restaurants is the lack of being whimsical. At home, we don't normally have the breadth of ingredients at our fingertips that we have in restaurants. Also, we don't necessarily have as many pieces of equipment. I always have a Vita-Prep, so I have a powerful machine to purée or emulsify. Additionally, a handheld blender acts as an important in-pot tool for the emulsion. Those two items are essential for me."

Chef Paul Wahlberg's Kitchen Essentials

Benriner Mandoline Slicer, with 4 Japanese Stainless Steel Blades
Benriner Mandoline Slicer, with 4 Japanese Stainless Steel Blades $70
"There are a few things that are necessary for the kitchen that you wouldn’t normally expect. A Japanese mandolin is a tool I use often and is a great substitute for using a knife."
Staub Cast Iron Round Cocotte, 4-Quart
Staub Cast Iron Round Cocotte, 4-Quart $209
"I absolutely love great clad or  cast-iron pans that are long-lasting, heavy-duty, and just make you feel confident in the kitchen."

Chef Nick Gaube of Quality Italian's Kitchen Essentials

Gray Kunz Sauce Spoons
Gray Kunz 7.5" Sauce Spoons $6
"A spoon is such a versatile tool in the kitchen, I think that’s why so many chefs obsess over finding the perfect one. It can not only be used to taste your creations but in a pinch, it can be used as a measuring device, makeshift spatula, tongs, and whisk. Sometimes, besides my knife, it’s the only tool I use all day. The Gray Kunz Spoon is, in my opinion, the perfect spoon. It has enough heft to make it feel substantial, but still keeps a delicate quality with its shape and design."
Kuhn Rikon 3-Set Original Swiss Peeler
Kuhn Rikon 3-Set Original Swiss Peeler $14
"A tool that I always have nearby is my Kuhn Rikon peeler. Not only is it great for vegetables, but it's one of my favorite uses for shaving hard cheese over salads or grilled vegetables. Also, it comes in so many fun and bright colors that make it easily identifiable in the kitchen. With a plastic handle and minimal design, it doesn't break the bank."
Shun 1,000/6,000-Grit Combination Whetstone
Shun Combination Whetstone, 1,000/6,000 Grit $100 $80
"One thing that I learned early on in my career is that it doesn't matter how expensive your knife is; if it's not sharp, it won't cut. A good chef is also good at maintaining their tools and that includes sharpening their knives. One tool that I can’t do without is my 1000/6000 grit combination water stone. It quickly and safely sharpens knives. Having a sharp knife not only makes simple cutting tasks easier but also safer. Using less effort to cut something means that you're less likely to slip and cut yourself."

Chef Antonio Mora of Quality Meats' Kitchen Essentials

Wusthof Ikon Chef's Knife 8 inches
Wusthof Ikon 8" Chef's Knife $180
"I worked with a chef for eight years and we were only allowed to use one knife for everything: 8-inch inch Classic Wusthof Chef knife. It is durable, versatile and easy to keep sharp. You can do tasks ranging from cutting fish, mince herbs and chop onions to slice smoked salmon effortlessly."
Boos End-Grain Rectangular Chopping Block
Boos End-Grain Rectangular Chopping Block $205
"Having a good cutting board is also key. It can last generations. I prefer a heavier board that doesn’t move around as much as some lighter or plastic boards might. I also love the feel of wood and, because it is softer, my knife does not dull as fast as it would on hard plastic boards. My end grain Boos block is amazing."  

Chef Robert Irvine also recommends keeping a durable cutting board handy: "Whether it be wood or plastic, a good cutting board is very important. Try to avoid clear plastic and thin cutting boards. Also, always place a damp towel under your cutting board to keep it from sliding around when using it."

Le Creuset Signature Cast-Iron Round Dutch Oven
Le Creuset Signature Cast-Iron Round Dutch Oven, 3.5 qt. $160 - $570
"Lastly, you need something to cook in. My top choice is Le Creuset. The brand's products are durable, last forever, and are super versatile, from cooking pasta water to braising or even cooking bread in it. My three-quart Dutch oven is the one pot [that] I use the most."

If convenient, go to a Le Creuset outlet which will have really, really great prices on products and a great selection.

Pastry Chef Candace Nelson's Kitchen Essentials

Breville Juice Fountain Cold
Breville Juice Fountain Cold Juicer, 70 oz. $180
"I too have jumped on the celery juice bandwagon. Every morning my Breville juicer spins through stalks of celery, converting them into fresh, detoxifying, nutrient-rich juice with its cold spin technology."
Nordic Ware Original ProCast Bundt Pan
Nordic Ware Original ProCast Bundt Pan $40
"I love the simple graphic shape of a bundt cake, and Nordic Ware bundt pans are the gold standard. Its stunning molds shape any cake recipe into a special occasion cake without any additional work from me."

Chef Marco Canora's Kitchen Essentials

Crate & Barrel French Kitchen Marble Mortar and Pestle
Crate & Barrel French Kitchen Marble Mortar and Pestle $35
"Fresh herbs and spices are tastiest and healthiest when pulverized and consumed right away. I use this traditional tool to pulverize herbs like oregano, mint, parsley, and rosemary as well as whole spices like peppercorns, whole dried chilies, coriander, and cumin seeds. I love adding classic Tuscan flavors, like freshly pulverized rosemary, a squeeze of lemon, and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to my bone broth."
Aerolatte Aerolatte Handheld Milk Frother
Aerolatte Aerolatte Handheld Milk Frother $20
"We believe good-quality fats—like egg yolks, coconut milk, full-fat grass-fed cream, olive or coconut oil, grass-fed butter or ghee—are an essential part of a healthy, satisfying diet. When added to a delicious broth they create the velvety mouthfeel of a great cappuccino. These little battery-operated, hand-held buzzers help create emulsifications distributing these ingredients throughout the broth, rather than letting them float on top."
Sur La Table Stainless Steel Fine-Mesh Skimmer
Williams Sonoma Signature Stainless Steel 5.5" Mesh Skimmer $52
"A fine mesh broth skimmer is essential when making your own broth at home. It eliminates impurities."

Chef David Kuo of Little Fatty's Kitchen Essentials

Chan Chi Kee Small Cleaver
Chan Chi Kee Small Cleaver $85
"Chan Chi Kee cleavers are the best. They are very versatile and can chop, julienne, butcher, and slice. We use them every day at the restaurant; they're workhorses. The knife is made of carbon steel so it stays very sharp, and it's easy to hone with a knife steel. Its affordable price and exceptional performance make it a kitchen must have."
Benriner Lime Green Knobbed Green Slicer
Benriner Green Knobbed Mandoline Slicer $60
"A mandoline slicer makes it easy to slice paper-thin vegetables. We use it to slice radishes, jalapenos, and cucumbers to give us a nice consistent thin slice. It's really affordable and works like a charm. Just make sure you use two rubber gloves on the slicing hand to make sure you do not cut yourself on the sharp blade." 

Chef of Hamasaku and Umi by Hamasaku's Kitchen Essentials

Iga-Mono Kamadosan Clay Rice Cooker
Iga-Mono Kamadosan Donabe Clay Rice Cooker $160
"This is very versatile. You can cook so many dishes with it. Rice made with Donabe tastes the best. You can steam with it, make a stew with it, sukiyaki, and so much more. It’s great because you can cook with high heat and it heats up slowly and retains the heat. If you love Japanese cooking, this is an essential tool."
"If the Donabe looks too intimidating, you can do the same thing with a Japanese induction rice cooker. It’s better than an instant version but can pretty much do the same thing and more." 
Tiger Rice Cooker With Slow Cooker and Bread Maker
Tiger Rice Slow Cooker With Bread Maker Function $390
Bezall 5 Pairs Kitchen Bamboo Hot Pot Noodles Cooking Non Slip Chopsticks Tableware Dinnerware 13 Inch (Black)
Bezall Bamboo Cooking Non-Slip Chopsticks $8
"[The chopsticks are] the only kitchen tool you need to cook with and plate with. You can replace your tong, whisk, and spatula. I use it while cooking everything and only need to clean one thing. Sai bashi is cheap, but you may need a little practice because they are long, but once you get used to it, you won’t need anything else."

Chef Monica Oleas' Kitchen Essentials

Misono 440 Molybdenum Santoku Knife
Misono 440 Molybdenum Santoku Knife $124
"A very versatile knife to use for everything. Easy to cut meat, vegetables, etc., it's the only knife you need in the kitchen. It’s more versatile and lighter than a chef's knife. At home, I just use the santoku knife. I don’t want to make too much mess. With these three items, you can cook most Japanese food at home." 
Set 3 Thai Fruit and SOAP Carving Knife Knives Brass Handmade Black Color
Amazon Thai Carving Knife, 3 Pieces $50
"One of my mentors gifted me a Thai kitchen carving knife that I am now using on a daily basis. I didn’t think I’d be using a small tourné knife frequently until I was given one. I have since incorporated it into my daily tools to clean root vegetables. It’s a very thin-edged knife that can go around the tops of vegetables during the cleaning process. At the restaurant, we clean our vegetables well. Baby Heirloom carrots that we serve for our Crudité vegetables. We make sure that each carrot is cleaned well from neck to bottom. As well as many other root vegetables, we make sure that all of them are cleaned well. In case our readers ever go to a farmers market to buy their produce, some vegetables aren’t as clean as when you get them from the grocery store. It’s essential to clean root vegetables and many other vegetables." 
JB Prince Gray Kunz Spoon - Special Edition - Damascus Pattern
JB Prince Gray Kunz Special Edition (Damascus Pattern) $50
"When I'm on the line working a station I always make sure that I have my Gray Kunz spoon on hand. This particular spoon is dear to me because I received a special-edition Gold Kunz from one of my mentor chefs. I have had this spoon since the release of the special edition about five years ago. The proportion of the spoon is a little different than regular spoons. The bowl is larger, holding an exact 2.5 tablespoons and it has a slightly tapered edge. This spoon can be used for everything: saucing dishes, tasting soup, flipping, stirring, and a whole lot more.
"I always have my Gray Kunz spoon available as part of my mise en place tools. I use the spoon to taste any sauces and to prepare dishes before serving them to our guests. It's always great to have a spoon ready to taste food that you're preparing for family, friends, and guests. It's important to ensure that food you're cooking meets your standards before serving it to them." 

Chef Neal Fraser of Redbird and Vibiana's Kitchen Essentials

Williams Sonoma Lodge Seasoned Steel Skillet
Williams Sonoma Lodge Seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet $50
"A  steel sauté pan is essential to get a hard sear on scallops, fish, and steaks. At Redbird, we use a steel sauté pan for the scallops on our dinner menu."
Microplane Master Series Fine Walnut-Handled Paddle Grater
Microplane Master Series Paddle Grater $30
"This is one of my must-haves for a lot of dishes. It’s great to use to get the perfect lemon zest, for a bright gremolata, or as a topping for lemon ricotta pancakes. At Redbird, we use a Microplane to finely grate the bottarga served on top of our shishito peppers."
Williams Sonoma Flexible Stainless-Steel Slotted Spatula
Williams Sonoma Flexible Stainless-Steel Slotted Spatula $30
"A fish spatula is shaped differently than the average giant burger turner, granting you more control over the flip, whether that’s in a black steel sauté pan or on the grill. I use this daily for the salmon and wild striped bass on our dinner menu."

Chef Charles Namba's Kitchen Essentials

Durahome Deli Containers With Lids
Durahome Deli Containers With Lids $19 $16
"They're not the most glamorous item, but deli containers are truly indispensable in the kitchen. We use them in three sizes—8 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz.— and they help us save space since they stack easily, and also keep everything organized in our small space. They can also handle being washed in a commercial dishwasher, so we can get lots of uses out of them."
Tsukiji Masamoto Sharpening Stone for Knives #1000 Medium Grain
Tsukiji Masamoto Sharpening Stone for Knives #1000 Medium Grain $86
"Sharp knives are also essential, so I always keep a good sharpening stone around. I mostly work with Japanese knives, so I use Japanese-style wet stones, which do require a bit of training to use properly."

Chef Jason Neroni's Kitchen Essentials

Town Cutler The Chef's Press
Town Cutler The Chef's Press $14
"I love my Saint Peter Fish Weight as it’s one of the best tools for cooking fish. It keeps the entire surface of the fillet in contact with the pan ensuring the fish is gently and evenly cooked. This tool is sleek, modern, and gets the job done."
Blue Offset Fine Tip Tweezer
Blue Offset Offset Fine Tip Tweezer $16
"These tweezers are an all-purpose tool for many different things from plating dishes to twirling pasta. I especially love that they come in Luke Skywalker blue."

Chef Walter Manzke's Kitchen Essentials

Bronze Duck Press
Paderno World Cusine Bronze Duck Press $3,480
"A duck press is essential in my kitchen at République. It is used for one of my favorite dishes, duck à la Presse, and we also use it to make sauces from prawns and lobster." 
Vitamix Vita-Prep 64 Oz 3 Speed Blender
Vitamix Self-Cleaning Professional-Grade 5200 Blender $550 $450
"I love using a blender and use it daily for purées and sauces."

Chef Heena Patel's Kitchen Essentials

Hawkins Contura Hard Anodised Pressure Cooker
Hawkins Contura Mercantile International Hard Anodised Pressure Cooker $60
"I enjoy a bowl of dal every day for a source of protein and boost of energy. Cooking lentils in a pressure cooker is so easy and fast. Most importantly, the lentils cook in broth with steam so they are highly nutritious and can be made without using a single drop of oil. I even use a pressure cooker for my dessert called Ras Gullah."
Wüsthof Urban Farmer 4" Paring Knife
Wüsthof Urban Farmer 4" Paring Knife $50
"It makes my day easier and fast in the kitchen. One good knife takes away the necessity of having many different types." 
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