Bottoms Up—These 11 Tasty Mojito Recipes Will Be Your Go-To Summer Drinks


Salt and Wind

Everyone should know how to make a signature drink. And no, we're not talking about simply pouring a glass from a bottle of wine (although that's a good idea). Whipping up a cocktail with a few tools and ingredients is an easy hobby to take up, and considering how many summer parties are on the horizon, it's bound to be well worth your time. Convinced? Then get started with a mojito, an instantly refreshing concoction that's ideal in warm weather.

First learn the basics by mastering its classic ingredients—white rum, fresh lime juice, mint, simple syrup, and club soda—and then expand from there with other fruits and finishes. We gathered the 11 best mojito recipes we could find so that you can perfect them in the coming months. With a little practice and a lot of cheers, you're sure to have this signature drink down by September.