All the Best Living Rooms of 2018 Had This in Common—Does Yours?

Updated 12/21/18
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Good design is rather common, but what makes a room truly great? This is the question we asked ourselves when handpicking our favorite living rooms of 2018. While décor trends tend to dictate what we see in popular interiors, the best spaces tend to stray from trends—providing a striking visual, a new point of view, or a unique mix of periods and styles. It's not that trends are banished altogether in these spaces, but if present, they are used sparingly, in contrast to another period or style, and with elements that wouldn't automatically be regarded as trendy.

Think of it as the outfit of someone with great style versus someone that's simply embracing the season's latest trends. The former may include a great vintage piece or two, a trendy fast-fashion piece, and quality classics like a Chanel handbag or Manolo pumps. It's the mix that makes the outfit great—not the trend. With this in mind, we handpicked our favorite living rooms of 2018. See why these spaces have caught our eye beyond all others this year.

Favorite Living Rooms of 2018
Courtesy of Jeremiah Brent

In Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's L.A. home, a dining room was repurposed into a library where cozy seating and low-slung marble tables topped with mementos and books are surrounded with oak paneled-walls and built-in bookcases filled with their favorite coffee table books and other souvenirs.

Why it's great: The contrast between the classic paneled room and traditional architecture mixed with striking contemporary art and furniture makes this space unique and equally luminous and cozy. This is achieved by balancing darker walls with a light rug with a subtle sheen and hanging heavy almost wood-toned drapery against the paneled walls. 

A.P.O. RS-Barcelona Large Plec Table in Red and White Colored Marble $2350
Favorite Living Room Ideas 2018
Courtesy of Tali Roth

In interior designer Tali Roth's Manhattan living room, a long low-slung sofa and black marble plinth table anchor the space, providing room for the other objects around to shine. The space is equally moody, collected, and fit for a growing family.

Why it's greatA palette of moody grays surround the space, from the statement gray wall to the left to the floor-to-ceiling drapery and light gray rug—creating the perfect neutral palette to introduce statement pieces like a bold orange ottoman and ASH NYC's arc stool. The composition of objects and shapes, from the spiked footed bowl on the console to the olive tree in the corner, is perfectly balanced.

ASH NYC Arc Stool $1050
Best Living Room Décor 2018
Courtesy of Ashe + Leandro

In this living space by interior design firm Ashe + Leandro, an all-white palette and arched doorways give the space a Mediterranean feel. Red accents and a palm-leaf plant punctuate the bold yet laid-back décor.

Why it's great: The sofa is tucked in a nook that delineates the split-level aspect of the room, while the white floor and steps blur the lines between the two spaces, making the whole room feel more spacious. A limited color palette with red and white accents with a few hints of black is layered with lush palm leaves to further the Mediterranean feel of the space.

Jayson Home Boucherouite Rug $495
Best Living Room Ideas 2018
Thomas Richter; DESIGN: Space Exploration and White Arrow

This space by Space Exploration and White Arrow is set in an old Williamsburg schoolhouse, but it still feels young and fresh. The Yves Klein blue table steals the show—a color that is also repeated on the daybed by the fireplace. The bold choice of colors and graphic patterns makes this a fearless modern space.

Why it's greatThe combination of colors and shapes in this updated classic space is unique and unexpected. By bringing back period-appropriate architectural detailing to the room and introducing iconic modern furnishings—Milo Baughman–inspired swivel chairs, Tobia Scarpa couches, and a Josef Frank rug—the designers were able to create a striking space that paid homage to the past while honoring great modern design.

Simone Blush Chair
CB2 Simone Blush Chair $499
Living Room Décor 2018
Courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

In Mandy Moore's family room, designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel, a long floating terrazzo bench runs the entire length of the wall, serving both as hearth and extra seating. The light colors and mixed materials bring this midcentury-modern space into the present while respecting the styles and proportions of the period. 

Why it's greatThe mix of materials: Lilac velvet, tan leather, white oak, and brass keep the palette soft and light—and also picks up every color in the custom Palladiana terrazzo bench. The furniture pieces give a nod to midcentury style while being firmly anchored in the present. All in all, this room is an ideal representation of what midcentury renovations should be—a window into the past with strikingly beautiful examples of modern design.

Fort Standard Contemporary Wood Column Coffee Table in White Oak $3500
Best Living Rooms of 2018
Courtesy of Jeremiah Brent

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's Los Angeles main living room is a veritable treasure trove of found objects, important design pieces, and valuable antiques—but it doesn't feel that way. The design duo has a knack for sourcing important design pieces while still having the ability to make the room look and feel lived-in and personal.

Why it's greatThe color palette of the space is limited to white marble and upholstery, wood tones, and black accents—which helps to bring the many periods and styles present in the room together. Moreover, the large space features many different seating areas—from accent chairs to sofas and even a game table—which all contribute to making the room feel cozy and not cavernous. 

Logan Grey Boucle Sofa
CB2 Logan Grey Boucle Sofa $1499
Favorite Living Room Décor 2018
Courtesy of Amber Interiors

In this California living room by interior designer Amber Lewis, Worldly rugs from Morocco and Turkey are layered underneath an arrangement of boho tables and chairs. Two floor-to-ceiling doorways on each side of the room bring the outside in from the garden inside.

Why it's greatA tall tree on the inside of the room helps blend the exterior gardens and the interior of the living room in true California style. Midcentury chairs, like the Flag Halyard, are layered in the space with rugs, sheepskin throws, and pillows to create a comfortable laid-back vibe and soften the stark contemporary architecture. 

France & Son PP225 Flag Halyard Chair $7999 $1697

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