Always Tired? Add These 3 Energy-Boosting Minerals to Your Diet

Despite your impressive caffeine addiction, the fall and winter months still have a way of draining any and all of your energy supply well into March. But, as Dr. Susan Blum points out in a recent article for Well+Good, your chronic fatigue could be more than just an end-of-the-year energy slump brought on by sickness and cold weather. It fact, in could be an issue like hypothyroidism—a condition that reportedly affects up to 10% of women

"Even within the normal range of healthy thyroid function, there is better and still better," says Blum, a functional medicine physician and fixture on The Dr. Oz Show. She routinely checks her patients for low T3 hormone levels, which can lead to chronic fatigue, sluggishness, and weight gain. "Minerals keep the thyroid functioning optimally, which is really good for energy," she explains.

Specifically, Blum recommends getting adequate amounts of zinc (15 milligrams daily), selenium (200 micrograms daily), and iodine (150 micrograms daily) every day, even if you have a healthy thyroid. Tahini, brazil nuts, and kelp flakes are hearty, all-natural sources of these three minerals that will keep you energized and alert all season long, sans-Starbucks. 

How do you keep your energy levels up during the colder months? Share your tips below!