The Best 8 Kitchens We've Seen on Instagram So Far This Year

White Kitchen


If you're trying to limit your screen time on your phone, you shouldn't follow interior designers on Instagram. Their feeds—filled with stunning photography of innovative styling—will have you spending hours saving images, tracking down products, and getting inspired to start your next home décor project.

But that's also why we do follow a myriad of interior designers on the app. They're a major source of interior design inspiration and knowledge. From the latest trends to chic décor finds, you can learn a lot just by looking at the images that designers and photographers post on Instagram (we love learning all their tips and behind-the-scenes shots of their latest projects on their stories too).

So we took a deep dive into our feed to track down a few of the best kitchens on Instagram and we certainly found some jaw-dropping spaces. Before you start planning a kitchen renovation or redesign, take a look at eight of the best kitchens we've seen so far this year on the social platform. From crisp all-white looks to bold, black spaces and everything in between, these rooms will have you tapping save over and over again.

White Kitchen

Los Angeles based interior photographer Amy Bartlam recently posted this stunning image of an all-white kitchen with wooden elements and black accents designed by Lindsey Borchardyou should see the full tour. Rustic hardwood floors match the wooden barstools that line the waterfall, marble kitchen island. A trio of black pendant lights hangs from above, providing contrast to the otherwise all-white look, while a vase filled with sage adds just a pop of color.

Rustic Kitchen

Posted by interior designer Nicole Davis, this kitchen stopped us mid-scroll. Of course, this was also photographed by one of our favorite interior designers Alyssa Rosenheck. She really captured the wooden ceiling contrasts with the darker flooring. Both elements frame the white kitchen island, walls, and cabinetry found in this mountain ranch home as three brass, pendant lights hang above the glossy white countertop.

Open Kitchen

Designed by Amber Lewis, this heart-stopping kitchen comes from the Instagram of photographer Tessa Neustadt. Once you get over the fact that this kitchen flows directly outside, allowing for seamless indoor/outdoor living, you can focus on the design of the actual kitchen, which is just as stunning as the architecture of the space. Black cabinets, countertops, and pendant lights vary from the usual light and neutral colors of most kitchens, proving that the moody look can be absolutely stunning.

Farmhouse Kitchen

This kitchen comes courtesy of photographer Monica Wang, who shot the ranch home styled by Jennifer Maxcy. The natural wooden elements—from the floors to the ceiling—give the space an undeniable farmhouse ranch feel. Simple, yet timeless, the light-filled kitchen is like a breath of fresh air.

Black Kitchen

If you prefer more streamlined, minimalistic design styles, this photo posted by stylist and photographer Nina Holst likely takes the cake for the best black and white kitchen in our book. It's actually a shot of Holst's own kitchen remodel (you wouldn't believe what the space looked like before she got to work on it). The designer transformed a dated space covered in wooden cabinets and ceilings into a chic, contemporary kitchen with sleek black cabinetry, light flooring, and open shelving.

Blue Kitchen

Interior designer and stylist Ginny Macdonald is the creative responsible for this blue kitchen photographed by Zeke Ruelas. The rather traditional space features a rich shade of blue paint that contrasts against glossy white cabinets, tile floors, subway tile backsplash, and a bold, patterned backsplash that steals the show. It's an intricate design that catches the eye immediately.

Black and White Kitchen

Designed by Jenn Feldman, this is yet another beautiful kitchen brought to you by Bartlam. While it has the light-filled airiness of an all-white kitchen, sharp black elements anchor the space and make it feel entirely modern and fresh. Black backsplash creates a strong divide between the upper and lower cabinets while a small black and white island creates more workspace in the tight kitchen.

Modern Kitchen

Another shot from Neustadt, this modern kitchen was designed by Melanie Burstin for Domino Magazine. It feels warm and inviting thanks to a variety of light wooden elements and the stream of natural light allowed in by the tall windows on the far side of the room. An intimate round table sits in the center of the space beneath a trendy, round paper lantern pendant and a large potted plant infused the room with a touch of greenery.

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