Reading These 13 Memoirs Is Like Talking to Your Wisest Friend

Though memoirs imply a "me, me, me," theme (take out the "moir" and "me" is all you have), they're really some of the most self-sacrificing, accessible, and valuable books to keep on your shelves. So much more than a self-portrait, they lay bare the stories we didn't even know we needed to hear. Through confession, humor, and poetic prose, the best memoirs are meant to bring us closer to ourselves, to dig deeper, and to connect with language. Memoirs also tend to be fun to read; even the ones about tragedy breed hope and inspiration. Simply put, reading a memoir is like talking to your wisest friend. So we gathered up 13 of the best memoirs ever written, from the unconventional and obscure to mainstays and American classics. And we know that's a bold statement, but once you get your hands on these memoirs, you'll see what we mean.