11 Modern Menorahs That'll Light Up Your Hanukkah Celebration

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Holidays are all about tradition—and if you celebrate Hanukkah, lighting the menorah is considered to be one of the most important. And if you're going to light it for eight consecutive nights, it's understandable if you want a stylish option to have on display.

Though menorahs are often passed down from previous generations, there are tons of modern styles out there if you want to start anew at your next Hanukkah celebration. From ceramic designs to linear options, you can't go wrong—just consider each one's material and lighting type, as well as if it's easy to clean, to find the perfect pick.

Here, the best modern menorahs you can buy today.

Best Overall

Via Maris Trace Chanukiah

Trace Chanukiah
Trace Chanukiah.

Courtesy of Via Maris

Size: 10.8 x 4.88 x 10.51 inches | Material: Steel | Weight: N/A

Via Maris was founded with the intention of bringing modern Jewish objects to the market, and the brand's Trace Chanukiah is proof of just that. The minimal style is the ideal balance of ancient tradition and modern design, and is sure to shine bright in any home.

The Trace Chanukiah is offered in five colors—midnight, clay, noir, cloud, and sand. The nine cups that hold each candle are removable as well, so it's easy to clean out any wax and secure each candle in place. Though it's understandable if you want one for your home, it also makes for a great wedding or housewarming gift as well.

Best Budget

Zion Judaica Modern Classic Menorah

Zion Judaica® Modern Classic Menorah in Silver
Zion Judaica® Modern Classic Menorah in Silver.

Bed Bath and Beyond

Size: 11 x 3 x 3 inches | Material: Aluminum | Weight: 6 pounds

If you're looking for a stylish menorah at a budget-friendly price point, you can't go wrong with Zion Judaica's Modern Classic Menorah. This menorah is made of weighty aluminum and has a high polished finish that offers a luxe look, even though it's only three inches high.

This menorah has a classic, minimal design that'll blend seamlessly into any space. It accommodates standard Hanukkah candles and is fairly lightweight, so it'll be easy to put away and store after the holiday.

Best Splurge

ANNA New York Coluna Menorah

ANNA new york Coluna Menorah
ANNA new york Coluna Menorah.


Size: 12 x 3 x 10 inches | Material: Carrara marble, nickel-plated steel | Weight: N/A

ANNA New York's Coluna Menorah is a bit of an investment piece, but the design-friendly style certainly makes a case for why it's worth it. Made with Carrara marble and steel, the menorah has a modern design that'll look like a piece of art in your home even after the holiday season.

If you've ever lit a menorah, you know sometimes you'll have to light the bottom of the candle for it to fit properly into the holder. The Coluna takes away the hassle, however, with metal cups that were intentionally designed to fit Hanukkah candles with ease. Plus, to keep the menorah in great shape from year to year, all you have to do is wipe it down with a soft cloth.

Best Linear

CB2 Linear Modern Menorah Candle Holder

Linear Menorah
Linear Menorah .

Courtesy of CB2

Size: 7.5 x 1.5 x 2.75 inches | Material: Aluminum | Weight: N/A

In a departure from the typical arched, upright designs, CB2's Linear Modern Menorah Candle offers the traditional menorah experience but in a stylish, rectangular form. Made with aluminum, this menorah has a silver finish that'll shine brightly beyond the eight nights.

It has eight low-profile cups, as well as one slightly higher center holder, and is designed to be used with typical Hanukkah candles. Between uses, be sure to wipe down the metal linear base with a soft, dry cloth so you can use it as a decorative piece on a mantel or shelf.

Best Electric

The Holiday Aisle Large LED Electric Arch Style Menorah

Large LED Electric Arch Style Menorah
Large LED Electric Arch Style Menorah.


Size: 14 x 2.13 x 12.5 inches | Material: Stainless steel | Weight: 1.69 pounds

Hanukkah candles are supposed to stay lit until they burn out themselves, a tradition that can pose a hazard if you have small children or pets. As an alternative, consider electric options like the Large LED Electric Arch Style Menorah by The Holiday Aisle. This menorah offers the look and experience of lighting candles without any worry.

The arched menorah has a slim base that will fit on most windowsills, but also won't take up too much space on a countertop either. It's made with LED lights that'll never need to be replaced, so you know it'll be ready for use each holiday. The candles are operated by the push of a button, so it's easy to include young children in the lighting. Plus, you won't have to clean up any dripped candle wax at the end of each night.

Best Decorative

Olivia Riegel Devora Menorah

Olivia Riegel Devora Menorah
Olivia Riegel Devora Menorah.


Size: 9 x 3.25 x 7 inches | Material: Cast pewter | Weight: 2.15 pounds

Olivia Riegel was established by Jon Morris in a tribute to his grandmother's love of costume jewelry, and the brand's Devorah Menorah is the perfect homage to just that. This menorah is adorned with crystals and pearls that make for a truly special, one-of-a-kind piece.

From hand-set Swarovski crystals to faux pearls and other hand-enameled accents, this menorah has just the right amount of sparkle and shine. Though it's a bit more expensive than other options out there, it's a great piece to pass down to loved ones and even makes for a thoughtful wedding or housewarming gift as well.

Best Tray

Areware Cast Iron Menorah

Cast Iron Menorah
Cast Iron Menorah.


Size: 11 x 3.5 x 11 inches | Material: Cast iron | Weight: 7.88 pounds

If you've ever lit a menorah, you've probably placed a piece of aluminum foil underneath it to catch the dripping wax. Though the DIY method certainly does the trick, Areaware's Cast Iron Menorah includes a built-in tray that'll catch it all and make cleaning a breeze.

This menorah has a minimal design with an industrial feel that's sure to make a statement on any countertop. Made of cast iron, it includes an attached tray in the same material that's perfect for not only wax drippings, but for used matches as well.

Best Wood

The Citizenry Tikal Wood Menorah Set

Tikal Wood Menorah
Tikal Wood Menorah .

Courtesy of The Citizenry

Size: 2 x 2.3 inches or 2 x 4 inches | Material: Granadillo wood | Weight: N/A

Menorahs are traditionally one piece, but if you're looking for a more unique take, consider The Citizenry's Tikal Wood Menorah Set. The set includes nine individual candle holders that come together for a gorgeous design. The handmade set is made of FSC-certified wood and is finished with beeswax for added protection. In addition to eight smaller candle holders, there's also one larger one for the central Shamash (helper) candle as well.

It's worth noting that in a departure from typical menorahs, this set is designed to use taper candles, so be sure to have those on hand. Once the holiday's over, just wipe them clean with a dry, microfiber towel and use them as candle holders around your home.

Best Stoneware

Anthropologie Stoneware Menorah

Stoneware Menorah
Stoneware Menorah.


Size: 10.25 x 2 x 6.75 inches | Material: Stoneware | Weight: N/A

Anthropologie's Stoneware Menorah is the perfect piece if you're looking for an artful approach to your Hanukkah celebrations. This unique menorah features a bohemian-inspired design that's sure to take center stage on any kitchen counter or window sill.

It has a white base with blue and brown celestial accents throughout. In addition to eight candle holders, there's also an elevated rounded section for the central candle, so you can light each flame with ease.

Best Set

Laura Cowan Tic Tac Toe Menorah

Tic Tac Toe Menorah
Tic Tac Toe Menorah.

The Jewish Museum

Size: 4x 4 x 1.5 inches | Material: Anodized aluminum | Weight: N/A

If you want to celebrate the holiday on the go, a portable menorah is a must-have. With Laura Cowan's Tic Tac Toe Menorah, you'll get just that thanks to a set of individual pieces that can be easily packed and stored.

The set includes nine anodized aluminum pieces that together form a menorah—as well as a game of Tic Tac Toe for extra entertainment. In addition to the X's and O's, you'll also get a travel box that won't take up much room in your suitcase or carry-on. The set doesn't include any matches or candles, however, so be sure to add them to your packing list.

Best Novelty

Jonathan Adler Elephant Menorah

Elephant Menorah
Elephant Menorah .


Size: 10 x 4 x 6.75 inches | Material: Porcelain | Weight: N/A

Whether you have young children or just want a more playful style, Jonathan Adler's Elephant Menorah is not to be missed. The menorah has a whimsical touch that you'll look forward to using every holiday season.

This menorah is shaped like an elephant with the trunk designated for the lighting candle, a design element that's sure to make lighting each candle easier. It's made of high-fired stoneware and has a matte glaze finish, so it'll make for a fun piece of pottery in your home once the holiday is over. Concerned about wax drippings all over the white piece? All you have to do is spot clean with soap and water.

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the Via Maris Trace Chanukia (view at Nordstrom). Made by a Jewish-owned brand, it's offered in five colors and has a minimal, modern look that'll work in any home. For a budget-friendly option, consider the Zion Judaica Modern Classic Menorah (view at Amazon), which is made of aluminum and has a silver finish for a luxe touch.

What to Look for in a Menorah

Lighting Type

Menorahs are designed with holders for nine candles so you can light them for each night of the holiday. Traditionally, you're supposed to let the flames burn out on their own, a practice that can certainly pose a hazard if you have small children and/or pets.

While you shop, consider if an electric version is better suited for your home. They'll make it easier to celebrate the holiday without the worry of leaving flames unattended, and also allow small children to be involved in the lighting process. If you go with a candle-friendly pick, be sure you have enough space on your countertop to let the flames burn without any safety issues.

Ease of Cleaning

When it comes to menorahs, there's no avoiding the buildup of wax that'll occur as the candles burn and drip. The more ornate and detailed a menorah it is, the harder it may be to clean, as the wax will build up in hard-to-reach places. Though most can be wiped clean with a cloth, be sure to check if there are any specific instructions for the piece.


Menorahs are offered in a variety of materials, each of which comes with its own set of benefits as well as details to consider. For example, there are a variety of steel designs on the market, an option that's sure to stun but may require a little attention. Although it's relatively easy to clean with a cloth, be sure to follow the menorah's specific instructions to ensure you're doing the proper care.

When it comes to wood menorahs, it will most likely have a protective finish, which is an added layer that means you can worry less about stains and other damage. If you're trying to remove any wax drippings, however, be sure to avoid any sharp object that may scratch and impact the coating.

Like cast iron cookware, a menorah made of the same material is quite durable and heavier than other picks. Though the design will most likely include cleaning instructions, it's safe to say you'll be cleaning it by hand.

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