The 9 Best Mexican Cookbooks to Keep in Your Pantry

Updated 07/01/19
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It's official: Mexican food is having a moment. With foodies flocking to Mexico City just for a taste of Gabriela Cámara now infamous red-and-green grilled snapper at Contramar and a sample of Enrique Olvera's life-changing mole at Pujol, it's no surprise that home cooks without a bottomless travel budget are seeking ways to bring the quintessential flavors of Mexico into their own kitchens.

Spanning an encyclopedic collection of over 700 quintessential Mexican recipes from one of the country's most celebrated chefs to a modern culinary tome that's garnered rave reviews from the likes of Eater, Bon Appétit, and The New York Times, these are without a doubt the best Mexican cookbooks to keep in your kitchen. Filled with recipes worth bookmarking, these critically acclaimed cookbooks will no doubt inspire you to try your hand at making traditional and contemporary Mexican dishes at home.

My Mexico Kitchen
Gabriela Camara My Mexico City Kitchen $35 $21

Deemed one of the best cookbooks of spring by Eater, Bon Appétit, and The New York Times, Gabriela Cámara's My Mexico City Kitchen is one of the most buzzed-about recipe collections of 2019. "From tricks for maximizing flavors while saving money to instructions on navigating Mexican cuisines, Cámara makes this book feel like a mini-encyclopedia on Mexican food," endorses Eater.

Tu Casa Mi Casa
Enrique Olvera Tu Casa Mi Casa $40 $28

In Tu Casa Mi Casa, Enrique Olvera shares 100 quintessential Mexican recipes—an edited collection of some of the chef's favorite dishes, including traditional tamales and classic chilaquiles. "An ode to the kitchens of his homeland, [this cookbook] teaches readers how to incorporate traditional and contemporary Mexican ingredients into their recipe repertoire, no matter where they live," recommends Epicurious.

Gonzalo Guzmán and Stacy Adimando Nopalito $30 $25

Winner of the 2018 James Beard Foundation Cookbook Award in the international category, Nopalito is a modern must-have for any ambitious home cook. "I want to eat this whole book," divulges Adam Sachs, Editor in Chief, Saveur Magazine. "And with Guzmán’s pantry-stocking tips, stories, and hands-on guidance, I’m ready to start making masa and working my way up to platillos fuertes (big plates) projects.”

Guerrilla Tacos
Wesley Avila and Richard Parks III Guerrilla Tacos $30 $17

In this cookbook, Native Angeleno and acclaimed taquero Wes Avila not only shares his coveted taco recipes but also his story—his Mexican heritage, his struggles, and his dreams. "Avila is leading a new wave of LA chefs—children of immigrants, classically trained in French cuisine—who blur the lines between high and low and, in his case, leaving upscale restaurants to serve street food," endorses Mandalit Del Barco in NPR.

Mexican Ice Cream
Fany Gerson Mexican Ice Cream $22 $16

From the pastry chef who penned My Sweet Mexico and Paletas, comes a cookbook filled with ice cream recipes featuring ingredients spanning avocado and red prickly pear to cinnamon and Mexican chocolate. "I wanted to make each and every flavor—not to mention head straight to Mexico, the source of some of the greatest ice cream in the world," confesses Jeni Britton Bauer, James Beard Award-winning author of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home.

Alex Stupak Tacos $33 $23

Much more than just a cookbook, Alex Stupak's Tacos makes a compelling case for shaking the expectation that Mexican food should be "cheap." "He makes an excellent argument—one that I, too, will try to pass on," explains Food52. "After spending the time I did on the recipes I tested, I realized this is a cuisine that is just as laborious and luxurious as any other."

Mexico: The Cookbook
Margarita Carrillo Arronte Mexico: The Cookbook $50 $35

Margarita Carrillo Arronte's Mexico should be considered required reading for anyone aiming to make authentic Mexican dishes at home. The encyclopedic collection boasts over 700 recipes and includes accessible recipes for classic dishes like salsa ranchera, Acapulco‐style ceviche, and pastel tres leches. "Mexico: The Cookbook may kill your taste for supermarket salsa for good," praises Elle Magazine.

Tex Mex
Ford Fry and Jessica Dupuy Tex-Mex Cookbook $30 $20

Boasting recipes from both sides of the border, this cookbook showcases the cuisine that resulted from the collision of Northern Mexican techniques and Texas ingredients. Tex-Mex "offers recipes for all-time favorites like nachos, fajitas, and enchiladas, with lesser-known dishes like albondigas, and staples such as migas and campechana de mariscos,” endorses The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

L.A. Mexicano
Bill Esparza L.A. Mexicano $30 $21

A celebration of Mexican cooking, Bill Esparza's L.A. Mexicano examines the promising future of Mexican cuisine in Los Angeles. "A blend of past, present, and future, L.A. Mexicano is a welcome deep dive into the people and places that have defined our city’s lasting love affair with tacos, burritos, tamales, and countless other dishes," endorses Los Angeles Magazine.

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