The 9 Best Kitchen Rugs to Add Warmth and Style to Your Home

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The Rundown
This rug is low-pile, slip-resistant, environmentally friendly, and free from chemicals.
Handwoven from 100 percent cotton, this stunning rug will add a chic touch to your kitchen and for a fraction of the price.
This set comes with two runner style rugs that are both machine washable and low pile, making them ideal for the kitchen.
With a vintage-inspired design and a washable cover, this rug will elevate your kitchen and won't require extra caution.
Made from durable polyurethane, this rug has a non-slip surface that is also easy-to-clean, so it's ideal for areas by sinks.
This natural jute rug is sustainable, durable, and can handle the heavy foot traffic of any kitchen.
Handwoven and featuring a geometric, South-Western pattern, this durable rug will give your kitchen some boho flair.
Crafted from 100 percent hemp, this rug will add some texture and a farmhouse, California feel to your space.
The abstract design of this runner makes it the perfect modern accent for your kitchen.

Why should your living room get all the love? Rugs belong in the kitchen, too, and all it takes is one slip in front of the sink to convince you. Before that disaster happens though, snag one of these best kitchen rugs to adorn your culinary space.

Yes, kitchen rugs minimize the chance of slipping in front of the sink and can also keep you comfortable while standing at the stove or countertop. But they can also add some flair to the space—and who doesn’t want that?

Shopping for kitchen rugs, though, is a bit different than purchasing a rug for other areas of your home: You’ll want to pay attention to both the rug’s durability and pile. You may also want to pay attention to the rug’s backing (a rubber or latex backing will keep it from sliding on tiled kitchen floors), as well as how padded it is (for optimum cooking comfort). And of course, your kitchen rug should suit the space’s aesthetic. Fortunately, there are tons of rugs out there that check all those boxes—and we found ‘em!

So don’t let your kitchen go bare! Below, see the best kitchen rugs.

Best Overall: Pottery Barn Chilewich Bamboo Floor Mat

Pottery Barn Chilewich Bamboo Floor Mat

Size: Various sizes available | Material: Bamboo fibers, vinyl yarn | Care: Vacuum or spot clean with water and soap

This baby has everything you’d want in a kitchen rug—and then some! With an ultra low-pile, (its thickens measures in at 0.15 inches) and a latex, slip-resistant backing, you won’t risk tripping over this mat as you’re moving around your kitchen. It’s also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so you know that it’s definitely durable. But this rug also boasts some damn good looks and neutral, go-with-anything color options, too. Plus, it’s even eco-friendly: It’s crafted from natural bamboo fibers and yarns made with 25 percent renewable vegetable content. It has also been tested for (and is free of) more than 10,000 potentially harmful chemicals. Because, really, who wants those in their kitchen? 

Best Budget: Crate & Barrel Della Black Cotton Flat Weave Rug

Crate & Barrel Della Black Cotton Flat Weave Rug

Size: Various sizes available | Material: Cotton flat weave | Care: Machine wash cold, dry flat

We get it: If you just splurged on an area rug for your living room or bedroom, you may not want to shell out the big bucks again when it comes to your kitchen. That’s why we found this budget-friendly number from Crate & Barrel. We love the windowpane design and too-cool texture. Plus, it comes available in a number of colors, so you’re sure to find one that fits your kitchen and home’s overall aesthetic. And the best feature of all? This rug is machine washable, so it can hold up to anything that your kitchen throws at it.

Best Set: SussexHome Non-Skid Washable Kitchen Runner Rugs

SussexHome Non-Skid Washable Kitchen Runner Rugs

Size: 44 inches x 24 inches and 31.5 inches x 20 inches | Material: 70 percent cotton, 30 percent polyester | Care: Machine washable

In the case of kitchen rugs, we say that two are better than one! The main areas of the space that you’ll want to cover are the floor beneath the sink and in front of the stove. With this setup, you and your family won’t have to worry about slipping after washing dishes. And you’ll be far more comfortable standing on a cushy mat while in front of the stove, as opposed to a bare kitchen floor. To avoid ending up with two rugs that clash, select a set like this duo. Both feature a minimalist linear design and non-skid backings. Plus, they’re machine-washable for easy cleaning.

Best Washable: Ruggable Kamran Coral Rug

Kamran Coral Rug

Size: Various sizes available | Material: Polyester with a polyurethane water-resistant barrier| Care: Machine washable

When you spill spaghetti sauce or drop a glass of wine, the only thing you should have to worry about is simmering more sauce or opening another bottle of vino—not that you just ruined your rug. With a washable kitchen rug, all you’ll have to do is toss it in the washing machine to make it good as new. Our favorite in this category is this beauty from Ruggable. We love the faded, vintage-inspired color palette and Persian-esque design. You’d never guess this luxe-looking runner would be machine washable, but rest assured it is!

Best for the Sink: WellnessMats Premium Standing 3’ x 2’ Linen Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat

WellnessMats Premium Standing 3’ x 2’ Linen Comfort Anti F

Size: 36 inches x 24 inches | Material: Polyurethane | Care: Vacuum and spot clean

Adding a rug to the floor beneath your sink will keep the area slip-free in case of drips and splashes. For this part of the kitchen, we recommend one that can be wiped clean, is non-slip, and boasts padding to keep you comfortable no matter how many dishes you have to wash. This WellnessMat fits the bill, thanks to its generous padding. Plus, it’s also naturally antimicrobial, making it especially perfect for this often-damp spot of the kitchen.

Best Jute: Annie Selke Jute Ticking Indigo Woven Rug

Annie Selke Jute Ticking Indigo Woven Rug

Size: Various sizes available | Material: Jute | Care: Professional cleaning only

On the hunt for a natural fiber kitchen rug? Well, look no further! We love jute rugs for their longevity and organic feel, and this iteration, courtesy of Annie Selke, is seriously a standout. Featuring eco-friendly and sustainable jute, the fibers are tightly woven for optimum durability—a major must-have for your high-traffic kitchen. Finished with vegetable-dyed stripes in a blue hue, it’ll add some subtle color to your home while being versatile enough that it won’t clash with any style of kitchen decor, cabinets, or flooring.

Best Boho: Jungalow Herringbone Saj Outdoor Rug

Jungalow Herringbone Saj Outdoor Rug

Size: Various sizes available | Material: Poly yarn | Care: Professional cleaning only

With South-Western vibes and a super hot color palette, this rug from Jungalow is the kitchen runner of your boho dreams. It’s durable enough for outdoor use, so you know it’s tough enough for your kitchen. And boasting a trim no-pile, you won’t risk tripping over it as you go from chopping to stirring and back again. But the star of the show is, of course, the hand-woven, ultra-saturated poly-yarn design. We’re obsessed!

Best Farmhouse: Lulu and Georgia Farmhouse Rug, Honey by Jenni Kayne

Lulu and Georgia Farmhouse Rug, Honey by Jenni Kayne

Size: Various sizes available | Material: 100 percent hemp | Care: Professional cleaning recommended, spot cleaning

For a farmhouse feel, look to this honey-hued area rug from Jenni Kayne, exclusively available on Lulu and Georgia. It’s thoughtfully crafted from natural fibers (100 percent hemp, to be specific) and is hand-woven for a one-of-a-kind, straight-from-the-flea-market look. It has a low pile, making it suitable to adorn your kitchen floor, and it’s available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. The neutral color is also dark enough to camouflage most accidental spills, and it can be easily spot cleaned with a kitchen cloth.

Best Modern: Block Shop Textiles Palm Runner

Block Shop Textiles Palm Runner

Size: 2 x 6 feet | Material: Cotton | Care: Using a rug pad underneath recommended, cleaning care not listed

Don’t let that threadbare rug that lived in your grandmother’s kitchen turn you off of this piece of must-have decor. Kitchen rugs can be wholly fresh and modern—just like the rest of your abode! Take for instance this richly-hued runner from Block Shop: We love the bold red backdrop that’s smartly patterned with a modern design. Crafted from a cotton flatweave and finished with a tan border, it’s decidedly cool and, yes, even your grandma will be jealous.

Final Verdict

Our top pick is the Pottery Barn Chilewich Bamboo Floor Mat (view at Pottery Barn). It's low-pile, slip-resistant, and has great durability. You can use it indoors or outdoors, and even better, it's made of eco-friendly materials and doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. Of course, if you're looking for something cheaper, you can't go wrong with the Crate & Barrel Della Black Cotton Flat Weave Rug (view at Crate & Barrel). Not only does it come in a variety of colors, but it's also machine-washable.

What to Look for in a Kitchen Rug

No to Low Pile

A rug’s pile refers to the density and length of its fibers. A fluffy or shaggy rug has a high pile, while a thin mat or natural fiber rug typically has a low pile. While high pile rugs are suitable for low-traffic areas of your home (such as a guest bedroom), you’ll want to select one that’s classified as no- or low-pile for your kitchen. It’ll better stand up to all the foot traffic, and you’ll be less likely to trip over it while moving about. (The last thing you’ll want is to fall carrying that meal you worked on all day!)

Easy Care Instructions

Be sure to pay attention to care instructions when selecting a kitchen rug. While you normally wouldn’t have to worry too much about a difficult-to-clean rug in other areas of your home (if you don’t have kids or pets and aren’t very accident-prone, that is), your kitchen is a different story. Since your kitchen rug is in the line of fire for splashes from your sink and food spills, ensure that it's durable and that you’ll be able to clean it fairly easily. Carefully read the care instructions and prioritize rugs that can be spot cleaned or are washable.


Consider a rug or mat that’s padded or cushioned when shopping for one for your kitchen. When you’re standing at your stove stirring or sauteing, you will be far more comfortable with a little extra cushioning underfoot.

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