Mushroom Lamps Are the Trendy Light Fixture You Didn't Know You Needed

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Mushroom lamps are nothing new but boy are they having a renaissance. While today's options still take major design cues from the lamps of decades gone by, our favorites mix and match 70s inspiration with cleaner lines, slimmer poles, angled shades, and fun, on-trend hues. All this is to say that they're anything but your grandmother's mushroom lamp.

Trendiness aside, the great thing about mushroom lamps is that they don’t take up much room. These decorative accents provide a very specific solution for spaces where you need extra light but don't want to hardwire a sconce or pendant. In offices, mushroom lamps also make a more charming alternative to utilitarian task lamps. Here, the modern, mid-century modern, and contemporary mushroom lamps we can't help but covet.

CB2 Hanna Pink Table Lamp

CB2 Hanna Pink Table Lamp

The Hanna Pink Table Lamp—which was designed by Mermelada Estudio exclusively for CB2—pairs a classic domed shade with a slender pole and base. The modern twist? Matte pink and shiny gold finishes, of course.

If you're not ready to commit to a floor lamp or permanent sconce, the accent piece is a subtle and easy way to add color and light to any room. It can even add a mature touch to a nursery. While 9.5-watt LED bulbs come included, you can also swap in your own incandescent bulbs (up to 60 watts) if you prefer.

France&Son Mid Century Mushroom Table Lamp

Mid Century Mushroom Table Lamp

If you're looking to add some vintage-inspired lighting to your home, France&Son's Mid Century Mushroom Table Lamp is a great option. Inspired by Vico Magistretti’s original 1970s design, it's aesthetic is simultaneously retro and on-trend.

The matte-white lamp uses three incandescent bulbs which give off soft ambient light that's ideal for reading and lounging. One interesting feature is that when you turn it on, the light is cast in such a way that the lamp's body looks like it's glowing.

MoMA Design Store Bellhop Lamp

Bellhop Lamp

If the Bellhop Lamp had a motto, it'd be "No outlet? No problem." The Italian-made fixture—from designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby—is one of few wireless options which was designed with utility and aesthetics both equally in mind. Aside from charging via USB-C (and offering four hours of use per charge), the lamp also has a four-step dimmer so you can customize your level of light.

The Bellhop is constructed from polycarbonate and available in attractive white and burnt orange hues. With a curved shade and cylindrical base, the lamp truly looks like a mushroom—just one that evokes an upscale 70s feel. And while it was first made available in 2018, it could easily be mistaken for a vintage find from a European flea market. 

Seed Design Damo Table Lamp

Lumens Seed Design Damo Table Lamp

Seed Design’s Damo Table Lamp is maximalism at its finest—especially if you go for the copper finish. If that's too bold for your taste, though, matte black, white, and chrome are also worthy of consideration.

While the pole and body of most mushroom lamps are located mid-shade, what makes this lamp unique is that the body attaches to the outer edge of the shade. As if this mushroom lamp weren’t interesting enough, you can also tilt the shade up to 15 degrees, which gives it more of an abstract look.

2Modern Marset Bicoca Table Lamp

Marset Bicoca Table Lamp

If a bright pop of color is the main thing you're asking your mushroom lamp to provide, check out 2Modern's Marset Bicoca Table Lamp. In addition to anthracite (black) and off-white, the bijou lamp is available in yellow, light pink, light blue, and red wine. With an open, angled shade and a cordless design, the lamp is able to blend seamlessly with modern and contemporary decor. It's also a sweet-looking piece for a kid's room or nursery.

While obviously stylish, the Marset Bicoca also has several practical features. You can easily tilt the shade to direct the light wherever you need it and it's outfitted with a three-position dimmer. As if that isn’t enough, the rechargeable battery can last up to twenty hours on a single charge.

Schoolhouse Gold Anodized Donna Table Lamp

Schoolhouse Donna Table Lamp - Gold Anodized

The Donna Table Lamp from Schoolhouse is a true showstopper. Designed in Italy and manufactured in Portland, Oregon— it’s made from heavy gauge aluminum with a gold anodized finish. If you’re unfamiliar, anodizing is an eco-friendly, electrochemical process that bonds the finish and material together. It also makes this lamp more durable, so your heart won’t skip a beat if it is accidentally knocked off a table or mishandled during a move.

The mid-century modern lamp is more oblong than your average mushroom lamp, so it's a unique silhouette you likely won't come across often. A pull chain make it easy to switch on and off, so you won't have to reach for your electrical outlet, either. If gold isn't your style, it's also available in black.

Urban Outfitters Ansel Table Lamp

Ansel Table Lamp

Is your style anything but minimalist? Maybe even a bit psychedelic? If so, you'll love Urban Outfitters' Ansel Table Lamp. The groovy glass lamp has a candy-striped pattern that almost looks transparent. While most mushroom lamps are tall and slim, this unique lamp has a squat, compact design with an open shade that sits atop a bulb-shaped base.

The Ansel Table Lamp is compatible with 60-watt incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, so you can choose which suits your space best. While there isn’t an on/off switch—you just have to plug it and unplug it—the lamp does have a 7-foot cord which gives you ample room for placement.

Lulu and Georgia Luz Table Lamp

Lulu and Georgia Luz Table Lamp

The Luz Table Lamp from Lulu and Georgia marries classic mushroom curves with clean, modern lines. Since the base and pole are thin and sleek, it fits on even the most compact nightstands and side tables.

Three colors are available: terracotta, gold, and black. We have to throw our weight behind the terracotta in particular, though, as it's a hard-to-come-by color that meshes well with everything from cherry and espresso furniture and floors to all-white minimalist walls.

West Elm Hudson Steel Shade Floor Lamp

Hudson Steel Shade Floor Lamp

The majority of mushroom lamps are table or desk lamps, so it’s rare to find a mushroom floor lamp—especially one with as much panache as West Elm's Hudson Steel Shade Floor Lamp. While it has a vintage-inspired design, the proportions of the dome-shaped brass shade boldly contrast the dark bronze (almost black) body, making it a welcome element in any modern space. 

With just a 15.7-inch diameter, it’s particularly useful in cozy apartments and smaller rooms that need an extra boost of light. It also works well when placed at the end of a sofa or in a corner.

The Novogratz Haydel Table Lamp

Haydel Table Lamp

If you’re looking for a lamp that's big on style but low on cost, then the Novogratz Haydel Table Lamp is an easy choice. Designed by famed husband-wife duo Robert and Courtney Novogratz, this accessory makes a wonderful addition to a guest room, entryway, or modern side table. 

While the lamp has a classic dome shape and pull-cords, the metal finish gives it a fresh, on-trend look. And on that note—three finishes are available: silver, gold, and rose gold. The lamp uses two 60-watt bulbs which provide plenty of light and since each bulb is turned on via its own pull chain, you have plenty of control.

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