The 12 Best Movie Baby Names of All Time

Film is a powerful medium. Movies have been known to inspire any number of things, from summer travel plans to a secluded night in. This week we're honing our lens on a select few onscreen characters. Taking cues from beloved moments in film history, these artful and iconic movie baby names are immortally paired with some of the best roles ever to grace the silver screen. From Bette Davis to Tom Cruise, French new wave to an '80s teen sensation, we've curated a rundown of celebrated monikers that span every genre in Tinseltown—and beyond. Since my own Texan parents saw fit to bequeath me with a traditional English name upon hearing it for the first time via a Burt Reynold's movie (true story), I feel uniquely qualified to endorse cinema as a valid source for naming conventions. Every name tells a story. The following are hand-plucked from a short list of favorites. 

What is your favorite movie character of all time? Sound off on your top film picks in the comments.