Upgrade Your Beverage Game With These Matcha Powders

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Back in the day, matcha was considered a delicacy and, as such, was served mainly to spiritual leaders and royalty. While ancient royals may have chosen matcha for its taste, nowadays, many drink it simply because it’s good for you. 

No longer just for royalty, matcha is pretty much everywhere. However, finding a good matcha powder is a totally different story. That’s why we went through all of the matcha powders—it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it!—to find the best matcha powders you can buy right now.

Here, the best matcha powders you need to try.

Best Overall: Full Leaf Tea Co. Ceremonial Match

Full Leaf Tea Co. Ceremonial Matcha checks all of the good matcha tea boxes. It’s ceremonial grade, which is considered the gold standard and highest grade of matcha powders, wallet-friendly, sustainably sourced, and there’s just one ingredient: matcha. Oh, and it tastes delicious too.

The company also backs all of their teas with a no-questions-asked love it or return guarantee so if you’re new to the matcha world, this is a great way to try it out risk-free.

Most Affordable: Kiss Me Organics Culinary Grade Matcha

Good matcha can be really expensive. That’s why we were stoked to find the hidden gem that is Kiss Me Organics. It may be slightly more bitter than some of the other options on this list, but it’s hardly noticeable to the untrained tongue.

We also liked that you have the option to even buy a 4-ounce package—most matcha comes in one-ounce jars—so this is a great way to stock your kitchen if you use a lot of matcha powder for different purposes.

Biggest Splurge: Matcha Kari Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Because ceremonial matcha is the highest quality you can get, it often comes with a decent hit to your wallet too. The trade off is that you get a smooth matcha powder, like the Matcha Kari Ceremonial Grade Matcha, that blends and froths beautifully and has almost no bitter taste at all.

Best Ceremonial Grade: Matcha Konomi Akira Organic Ceremonial Matcha

If you’re looking for a ceremonial grade matcha powder without the ceremonial price tag, the Matcha Konomi Akira Organic Matcha powder is right up your alley. It’s premium quality and USDA-certified organic and it comes directly from Uji, Kyoto in Japan, the birthplace of matcha.

There are three sizes to choose from—one ounce, 3.5 ounces, and one pound, so you can stock up if you want to (the bags last a year if you don’t open them).

Best from Japan: Ocha & Co. Japanese Kyoto Uji Matcha Green Tea Powder

All good matcha is sourced from Japan, but the Ocha & Co. Kyoto Uji Matcha Green Tea Powder actually ships to your house directly from Japan—no middle man or woman here. They offer four different types of matcha, but the Kyoto Uji Matcha Green Tea Powder is the highest quality.

It comes from the first green tea leaves that grow in Uji and has a mellow flavor, with a naturally sweet aftertaste and none of the bitterness that you find in lower grade matcha powders. Because of this, it’s ideal for sipping straight up.

Best for Smoothies: Matcha Love Japanese Culinary Matcha

If you’re just looking for a quick way to get an extra antioxidant boost in your smoothies, culinary grade matcha will do the trick and the Matcha Love Japanese Culinary Matcha is a great option.

Because it’s culinary-grade, which is a step down from ceremonial grade, it’s a little more bitter than some other higher-end options on this list. However, that bitterness goes away as soon as you mix it with berries and bananas or whatever other ingredients you like to add to your smoothies.

Best for Lattes: Encha 1st Harvest Pure Organic Matcha

Traditionally, matcha tea is made with water, but if you’re on the hunt for a powder that blends really well with milk, the Encha 1st Harvest Pure Organic Matcha is specifically designed for just that.

It’s made from matcha grown on Encha’s own farm in the Uji mountains of Kyoto, Japan and blended to give you a smooth mellow finish that’s naturally sweeter than some of the other matcha powders out there. All of Encha’s products are also certified organic so you can feel better knowing you’re not getting extra pesticides with your antioxidants.

Best for Iced Drinks: Breakaway Matcha Coldbrew Original Iced Green Tea Powder

Some matcha powders get clumpy when you try to mix them with cold liquids, but the Breakaway Matcha was formulated specifically for that purpose. There’s no need to dissolve in hot water first. All you have to do is add a teaspoon to 12 ounces of ice-cold water, shake for 10 seconds, and you’re good to go.

The end result is a perfectly smooth cold brewed matcha with just the right amount of froth. Of course, while this matcha was designed with iced drinks in mind, if you prefer your matcha hot, you can use hot water instead.

Best for Baking: Jade Leaf Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

Hot tea may be the most common, and traditional, way to enjoy matcha, but if you haven’t tried matcha cheesecakes, matcha pancakes, or matcha cookies and cream ice cream yet, you haven’t fully lived. 

If you want to tackle these matcha-based desserts at home, all you need is a good recipe and culinary grade matcha, like the Jade Leaf Organic Japanese Matcha. It’s organic, so it’s grown without pesticides or fertilizers, and it’s harvested from family-owned farms in the Uji and Kagoshima regions of Japan. It also comes in four sizes—one ounce, 3.5 ounces, 8.8 ounces, and one pound—so you can choose the size that matches your baking frequency.

Best Sweetened: Moon Juice Cosmic Matcha

Matcha powder is an acquired taste. On its own, it can be grassy and a little bitter, especially if you get lower quality matcha. That’s why lots of people prefer to drink sweetened versions. Unfortunately, adding a bunch of sugar to your healthy drink kind of defeats the purpose. 

Luckily, the Moon Juice Cosmic Matcha is sweetened only with stevia, so it can give you your sweet fix without negating all of the good stuff matcha has to offer. It also has organic tremella mushrooms, organic goji powder, hyaluronic acid, and organic ashwagandha, ingredients that can help you deal with stress and keep your skin looking plump and fresh.

Best Flavored: PureChimp Mint Matcha Green Tea Powder

If you can’t really get down with the flavor of plain matcha, but want to reap the benefits, the PureChimp Mint Matcha Green Tea is where it’s at. It’s a mixture of 90% finely ground ceremonial-grade matcha and 10% ground fresh peppermint leaves, which add a clean, fresh flavor and also help settle your stomach and improve your digestion.

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