The Best Living Rooms We've Seen on Instagram So Far This Year

Updated 03/22/19

Although innocently scrolling through Instagram can take up a shocking amount of your time, the app is home to a wealth of interior design inspiration, so no judgment for going over your daily screen time goals every now and then. We constantly look to the app for a quick dose of gorgeous home décor, architecture, and design inspiration, forgoing our social media purges in search of striking spaces and new ideas.

It's still early in the year and yet we've already stumbled upon so many noteworthy images of interior spaces posted by some of our favorite design enthusiasts that we decided they had to be shared. From interior designers, studios, and fashion girls, these are the best living rooms we've seen on Instagram so far this year. Some are colorful while others remain neutral. Some utilize classic design elements while others are entirely modern.

Keep scrolling to see what we're talking about. We dare you not to get sucked into an Instagram rabbit hole after looking and these jaw-droppingly stunning spaces.

First up is this light, cozy Scandinavian-inspired living room. Posted by Scandinavian Homes (one of our favorite interior design accounts to follow), the space appears simple in its design, yet all of the elements clearly have a purpose. A small loveseat fits perfectly at the center of a built-in bookcase featuring a seemingly random arrangement of shelves. Globe scones hang on the wall above the couch and around an abstract painting, playing off of the similar shapes found on the ceiling pendant.

A touch of warmth comes from the area rug and the caramel-colored leather chair.

We discovered this showstopping living room from the Instagram profile of interior designer Jeremiah Brent. It's a highly original all-white space with both classic and modern elements. The ceiling molding gives the room a historic, European feel while an asymmetrical dark wood coffee table brings the space starkly into the modern era. Additional white and wooden pieces include the modern sofa and matching day bed. The only décor on the wall is a striking neutral piece to blend into the rest of the room's décor.

It's simple and minimalistic while still making a statement.

While it's the furnishings and décor of most spaces that catch our eye, this living room, designed by Studio McGee and photographed by Jessica Kettle, is all about what's outside. Expansive windows not only allow natural light to flood into the room, but they also offer an unobstructed view of towering green trees and blue sky. Sitting in this fresh and inviting space would feel like being right outside in nature.

Designer Brady Tolbert recently posted a picture of this living room designed by Sissy + Marley Interiors for a bit of design inspiration. We love the geometric white oak nesting tables and the way they contrast on top of the dark, subtly patterned rug. The room also features a striking pair of boucle lounge chairs and a two-armed sconce on the wall in between a set of arched windows.

Use interesting details to elevate a simple space.

From a recent project completed by Arent & Pyke studio, this living room exudes luxury. A black flag halyard chair sits opposite two curved fuschia accent chairs that provide a cheery pop of color. In between the chairs is a large circular coffee table with uneven sides for a touch of edge. As your eye moves up the wall, you'll notice the stunning design of the molding that lines the top portion of the space. All of this contrasts with a timeless herringbone wooden floor, making it truly one of the best living rooms we've seen so far this year.

You can always count on Emily Henderson to present a timelessly stylish space and this living room is no exception. A steely blue couch sits on the edge of a neatly geometric rug across from a tufted leather coffee table. In beside the couch, a rustic trunk acts as a side table and props up a surprisingly contemporary silver lamp, which contrasts greatly from the traditional portrait seen in the background hanging above the stairs.

Skyscraping ceilings and intriguing windows are the architectural stars of this living room shared by Ashe Leandro. In the foreground, the first element that catches your eye is this gorgeous woven chaise in a highly modern design. Next, you'll note the rather traditional sofa that sits across from a distressed wood coffee table and two curved chairs in a cherry pink hue. All of this, paired with the geometric art above the fireplace and the logs of wood stored neatly in the wall makes it a remarkable space.

Finally, we discovered this last room thanks to creative Brooke Testoni. While she didn't design the room herself—it was styled by Alyssa Kapito and photographed by Patrick Cline—Testoni always shares stunning interiors on her account, leaving us with plenty of inspiration to work with. This living room feels utterly glam and sophisticated. A pair of rudimentary stools stand out among the rest of the stark white furnishings and paint color. However, they expertly match the fireplace and work to tie the luxurious space together.

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