These 10 Modern Drawer Pulls Prove That It's All in the Details

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One of the quickest—and most affordable—ways to update your space is by installing new hardware. Drawer pulls are simply handles attached to your drawers, similar to knobs but usually larger. They come in many different varieties, and the best part is that they’re typically quite affordable and simple to install. If you don't want to replace cabinets or entire dressers, changing up your drawer pulls is the next best thing.

There are several styles of drawer pulls you may want to consider, including traditional handles, edge pulls, and even cute finger pulls. If you’re a novice to the world of DIY, it’s easiest to replace existing pulls with ones of the same style, as you can just screw them into the same holes. If you want to get creative, you can also switch them with the help of a drill and a can-do attitude. 

Here, the best modern drawer pulls.

Best Overall

Rejuvenation Bowman Drawer Pull

Rejuvenation Bowman Drawer Pull

The Bowman Drawer Pull has an attractive contemporary design, but its clean lines will never go out of style. It has an oval shape when viewed from the front, plus a lip on both the top and bottom, which makes it easy to operate. 

The Bowman Pull has a unique design that actually supports a variety of center-to-centers—for instance, the 4.5-inch width is compatible with both 3- and 4-inch centers, making it a versatile choice for any drawer. The hardware comes in three sizes and five popular metallic finishes, and it has a solid brass construction that will serve you well for years to come.

Best Budget

Liberty Acrylic Bar Drawer Pull

Drawer Pull

Courtesy of Home Depot

You can make your kitchen or bathroom feel incredibly luxe with the Liberty Acrylic Bar Drawer Pull from Home Depot. As the name suggests, this handle features a sleek acrylic bar supported by metallic posts and gives you a choice between several metal finishes to match your décor. 

What’s great is that this pull comes in several sizes, with center-to-center measurements ranging from 3 to 12 inches. So go ahead and outfit all your drawers with new hardware—this one is easy to install and top-rated among buyers and instantly makes any space feel more elegant.

Best Splurge

Schoolhouse Alberta Pull

Schoolhouse Alberta Pull

The unexpected asymmetry of the Alberta Pull is what makes it so fun. This handle is sleek with a matte black finish, but one side of the pull is thicker than the other, offering a subtle touch of modern flair. 

This pull is crafted in the U.S. from 95 percent recycled brass, and it sticks out one inch from the surface where it's mounted. The whole pull is 6.5-inches long, but the center-to-center distance (aka, the distance between the mounting holes) is 6 inches. Oh, and if black isn’t your finish of choice, the brand also offers this style in copper, nickel, brass, and more.

Best Set

Wayfair Basics Center Bar Pull Multipack (Set of 10)

Wayfair Basics Center Bar Pull

Looking to save by buying in bulk? The Wayfair Basics Center Bar Pull Multipack is the way to go, as you can get ten of these modern handles and save money at the same time.

These pulls feature a sleek circular bar made from carbon steel, and they come in several finishes to match your existing hardware. Additionally, you can choose from several sizes, ranging from 2.5 to 5 inches center-to-center. They're tarnish-resistant, making them ideal for use in your kitchen or bathroom.

Best Leather

Rejuvenation Beckett Finger Pull

Rejuvenation Beckett Finger Pull

The Beckett Finger Pull is as modern and trendy as it gets. It looks like a hanging tab and measures just 2.25 inches long, so keep in mind that you’ll probably need at least two of them per drawer, one on each side.

It's made from classic English bridle leather that’s available in both black and brown and improves with age, offering a smooth feel and unbeatable durability. The leather pull is held in place by a metal knob in a bold brass finish, making it a perfect accent for any contemporary space.

Best Brass

Restoration Hardware Modern Pull

Modern Pull

Courtesy of Restoration Hardware

For a real upgrade, consider Restoration Hardware's Modern Pull. The solid brass hardware features a curved design and clean lines that'll elevate the look of your home in an understated yet sophisticated way.

The pull is offered in seven finishes, from polished chrome to bronze, as well as sizes ranging from 3 inches to 8 inches, so you can get a few for different pieces of furniture throughout your home. There are also complementary knobs and hooks to create a cohesive look.

Best Colorful

HookedPullMeKnob Brass with Leather Drawer Pull

HookedPullMeKnob Brass with Leather Drawer Pulls

Looking for something a bit more colorful and outside the box? This leather drawer pull is right up your alley. It's made from brass and genuine leather and comes in several beautiful shades, including fun colors like pink and mint green. There are more classic colors, too, if you want to keep it neutral.

The pull is available in small and large sizes, 3.75 and 5 inches center to center, respectively. Plus, the Etsy seller also offers matching knobs if you want to outfit cabinets with complementary hardware.

Best Bin Pull

Rejuvenation Blair Bin Pull

Rejuvenation Blair Bin Pull

How sweet is this minimalist pull? The Blair Bin Pull is simple yet sophisticated, and its crisp design comes in several sizes and finishes to suit any drawer. 

It's made from solid brass for durability, and you can choose between 4- or 6-inch lengths, center to center. The hardware comes in a variety of metallic finishes, including nickel, brass, bronze, and chrome, and it's extremely easy to use—just hook your fingers into the little pocket and pull.

Best Edge Pull

Berenson 1061 Bravo Cabinet Pull

Berenson Bravo 6 Inch Long Finger Cabinet Pull

Contrary to regular pulls that are mounted to the front of a drawer, edge pulls are installed on the top lip for a more understated appearance. The Berenson Bravo Cabinet Pull has a simple design that’s easy to pull, and it's available in a wide range of colors and sizes. 

On the smaller end, you can get this edge pull in a 1.75-inch inch length, but it goes up to over 9 inches for larger drawers. It's available in several popular metallic finishes and is made from durable aluminum.

Best Handle

CB2 Duo Handle

CB2 Duo Handle

For a slightly edgier look, consider the CB2 Duo Handle, which was created by Spanish design studio Mermelada Estudio. This handle is made from solid brass, and the design looks as though two handles are nested inside each other, forming a doubled-up super handle. 

This hardware is available in black and brass finishes and four sizes ranging from 3- to 6-inches in length. It also comes with two sets of screws so it can be mounted to different types of drawers.

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the Bowman Drawer Pull (view at Rejuvenation), a minimalist option that comes in three sizes and five sleek finishes. If you're on a budget, go with the Liberty Acrylic Bar Drawer Pull (view at Home Depot), which comes in five sizes and three finishes.

What to Look For in a Drawer Pull


Cabinet hardware is divided into knobs and pulls, with pulls being larger and easier to grip. They're also a bit more expensive but come in many different sizes and make more of a statement than knobs. There's no rule for when to use one over the other, and you can also switch it up and use both in the same space. When it comes to pulls, there are plenty of different styles to choose from, with most falling into either squared or rounded categories. Squared pulls with distinct edges have a more contemporary look, while rounded pulls are a bit softer and best for traditional and farmhouse spaces.


Cabinet hardware is a great way to introduce some contrast to your space, so consider the colors and finishes of your cabinets and appliances when choosing drawer pulls. Black pulls look great with white cabinets, while gold and chrome pulls really pop against darker colors. With that said, don't be afraid to mix metals if you want to infuse more personality in your space.


Experts recommend following a 1:3 ratio, with the pull length being about 1/3 the width of the drawer or cabinet. Small drawers look best with 3-4 inch pulls, while larger drawers benefit from either two pulls or one long pull in the middle. Again though, there's no set rule, so you should go with whatever makes you happy.