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The 50 Best Living Rooms We've Seen on Instagram

living rooms on Instagram

scandinavianhomes / Instagram

Although innocently scrolling through Instagram can take up a shocking amount of your time, the app is home to a wealth of interior design inspiration, so no judgment for going over your daily screen time goals every now and then. We constantly look to the app for a quick dose of gorgeous home décor, architecture, and design inspiration, and we've stumbled upon so many noteworthy images of interior spaces posted by some of our favorite design enthusiasts that we decided they had to be shared. From interior designers, studios, and fashion girls, these are the best living rooms we've seen on Instagram so far this year.

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Scandinavian Chic

First up is this light, cozy Scandinavian-inspired living room. Posted by Scandinavian Homes (one of our favorite interior design accounts to follow), the space appears simple in its design, yet all of the elements clearly have a purpose. A small loveseat fits perfectly at the center of a built-in bookcase, featuring a seemingly random arrangement of shelves. Globe scones hang on the wall above the couch and around an abstract painting, playing off of the similar shapes found on the ceiling pendant. A touch of warmth comes from the area rug and the caramel-colored leather chair.

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Classic Meets Modern

We discovered this show-stopping living room from the Instagram profile of interior designer Jeremiah Brent. It's a highly original, all-white space with both classic and modern elements. The ceiling molding gives the room a historical, European feel, while an asymmetrical dark wood coffee table brings the space starkly into the modern era. It's simple and minimalistic while still making a statement.

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Open and Airy

While it's the furnishings and décor of most spaces that catch our eye, this living room, designed by Studio McGee and photographed by Jessica Kettle, is all about what's outside. Expansive windows not only allow natural light to flood into the room, but they also offer an unobstructed view of towering green trees and blue sky. Sitting in this fresh and inviting space would feel like being right outside in nature.

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Geometric and Graceful

Designer Brady Tolbert recently posted a picture of this living room designed by Sissy + Marley Interiors for a bit of design inspiration. We love the geometric white oak nesting tables and the way they contrast on top of the dark, subtly patterned rug. The room also features a striking pair of boucle lounge chairs and a two-armed sconce on the wall in between a set of arched windows.

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Light and Luxe

From a project completed by Arent & Pyke studio, this living room exudes luxury. A black flag halyard chair sits opposite two curved fuschia accent chairs that provide a cheery pop of color. In between the chairs is a large circular coffee table with uneven sides for a touch of edge. As your eye moves up the wall, you'll notice the stunning design of the molding that lines the top portion of the space, and all of this contrasts with a timeless herringbone wooden floor.

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Timeless and Tasteful

You can always count on Emily Henderson to present a timelessly stylish space, and this living room is no exception. A steely blue couch sits on the edge of a neatly geometric rug across from a tufted leather coffee table. Beside the couch, a rustic trunk acts as a side table and props up a surprisingly contemporary silver lamp, which contrasts greatly from the traditional portrait seen in the background hanging above the stairs.

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Modern Warmth

High ceilings and intriguing windows are the architectural stars of this living room shared by Ashe Leandro. In the foreground, the first element that catches your eye is this gorgeous woven chaise in a highly modern design. Next, you'll note the rather traditional sofa that sits across from a distressed wood coffee table and two curved chairs in a cherry pink hue. All of this, paired with the geometric art above the fireplace and the logs of wood stored neatly in the wall, make it a remarkable space.

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Stunning and Sophisticated

This living room feels utterly glam and sophisticated. A pair of rudimentary stools stand out among the rest of the stark white furnishings and paint color. However, they expertly match the fireplace and work to tie the luxurious space together.

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Neutral with an Edge

This gorgeous living room is proof that a simple room can still be statement-making. While the furniture is neutral, your eye goes right to the modern lighting. Sconces flank a bold, oversized piece of art, while the chandelier adds an eclectic edge to the space.

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Fresh and Clean

There's just something about this living room that feels fresh. The combination of the neutral color palette, soothing natural light, minimalist design, and greenery in the corner give it a clean feel that's still totally inviting.

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Bright and Bohemian

We can never resist a Boho-inspired space, and this one was too good not to share. Not only do the furniture and colors reflect the design aesthetic, but the rooms architectural details do as well (talking about that molding!). We're swooning over the hanging artwork.

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Natural Meets Modern

Thanks to a combination of a neutral color palette and natural materials in the wooden coffee table, linen couch, and seagrass rug, this room feels comforting, clean, and natural. The greenery on the table adds a pop of color, while the midcentury, free-standing fireplace gives a vintage vibe.

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Light-Filled and Open

We love literally anything Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors does, but this living room is on another level. Thanks to high ceilings and an abundance of windows, the room feels incredibly light-filled. A mix of patterns and textures ups the cozy vibes.

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Tasteful and Whimsical

This living room is the perfect example of how to incorporate a little bit of whimsy into a space, but still have it feel sophisticated and tasteful. The color palette stays within neutral tones, yet a few unique additions bring the room to life. We love the playful bubble chandelier, the patterned rug, and the bold, colorful artwork.

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Boldly Bohemian

If your mantra is the more pattern and color, the better, you'll be obsessed with this living room from the Jungalow. We love this Bohemian living room, filled with bold color, wild patterns, and plenty of greenery. It's proof that sometimes restraint is overrated.

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Well-Traveled and Unconventional

Who says you have to decorate based on where you live? The banana palms, natural fiber rug, rattan chair, Navajo prints, and plate wall give this living room a new feel. If you're a traveler, you can use your favorite locales to inspire your décor.

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Simple and Chic

We can't deny how much we love an all-white room, and while it sounds a little boring, simple can be so chic when done right. A potted plant and throw pillows add a pop of color, while window coverings add texture and warmth to the space. The architectural detail of the arched windows also adds a level of sophistication that we can't help but swoon over.

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This living room is an example of how you fuse a lot of color into a space without it feeling too bold or eclectic. The use of earth tones allows the room to feel grounded and calming, even though many different colors are used. Muted tones of blue, green, and orange paired with warm brown accents make you feel right at home.

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Velvet and Vintage

From the jewel tones to the bar cart, the coffee table books, and the floor mirror—this living room exudes glamour. The small space and bit of clutter help it feel undone and relaxed, rather than stuffy.

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Natural and Simple

Natural finishes shine in this gorgeous bohemian living room. The stone tables add a cool, sleek touch to the rest of the space comprised mostly of warmer tones. The elongated bench that stretches the length of the wall provides plenty of seating and an ideal view through the window of the greenery outside. The patterned throw pillows and minimalistic artwork are the perfect finishing touch. The saying is true: Less is more.

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Radiant and Retro

This living room by Chanel Lauren Roth takes us back in time! The 70's vibes radiating from this space are immaculate. The midcentury modern lighting and furniture are classic, and the overlapping wall dećor around the doorframes adds a funky and stylish touch. And, of course, we can't forget the plants—especially that terrarium!

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Warm and Artistic

House of Harvee certainly knows how to create an inviting living space. We love the combination of burnt orange and rose pink that stands out amongst a serene neutral backdrop. The boxy couch that sits directly on the floor adds a feeling of casual coziness that makes us want to kick up our feet and relax. The gorgeous abstract artwork on the wall helps tie the whole design together.

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Boho Chic

Cottage + Sea takes a bright white space and adds a chic boho touch that we can't help but admire. The placement of plant life (who doesn't love that cactus in the corner?), the leather couch, the tree trunk side table, and the wicker floor lamp bring together all the textures we adore into a cohesive design style. Tying it all together is the decorative oversized white area rug—proof that a rug can truly transform a space in the best way.

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Bright and Colorful

We love a room bursting with color, and this one from Mango Manor has us absolutely swooning. The blue walls already make a statement, but every corner of the space showcases fun and stylish details. From the orange couch covered in delightfully shaped throw pillows (the pineapple one is so cute), to the collection of tall plants, to the eclectic dećor on the walls, there is so much to love here.

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Plants Galore

There is something so refreshing about bringing plants into your living room—and we think Leaf and Lolo demonstrates that perfectly! The greenery adds a pop of color against the white brick backdrop in the most natural way. The geometric table and the vintage-style television setup are also worth noting.

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Delightfully Scandanavian

This layout from Ann Living is something we can't look away from! The simple wooden furniture for the table and tv stand give us lovely minimalist vibes. However, the accent wall really stands out here—overlayed with golden overlapping squares, an off-center gallery wall adds personality. However, she's not stopping there; glance to the right and notice leaf print wallpaper boasting cranes and subtle, neutral colors. The result is a cozy place to unwind.

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Happy and Hygge

There truly is so much to love about this living room from Home by Polly. While we could boast about that leather couch, artfully crafted gallery wall, and oblong mirror, we are enamored with the fireplace setup. The small white fireplace nestled within a framework filled in with gorgeous white brick combines the sleek modern feel of absolute coziness.

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Crisp and Cozy

We are always a fan of natural texture and materials, and S.U.S.A.P takes it to the next level. The gorgeous cobblestone wall is a work of art in itself, and the white couch and other dećor only add to the charm.

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Cheerfully Zen

Your living space should be a place to feel comfortable, but that doesn't mean you can't be creative with color. This gorgeous room from Ze Haus is a perfect example! Many colors are present on the walls and the furniture, but the large pattern area rug helps bring all the different hues together. The Morrocan elements infused throughout are absolutely stunning—the final result is energetic and refreshing.

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Calming and Spacious

We love to see designers bring in different styles together, and Ashley Montgomery Design didn't disappoint. The combination of vintage and modern dećor is an absolute dream (we really love the mirror over the fireplace). However, it isn't just blended styles here—there is a great mixture of warm and cool tones that create a balanced and calming atmosphere.

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Elegant and Whimsical

You can never go wrong with an open layout with modern accents—just ask Maria Silva. Unadorned windows that allow natural light to pour in, while the gorgeous tan couch and footrest invite you to come rest and relax. The space isn't without color, though: fresh flowers and an eclectic gallery wall bring a refreshing vibe that we can't get enough of.

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Modern and Tropical

Another gorgeous layout by Ze Haus, we love to see different takes on modern elements. The varying shades of green and blue, along with the monstera plant, give us tropical vibes, yet the midcentury modern furniture, tables, and wall art add an upscale feel. We absolutely love the boldness of the black accent wall with white leaf and insect patterns.

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Traditional and Cheerful

A living space that functions as a home library? Count us in! This space (designed by Bespoke Only and photographed by Ty Cole) is cheerful and welcoming, with traditional and vintage elements at play. The floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, the ornate molding around the border of the ceiling, and the decadent white fireplace are only a few of the stunning features we admire. Plus, the yellow wall color evokes feelings of happiness and warmth—a space absolutely meant to curl up with a book and unwind.

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Creole Soul

We are absolutely living for this living room designed by Ze Haus. Best described by Ze himself—"This is definitely giving a Creole Vibe. The soul of the curated furniture against the bold paper is so rhythmic. And who can take their eyes off this beautiful lady dressed like a queen." We couldn't agree more!

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Pretty in Pink

Dazey Den is never one to shy away from colorful and whimsical elements in her designs—we wouldn't have it any other way. This gorgeous pink living room with light teal accents is a playful and elegant abode we can't stop obsessing over. The circular metallic coffee table, simple yet striking artwork, and the diamond pattern rug all have our attention.

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Tasteful and Modern

A living room can say so much without needing too much dećor, especially if you are intentional with your choices. This living room from Valiance Home incorporates modern elements with the black accent table, luxurious white couch, and minimalistic wooden coffee table. The black and white tapestry on the wall and the jute rug are lovely additions. While most of the space is neutral in color scheme, the subtle terracotta wall color brings an abundance of warmth.

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Earthy and Modern

A color palette of green, deep blue, and dark brown is always a winning combination—they evoke such strong nature vibes. This living room designed by Byron Risdon and photographed by East and Lane showcases this so well. While there is plenty to admire (the symmetry and wooden elements, to name a few), we love the creative way Risdon hid the television behind an artistic tapestry. Whether you want to have guests over to sit and talk or gather together to watch your favorite show, this simple trick makes a powerful impact on the room.

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Symmetrical and Balanced

Never underestimate what the power of balance and shape can do for a room—just talk a look at this stunning living space by Muse Noire Interiors. The olive wallpaper with silver circular prints evokes a calming, grounded feeling. The row of plants on the shelf placed behind the couch and the matching wooden coffee tables only add to the symmetrical presence, and the framed artwork on the wall adds some personality.

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Marvelously Midcentury

We can always count on Michelle Boudreau to create stunning, elegant designs. The modern style couch and accent chairs, along with the white global light fixtures, radiate midcentury modern vibes and the white wood panel ceiling allows the space to feel larger than life. Plus, we can't ignore the pair of hanging chairs towards the back of the space, with a perfect view of the floral, oversized artwork hanging on the wall.

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Grounded and Reflective

This neutral paradise from JC Design is basking in a natural glow we are quite fond of. The white walls and ceiling make the room look spacious and allow plenty of light to reflect, giving anyone who comes over a warm welcome. The textures and designs are gorgeous, but what caught our eye is the way all the furniture is flat on the floor—no legs or space showing underneath. The result is down-to-earth and delightful.

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Floral and Fearless

The floral theme that Michelle Gage Interiors created here is incredible. The teal and pink floral wallpaper set the tone, with the light gray floral table and bouquet on top continuing the theme. The golden leaf dećor and the plush velvet accent chair add the perfect dose of glamour.

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Engaging and Eclectic

If you're an eclectic style lover, then look no further! This gorgeous setup from Michelle Gage Interiors does a remarkable job bringing different elements, styles, and textures together to create this lively living room. The vintage rug, the carefully crafted nook by the window, and the phenomenal black octopus chandelier make us wish we were there.

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Collected and Contemporary

Open layouts? Contemporary design? Sleek and modern dećor? This room designed by Katie Martinez incorporates all those elements and then some. We are especially enamored with the triadic color scheme used in the furniture and the floor-to-ceiling black wood panel wall.

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Simple and Scandinavian

Scandinavian style strives to be functional, beautiful, and cozy—and this room by Corner House Creatives absolutely succeeds in bringing those goals to life. The warm white and wood tones create a sense of comfort, and everywhere you look, it radiates sleek lines and soft texture. The ornate molding on the ceiling is stunning, and hanging the modern light fixture from the middle of the design is the perfect artistic touch,

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Graciously Grandmillenial

This living room set in a 200-year-old townhouse (and designed by Brexton Cole Interiors) manages to retain ti's vintage vibe and still hold current aspects. The golden chandelier and mirror sitting on the fireplace paired with deep teal bookshelves and mustard color accent chair seem to take you back in time. The "grandmillenial" style has gained popularity with designers recently, and it's easy to see why.

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Dramatic and Historic

This 1920's style space from Brexton Cole Interiors isn't afraid to be bold with its accents, and we love it for the exact reason! The matte black fireplace truly is the star of the show here—both for its dramatic color and decorative tile added to the front and base. The red accent table also makes a statement, a pop of color against a mostly neutral background.

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Sleek and Sharp

Midcentury modern vibes abound in this space designed by Ashley Hanes (House of Hanes). The matching leather accent chairs with hairpin legs and sleek stone coffee table bring natural elements to the forefront, which we adore. However, the rug is the statement piece here—the olive and charcoal pattern perfectly contains the room's entire color scheme. Layering the fur texture rug on top is a fantastic finishing touch.

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Elephant in the Room

While most may want to avoid the elephant in the room, we think it's a perfect fit in this space designed by JK Interior Living. The pale gray couch and white walls give off a relaxed, California-cool vibe that we are really digging. The elephant artwork captures your attention right off the bat and is proof that even one simple dećor choice can transform the entire room.

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Elegant and Functional

A living room shouldn't sacrifice style for comfort, and it's obvious JK Interior Living agrees! The calming cool tones on the walls and the plentiful amount of seating give a sense of ease and relaxation. However, the stone fireplace that extends to the high ceiling, the white column frame surrounding the hearth, and the chandelier add elegance that elevates the space to a new level.

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Rustic and Refreshing

Reviving a space to give it a whole new feel is an incredible feeling—this room designed by Jersey Ice Cream Co. (and photographed by Nicole Frazen) proves the results are worthwhile. This rustic space blends soft curves on the furniture with dark wood accents in such a natural way. The unique plush bench in the center of the room is what we can't take our eyes off of—it makes you want to curl up with your favorite book and relax well into the evening.

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