These Are the Best Magazine Subscriptions To Help You Unplug This Weekend

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It's easy to get our noses stuck in our phones the moment we get home. Whether we're winding down before bed, reading the news while eating breakfast, or lounging on the sofa for a few hours, our phones have become our default go-to for all things news and entertainment. But remember the days when we were excited to get a shiny new magazine in the mail?

If you feel like you need a digital detox, try subscribing to a magazine or two and swap some of your digital reading time for reading a physical paper. Print media is far from dead. If anything, it has only gotten better and more niche.

So whether you love to cook, read up on the latest hotel openings, or are looking for thoughtful journalism on a variety of issues, we've got you covered. Here are some of the best magazine subscriptions you should order today.

If You Want To Escape

departures mag
Departures Magazine for American Express Cardholders $0

If you already liked Departures, you're about to enjoy it a whole lot more. The travel, fashion, and arts magazine available to American Express cardholders has just rebranded under newly appointed editor-in-chief Jeffries Blackerby. Better yet, it's free to all cardholders!

Cereal Magazine Volume 15
Cereal Magazine Per Issue $124 $99

Based in the UK, Cereal is a travel and lifestyle journal that evokes strong feelings of wanderlust with its thought-provoking pieces and impeccable travel guides. Don't be alarmed if you find yourself booking a plane ticket after reading this quarterly publication cover to cover. 

surface magazine
Surface Magazine Annual Subscription $60

Surface is a smart, thoughtful magazine about all things global contemporary design, architecture, and fashion. But the magazine's travel content really stands out. Expect to learn all about the world's best-designed hotels and restaurants so you can book your trip to new unknown destinations before everyone else.

If You Crave Thoughtful Reads

The New Yorker
The New Yorker Magazine Annual Subscription $100 $50

Subscribing to The New Yorker is almost a rite of passage for Manhattanites. The magazine, founded in 1925, focuses on reportage, commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons, and poetry. While we love most sections, the magazine's satire is truly second to none.

Kinfolk Volume 26
Kinfolk Magazine Annual Subscription $75

If you're craving a slower life, quality design, and a more creative outlet, Kinfolk is for you. Delving into the home, work, style, and culture, Kinfolk promotes a better quality of life and connects a community of creative professionals from London to Tokyo

The Atlantic
The Atlantic Magazine Annual Subscription $60

If there's one magazine we consistently turn to for thoughtful journalism on current affairs, it's The Atlantic. Founded in 1857, it touches on literary and cultural commentary, including contemporary political affairs.

If You Love Fashion

Rose & Ivy mag
Rose & Ivy Journal Per Issue $18

At the intersection of luxury fashion, beauty, design, food, and travel, you'll find Rose & Ivy, a newcomer on the print journal scene (and now on its ninth issue). Expect thoughtful pieces and stunning photography in this highly stylized magazine. 

Vanity Fair cover
Vanity Fair Magazine Annual Subscription $15

Bridging popular culture, high fashion, and current affairs, Vanity Fair has been a staple publication in American households for generations—and for good reason. You'll be hard-pressed to find other publications that marry fashion and thought-provoking journalism the way this magazine does.

Porter mag cover
Porter Magazine Per Issue $12

We love Net-a-Porter, but if it's even possible, we love its print publication, Porter magazine, even more. In a few short years, the online luxury retailer has done a stellar job building a truly high-end fashion magazine with a devoted following.

If You're a Homebody

Rum magazine cover
Rum Magazine 6-Month Subscription $87

Fans of Scandinavian design will obsess over this Danish magazine that consistently features the most stunning minimal European interiors we've ever seen. If you want to know what's happening on the European design scene, Rum is the subscription you need.

Architectural Digest Magazine
Architectural Digest Magazine Annual Subscription $24

Coined "the design bible" by design professionals, Architectural Digest is an endless source of inspiration and resource for the design industry and design aficionados alike. Sink into your sofa and admire this month's home tours—they're always worth it.

Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit Magazine Annual Subscription $15 $10

If you're always on the hunt for innovative recipes presented in a dynamic way, look no further than Bon Appétit. The magazine's food and restaurant content never cease to amaze us. If you only subscribe to one food magazine, this should be it.

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