Upgrade Your Bedroom (And Your Sleep) With One Of These 15 Luxury Sheets

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We're of the opinion that when it comes to one's bed, no dime should be spared. After all, what you sleep on has a major effect on how well you sleep, so why not pamper yourself with a splurge-worthy setup? If you spend a lot of time in bed bingeing Netflix, scrolling through Instagram, or FaceTiming with friends, it's likely you already have a mattress topper, some cloud-like pillows, and a cozy comforter. In order to give yourself the most satisfying sleep one could ask for, though, there's another item to check off your list—luxury bed sheets.  

No matter how comfy your actual bed is, good sheets—we're talking a hotel-worthy set—is the icing on top of a luxurious sleep experience. And whether you love the feel of fine silk or prefer 100-percent cotton percale, there’s an investment-worthy option out there.

Best Overall: Brooklinen Linen Hardcore Sheet Bundle

Brooklinen Linen Hardcore Sheet Bundle

With a luxury feel and aesthetic, Brooklinen's Linen Hardcore Sheet Bundle easily steals our top spot. While they're not cheap by any means, the sheets set the standard for comfort and quality. Plus, each set is customizable and when bought as bundle (rather than piecemeal), you save a serious chunk of change.

Brooklinen's sheets are made from 100-percent Belgian and French flax, and they're OEKO-TEX certified—meaning they're free of harmful chemicals. Each sheet set is dyed in small batches, giving your linens a true one-of-a-kind look, too. Every linen bundle comes with a core sheet set, a duvet cover, and two extra pillowcases. Should you want to mix and match patterns and colors, there are 11 to choose from!

A luxury sheet set doesn’t have to cost serious coin. If you're looking for a sub-$100 set that'll upgrade your bedroom without draining your bank account , the Malouf Double Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set is the way to go. As their name suggests, the sheets are made from double-brushed microfiber which is soft, supple, and breathable enough for hot sleepers.

As if that's not enough, the set is also hypo-allergenic and wrinkle, stain, pill, and fade resistant. The playful sheets come in nine colors like lilac, ivory, blush, and ash, and each set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. One thing to keep in mind: The set is only available in queen and king sizes.

Best Splurge: Matouk Aziza Flat Sheet

Matouk Aziza Flat Sheet

If you have a few extra dollars to spare, why not get yourself the best of the best? Not only are these sheets made out of Matouk's ever-popular Milano cotton percale, but they're also hemmed with a zig-zag appliqué (inspired by Moroccan tile) that's cut from the finest sateen. As we're sure you've glanced the price by now, let us say yes, they're quite pricey. But we promise you're really getting good bang for your buck as the airy, lightweight, 600-thread-count sheets are not only extremely breathable, but you don't have to worry about any harmful toxins or dyes hiding in your sheets as they're OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.

Another thing to love? You get to fully customize your set—so you can leave out (or stock up on) whatever colors you'd like from honey and champagne to pool and silver. For an even more luxurious touch, you can add a personalized monogram, too.

Best Cotton: The White Company Savoy Flat Sheet Set

The White Company Luxury Savoy Flat Sheet

Ah, cotton, a tried-and-true classic that’s sure to keep you comfy. Before you go buying any old cotton sheet set, though, it's important to know that they're not all created equal. That's why we're lobbying for you to reserve a spot in your linen closet for The White Company's Savoy Flat Sheet Set.

While you can buy The White Company's pieces individually, you can also pick up the entire collection in one fell swoop. That includes a button-fastened duvet cover, flat sheet, fitted sheet, two classic pillowcases, and two Oxford pillowcases that have an extra decorative border. Every piece is made of 400-thread-count Egyptian cotton and the duvet is finished off with a tasteful cording that drapes oh-so satisfyingly over your bed. The set is sold only in crisp white, but you can choose from four different cord colors including navy, mink, silver, and white.

Best Linen: Parachute Linen Sheet Set

Linen Sheet Set

If you want something a little more crisp and cool to the touch, we're all about Parachute's Linen Sheet Set. It’s crafted in Portugal from fine European flax and it features a breathable, durable finish. These sheets are perfect for both cool and warm sleepers due to their ability to adjust to temperature, plus the brand's sheets are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and don't use artificial softeners.

While their non-toxic construction is definitely high on our priority list, there’s another major reason why we’re obsessed with this set. Unlike many luxury sheets, this set doesn't go for an overly sophisticated, hotel-esque design, instead it embraces a basic, all-white look that can easily mesh with any aesthetic. Don't think that means you're getting skimped on quality, either— there's no doubt that these sheets have a luxury feel. Parachute also offers a wide range of color and size options with sets (which come with one fitted sheet and two pillowcases) available in neutrals like bone, blush, and coal in sizes twin XL through California king.

Best Size Range: Linoto Linen Sheet Set

Linoto 100 Percent Linen Sheet Sets

Linoto's sheets are handcrafted in Westchester County, New York, with linen sourced from the finest mills in Italy and Belgium. What first sets the company's offerings apart is their workmanship: "Every item is marked on the cloth with chalk, cut with tailor shears, expertly measured, expertly sewn to the same standards as a designer dress, then washed with natural laundry soap."

Their artisanal sheets are also a heavy, more luxurious weight and they come in a dizzying array of colors and sizes. With more than 25 hues to choose from—think oatmeal, grape leaf, burgundy, and butternut—you can go for something neutral and earthy or rich and bold. As far as sizes go, Linoto carries some we didn't even know existed. Aside from your regular kings and queens, the brand also offers split-king, twin extra-long, European queen, European king, Olympic king, split cal-king, and split-queen options.

Best Sateen: Sferra Giotto Collection

Sferra Giotto Collection

If money is no object and a sateen set is what you're after, let us point you in the direction of Sferra's Giotto Collection. The company—which is known for producing the highest grade of Egyptian cotton—has been pumping out fine textiles since 1891, and their sateen sheets show off every ounce of their celebrated craftsmanship. The set is handcrafted in Italy and made from 100-percent extra-long-staple cotton which delivers a luminous sheen and luxurious drape.

The Giotto collection includes duvet covers, shams, pillowcases, flat sheets, fitted sheets, and bedskirts. Since pieces start at well over $100 and go for as much as $865, it's a plus that you can purchase them individually. Whether you go for everything at once or you slowly build your collection, the customizable set is available in a number of warm and cool hues like honey, champagne, ice, and flint.

Best Cashmere: Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere Core Sheet Set

Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere Core Sheet Set

Want to feel like you're wrapped up in your favorite sweater all night long? Grab this cashmere set from Brooklinen ASAP. The sheets—which are made from a combination of cotton and Himalayan cashmere—are plush and will have you feeling like you're sleeping on a literal cloud. While the heathered material is certain to keep you warm, it's not too stuffy, either.

These sheet sets come in four different colors and four sizes, and every set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted (which is also marked on the sides to help you identify which end goes on the “long” and “short” sides of your bed), and two pillowcases. The latter are outfitted with envelope enclosures which mean you can say goodbye to open ends and frustrating pillow spillage.

Best Flannel: L.L. Bean Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheet Set

L.L. Bean Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheet Set

There is a time and a place for flannel patterns, and usually, it’s not your bedroom decor. That said, you can get the look and feel of your favorite flannel pajama set—just without the pattern. When the temperatures start to drop and you're ready to cozy up in thicker sheets, grab this set from L.L. Bean.

While the brand may be better known for bean boots, their Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheet Set is a major win. The set is made from an extremely soft 100-percent brushed cotton flannel and it's OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. The high-quality sheets stand the test of time, too, as they resist fading, shrinking, and pilling, and are made to get softer with each wash. The velvety sheets are available in four sizes and eight colors from mariner blue and driftwood to mineral green and sunlight. Grab a set or two and you'll. have no trouble weathering a cold winter.

Best Silk: THXSILK Luxury 22-Momme Silk Bedding Sheet Set

THXSILK Luxury 22-Momme Silk Bedding Sheet Set

When it comes to silk, there's no getting around cost. For a high-quality, decadent sheet set, you're just going to have to invest—plain and simple. THXSILK's sheets cost a pretty penny, but they're made from luxurious 100-percent 22-momme mulberry silk. Essentially, momme is to silk sheets what thread count is to cotton sheets, and a 22-momme density is luxury quality.

THXSILK's bedding set is breathable and not only extremely sleek and smooth, but also great for hot sleepers as it has natural moisture-wicking properties. They’re also hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, so you won’t have to fret about any allergy flair-ups. The sheets are available in four sizes and 11 colors and each set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillow shams.

Best Organic: Coyuchi 500 Thread Count Organic Percale Sheets

Coyuchi 500 Thread Count Organic Percale Sheets

If an organic set is what you're after, take a look at Coyuchi's offerings. The brand embraces an environmentally friendly ethos with a focus on organically grown, minimally processed bedding, apparel, and textiles. Their percale linen sheets are made from 100-percent GOTS-certified organic cotton that's grown in China and woven in Portugal. Since the 500-thread-count percale is made from superfine single strands of yarn—as opposed to a multi-ply yarn which is spun together—it's also exceptionally soft, strong, and cool to the touch.

Coyuchi's sheets are finished off with miDori bioDry—a USDA-certified bio-based softener which not only makes them even softer, but also ensures they're moisture-wicking. Each set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.

Best Eco-Friendly: Cultiver Linen Sheet Set With Pillowcases

Cultiver Linen Sheet Set

Looking for a set that keeps you and Mother Nature happy? The fibers in Cultiver's Linen Sheet Set are derived from flax plants grown in Belgium and France. Flax is a highly sustainable crop that's not only resilient, but requires far less water and pesticides than cotton. After the flax is picked, dyed, and woven, it's then put through an enzyme stone wash. This process greatly speeds up the softening process and makes the sheets exceptionally smooth.

Each of Cultiver's linen sheet sets comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases (with the exception of the twin, which only comes with one pillowcase). If you’re looking to grab just one item from the set, there's also the option to individually shop the pieces. As far as color options go, there's no need to fret as the sheets come in 17 fun colors and patterns. Personally, we're obsessed with the sage hue as it works well a neutral alternative to our usual white sheets.

Best Hypoallergenic: Buffy Eucalyptus Sheet Set

buffy sheets

Whether you’re dealing with seasonal allergies or just feeling way too stuffy in your usual sheets, this set is an absolute lifesaver. Buffy—a direct-to-consumer brand known for its eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable options—offers their sheet set in six pleasing pastel colors. The sheets are made of a cool-to-the-touch eucalyptus material which is a serious game-changer for those whose allergies are easily triggered by synthetic fabrics.

The sheets are not only hypoallergenic, but also resistant to dust, mites, and mold. They’re designed to get softer with each and every wash, too, which is a positive for every sleeper—allergies or not. Your purchase won't just upgrade your room, either. Buffy's eucalyptus material is sourced from Australia and grown with ten times less water than cotton, so you're doing the environment a major favor. The brand only uses natural dyes made out of ingredients like gardenia and pomegranate, too, so there's no need to fret about any chemicals that could harm you or the planet.

Best Color Options: Wamsutta 625-Thread Count PimaCott Sheet Set

Wamsutta PimaCott Collection

Let’s be real: sometimes, all we want is an aesthetically pleasing sheet set in a color that matches our decor. Whether they're from a trendy direct-to-consumer brand or flaunted all over Instagram? Well, that doesn't matter. If that's where you're at, allow us to introduce you to Wamsutta's 625-Thread Count PimaCott Sheet Set.

The simple, straightforward set is available in more than 40 colors from charcoal and lavender to sage and taupe. Color isn't the only thing these sheets bring, either: the set feels super luxurious thanks to its 1,000 thread count. Each set is made from a certified pure pima cotton that's grown in San Joaquin Valley, California. This cotton features extra-long and dense fibers which not only allow for more vibrant colors, but create a softer, more durable sheet. Most sets include one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, with the exception of the twin set which only includes a single pillowcase.

Looma Organic Sheet Set

Signature Sheet Set

If you tend to sleep hot, listen up. Looma’s luxe sheets are made from 100 percent organic long-staple cotton that’s exceptionally soft and engineered to prevent overheating. The brand’s high-end organic sheet set comes with one extra-deep fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases and you can choose from a number of classic and limited-edition hues from slate and sand to blush and forest green. 

Eco-conscious shoppers will also be excited to find that Looma’s offering is ahead of the game environmentally and ethically. The brand’s organic Himalayan cotton is grown entirely with rainwater sourced directly from family-run pesticide-free farms. Additionally, Looma has partnered with the Hanuman Girls’ School in Rajasthan, India and each set of sheets sold helps sponsor a month of education. 

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