The Best Linen Décor Pieces for a Dreamy, Casual Look

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If you love an effortlessly casual look, you’ve probably at least considered purchasing linen bedding in the past. The fabric is simultaneously cozy and breathable, absorbent and fast-drying, durable and luxuriously soft—plus just looks really good. Even better: The flax plant that linens are made of is a sustainable crop that needs a fraction of the amount of water that cotton uses. So, why not dress your entire home in it?  

Linen can be quite pricy, but it'll last for years if it’s properly cared for. Linen for the home is available in tons of styles, from placemats to curtains to aprons. The best part? The low-maintenance fabric looks gorgeous even when it’s a little crinkled, so you don't have to worry about ironing or steaming between uses.

Here, the best linen décor for the whole home.

Parachute Washed Linen Curtain

Washed Linen Curtain

Courtesy of Parachute

Parachute’s Washed Linen Curtain will give your windows a lovely softness that’ll make any room feel all the more inviting. It's made with a cotton lining, so it does a better job keeping the light out on Saturday mornings—however, it's probably aren’t the right choice for you if you're looking for something truly light-blocking.

Thanks to the hemmed pocket, you can slide the curtain directly onto the curtain rod or use ring hooks if you want to let a bit more light through. It's available in three colors—the white hue lends some Scandinavian charm to a traditional design scheme, while the gray blends well in a minimalist household.

Solino Home Classic Hemstitch Tablecloth

Solino Home Classic Hemstitch Linen Tablecloth


While some tablecloths are boring and stuffy, Solino Home’s handcrafted pure linen Hemstitch Tablecloth is effortlessly chic. The hemstitch border adds a lovely touch of texture to the loosely woven linen, and it's sure to make even a smorgasbord of takeout seem like a fancy feast.

Whether you’ve got a humble round table in the center of your kitchen or a long, grand table in the dining room, you’ll be able to find the right size to fit it. Although a simple white or beige tablecloth is timeless, the bold black or the sweet lilac may be too alluring to resist.

Rough Linen Orkney Linen Table Runner

Rough Linen Orkney Linen Table Runner

Whether you want to layer it over a tablecloth or use it alone as a charming detail, the Orkney Linen Table Runner is a stunning addition to any dining room. The deep hem and mitered corners give this runner enough style that it will always catch the eye of your guests (or your Instagram followers), but not too much that it’ll fade out of style in a couple of years.

If you select the untreated natural color, you’ll be able to see the unique texture created by the old looms of the Belarusian mill Rough Linen sources its materials from. There are seven other options though that are just as lovely, including pear, vintage blue, and dusk.

West Elm Andes Sofa

West Elm Andes Sofa

As with most West Elm seating, the Andes Sofa is totally customizable and can be dressed in a wide variety of fabrics—including Performance Linen. Because it’s partially made of viscose, this linen material won’t pill no matter how rough your family is with it. It also repels oil and water, so it’s easy to spot-clean. Still, it maintains the cool-to-the-touch feel that is characteristic of linen.

With its tall legs and slender arms, the sofa’s silhouette is simultaneously modern and timeless. The spacious cushions are reversible, so you can switch them up every once in a while to ensure that you don’t leave impressions by sitting in the same spot every single time.

Linoto Linen Spa Towel

Linoto Linen Spa Towel


This Linen Towel demonstrates everything that is great about linen: It's lightweight and absorbent, but also dries quickly and is resistant to mold and mildew. The basket-weaved Belgian linen is naturally softened by stone-tumbling machines, so your towel will feel luxurious right out of the box.

It even comes with hanger loops to ensure that your towel will never fall off its hook and onto the wet bathroom floor. And, if you want to go all out you can splurge on an entire set of towels—Linoto sells a regular bath towel, a bath sheet, a hand towel, and a washcloth, which can double as an exfoliator thanks to its texture.

Cultiver Les Minis Pillow

Cultiver Les Minis

Because linen is such a sturdy, easy-care textile, it’s a great choice for throw pillows. And whether your style is more farmhouse or boho, the Les Minis pillow will fit into basically any décor or color scheme.

Made of 100 percent European flax, the pillow cover has a simple envelope closure and is available in eight soft colors. It comes pre-filled with a polyester insert, so you don’t have to worry about finding one separately that will fit. This cozy pillow is OEKO-TEX certified as well, which means that no harmful chemicals were used in manufacturing.

Hawkins New York Stonewashed Linen Napkins

Hawkins New York Stonewashed Linen Napkins

Paper napkins are convenient for everyday means, but they’re also wasteful and definitely not as pretty as a good cloth napkin. Instead, consider this set of four simply stunning Stonewashed Linen Napkins. The rustic appearance of the lightly rumpled linen material is surprisingly attractive, and the simple tailoring gives the napkins a humble elegance that will look right at home on your table no matter the occasion.

The napkins also come in a beautiful range of colors, so you can either buy one shade or a few sets so you can mix-and-match when you set the table. The dynamic colors, from rust and mustard to petal and sky, will stun no matter how you style them.

MagicLinen Linen Placemats, Set of 2

MagicLinen Linen Placemats

If you’re creating a linen-centric tablescape, you may as well go the extra mile and get linen placemats. Though this design is budget-friendly, these 100 percent linen placemats certainly don't sacrifice quality.

In addition to being OEKO-TEX-certified, the placemats are woven and tailored by hand and stonewashed for softness. They come in patterns and bright colors as well as more muted, traditional styles, so you're guaranteed to find an option for your space. If you're not sure where to start, you can even order a set of samples so you can test the waters before committing.

Brooklinen Linen Shower Curtain Set

Brooklinen Linen Shower Curtain Set


If your shower curtain has seen better days, it’s probably time for a replacement. Consider spluring on Brooklinen’s Linen Shower Curtain Set, which puts the rest to shame.

The lightweight linen material is translucent, giving your bathroom an airy, open vibe. That’s especially true when it comes to the white option, so the indigo might be a better choice if you want a bit more privacy while you’re in the shower. The set includes 12 hooks that are easy to hang, as well as a liner that is not only waterproof and recyclable but also anti-bacterial and biodegradable.

LinenMe Linen Apron

LinenMeStore Linen Apron

If you’re always busy in the kitchen, you might as well invest in an apron that is easy to maintain—and one that you actually want to keep out on display. In addition to being tastefully tailored, this apron comes in 22 gorgeous colors and can be personalized with a monogram. It has a spacious, twin-sectioned front pocket as well as long neck and waist ties. The linen is stonewashed, so the apron is soft, pliable, and easy to adjust. It’s so comfortable, you’ll probably forget you’re wearing it!