This Mother's Day Gift Guide Was Made (and Curated) by Moms

Heymama knows that the juggle is real, but the women behind the brand truly believe that no one should have to navigate it alone. This curated destination is helping modern moms live an inspired, balanced, and well-rounded life via powerful interviews, business advice, and motherhood tips from style to wellness. Mamas can also choose to join the community via a members-only platform offering exclusive access to its directory, inspirational and thoughtful events, vetted business perks and networking with like-minded brands and working moms. From Alli Webb of Drybar to fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, the curated community is hardly lacking in CEOs, founders, and creative women who are passionate about their dreams—both in business and motherhood. Ahead, co-founders Amri Kibbler and Katya Libin share their favorite mother's day gifts so you can buy mom what she really wants.



Courtesy of Hey Mama

Supporting mamas in whatever their endeavor may be is at the heart of what our Heymama community is all about. It was born out of a personal desire to bring together and connect modern mothers who also want to live an inspired, well-rounded life (like us!). In the early days, we knew we weren’t the only working moms out there looking to find their mom tribe. Our first attempt to connect with women who felt the same as we did was through an Instagram account, posting a silly photo of ourselves and inviting other mamas to follow along. And follow along they did… in droves.

So when it comes to Mother’s Day, we are the first to celebrate and raise a glass to those that are crushing motherhood, both in business and beyond. Let’s be honest, flowers are amazing, but if this year we’re hoping to steer our significant others in the direction of our curated wish list below, all made and created by fellow moms—how cool is that? For us, knowing we’re getting something that’s not only lust-worthy but also supports the very women we celebrate is definitely something we’ll cherish forever. So take the pledge with us, and “shop mom” this Mother’s Day.

How are you spoiling your mom this weekend?